Fluco 1952 Watch Straps

Today i want to show you Fluco 1952 Watch Straps!

Good is not good enough.

Under this motto, the small family company Fluco has been making leather watch straps since 1952.

Ulrich Fleischmann is now the third generation to run the factory in the heart of the Bavarian Forest.

Ulrich Fleischmann comes from a family company that has always been about the highest demands on materials and workmanship.

In the factory that Anton Fleischmann, Ulrich Fleischmann’s grandfather, founded almost 70 years ago, fine bags were created at the beginning.

Little by little, the work became more and more detailed, until finally the main focus was completely on the creation of watch straps made of leather.

In the long period from then until now, all generations have tried to perfect the products with full dedication and with the help of their know-how and with the additional support of many trained saddlers and bag makers.

Today we are in the year 2021, so 69 years after the company was founded, you can proudly and honestly say that the watch straps are true masterpieces thanks to the constant improvement process and come very close to the perfection of leather goods.

Value, quality, fairness, sustainability and Made in Germany

In today’s world and times it is anything but easy to go your own way as a small and honest family business in Germany.

The reasons for this are complex, you could even write entire novels about it.

Many well-known fashion chains and manufacturers advertise with the same slogans as we do.

Fluco 1952 Watch Straps – top quality

In contrast to us, they often produce under terrible conditions in low-wage countries, where they ruthlessly exploit people and nature.

Fluco tries to defend itself against this and manufactures all goods as one-offs with great attention to detail here in Germany, or better said in Bavaria.

For this Fluco only use selected leather of the highest quality from well-known tanneries, which tanning under the greatest possible ecological standards.

For this purpose, we manufacture our ribbons under strict German laws and requirements, and under the even stricter ethnic principles that we have imposed.

So when you choose a Fluco masterpiece on your wrist, you are not only buying a product, but also a feeling and, above all, a statement.

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