Hawkrigger Watch Straps

Today i want to present you the Hawkrigger Watch Straps!

The O-Rig Jump Strap is a simple cinch down one pass watch strap.

Hawkrigger Watch Straps – a cool design

Designed in the rigger tradition with repurposed ZULU o-rings in synergy with our bespoke buckle hardware to create a unique set up.

These super comfortable straps and can be easily fitted with one hand. 

The proprietary components are made from 316 Marine stainless steel with custom made webbing stitched with the highest care and attention to detail.

These watch straps are a perfect fit for everyday wear being both super durable and infinitely adjustable, try one on your wrist or over your wetsuit.

Everyone who uses a Hawkrigger gear, knows that they are getting the kind of quality worthy of genuine outdoorsmen or on duty professionals alike.

~ Stuart Graham
Hawkrigger, CEO

If you want to check out these really cool watch straps please visit their site and click HERE!