Westfal watches – a different view of time

Westfal Watch is a Czech microbrand focused on the handmade production of design watches.

Westfal primarily uses unconventional materials and objects alongside traditional mechanisms and procedures in watch production. Their goal is to produce and design high-quality watches with a unique perspective. Therefore, Westfal uses materials such as carbon, camel bones, glass, and both rare and semi-rare stones and diamonds. Thanks to this all Westfal watches are very original.

Westfal priority is to cooperate especially with local Czech brands and connection of traditional crafts together.

The Glass watch

The Westfal Glass watch is made with the cooperation of three Czech companies, and as the name itself suggests, glass has become dominant here.

The dial processed in the traditional glass method, followed by grinding, drilling and surface treatment, was created by MgA. Martina Mokošínová — brand Marti Sklo. This amazing work and knowledge of the field, has given the watch a unique design and considerable distinguishableness from other brands.

Crowning the entire design is a beautiful leather strap , also handmade, from the workshop of Ing. Jaroslava Vaculík — Ogarbags brand. Feeling for the design and perfection of the strap in every detail, completes the entire composition, gives it grace.

Glass watch with dial taken from glass

How everything started? The first idea “to create your own watch” began in the summer of 2021. The founder started with the purchase of machinery, reverse engineering, where in March 2022 the project took a real shape and the idea was turned into in-house production.

Drawing on experience from automotive design and a strong passion for creation, our idea began to take physical shape.

Since the first days, Westfal has developed 3 standardized models that form the basic part of their portfolio. All these types are using automatic movement Seiko NH35A or ETA Swiss 2000.

Technical specifications:

Case — 316L steel watch case with a diameter of 42 mm

Movement — Seiko NH35A automatic with the possibility of manual winding, alternatively ETA Swiss 2000

A wide range of colors and graphic styles of hand-crafted glass dials

Custom production

Westfal produces dials from carbon fibers or camel bones. Both these materials are very unusual for dials and create beautiful design and original view. Main characteristic of this brand is the possibility to have a custom configuration. For each dial, it is possible to choose the color of the graphics or prepare your own design. Another option is to configure the color and type of straps.

Integral part of Westfal production is the complete custom production. Design of watches for companies or organization from, basic style to complicate pieces, everything is possible in their workshop.

As a custom portfolio cross-section, Westfal is able to present:

  • Custom watch for Gladiator race – watch as a reward for competitors
  • Laky Royal brand – custom edition of 11 watches with
  • Custom watch as a present for graduation – nephrite as a
    dial & Diamant

    If you like Westfal watches and want to discover more check out their website here!

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