Wonder Watch Rolls

Finally I can publish an article about some very talended italian guys and their company called Wonder Watch Rolls!

Travelling with your own watches is always a great challenge, because you have to protect them and above all not to clutter up too much space.

The guys of Wonder Wrist Roll make beautiful watch rolls and clutch to carry safely (and also with elegance) any type of watch.

All their products are entirely handmade and in Italy but above all they are made with extreme care for details and on specific requests of customers.

It is also possible to insert the initials of your name, thus creating an absolutely personal product, as well as unique.

On their site there are different types of products according to the needs of each collector.

No matter if you need to carry only one watch or 5 or 10 watches, you will always find a product that will meet your needs.

I was surprised how much choice there is behind their products and especially the attention to detail.

Another very important thing about wonder watch rolls is the price, certainly competitive for a product made entirely by hand!

10 watches watch rolls

The colors and the many options with which you can make these products allow you to have a very wide choice and I think that for a collector is absolutely a must have.

Once closed the watch roll does not take up much space and can be safely stored in a suitcase or bag.

If you want to check out these crazy products visit their site here!

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