StrapXPro is Affordable Indulgence with Exceptional Quality

Introducing the most innovative and sophisticated rubber strap for Seiko SKX007 Series. Loved by professional divers, enthusiasts, watch collectors, and everyone in between, StrapXPro is the result of several years of research and development. 

Affordable with exceptional quality and brilliant engineering, this strap creates a revolutionary fusion of fashion and art.

StrapXPro is made with exquisite craftsmanship with immense attention to detail. Practical, stylish, and incredibly durable, this timepiece accessory can withstand the test of time.

(StrapXPro SX1A for Seiko New 5 Sports (5KXGMT) SSK005(K1)

The materials used to create this ingenious strap make it lightweight, highly functional, and hypoallergenic. With your comfort and style in mind, StrapXPro created this piece that will suit every unique need, every occasion, and every ensemble.

Timeless, well-balanced, down-to-earth, simple, minimalist, yet full of character, StrapXPro provides a new kind of experience and offers a pop of joy for the watch wearer. 

These guys aim to inspire uniqueness when it comes to the world of horology. More and more collectors and enthusiasts are altering their straps to make their timepieces personalized. It allows them to express their individuality.

(StrapXPro SX1A for Seiko New 5 Sports (5KX) SRPD79K1)

Product color and silhouette are refined up to a dozen times before the design is finalized. StrapXPro adopts radical new materials together with the world’s best rubber injection technology innovators to create practical yet stylish designs using harmless materials.

Why Get StrapXPro?

You can freely showcase your unique personality with this revolutionary watch strap without compromising aesthetic appeal, performance, and practicality. You can now personalize your Seiko SKX007 /009 /011 / SKX Mod watch to make it look distinct.

(Photo by Mod De Rire)

Changing your watch strap to StrapXPro is also a way to protect your investment. Save the original bracelet in case you have to sell the watch in the future or if you prefer to have it preserved and not exposed to unwanted particles and elements that can ruin its vigor and quality.

This vulcanized rubber strap is resistant to wear and tear. It is flexible, strong, and can handle varying temperatures. Its purity and sturdy construction make it a perfect partner for your luxury watches.

Proactive enthused in research and development

StrapXPro has a strong and concrete commitment to reducing environmental impact. One of their missions is to respectfully achieve sustainable growth to protect Mother Earth. All strap materials follow RoHS and REACH environmental regulations for hazardous materials and are certified.

Their research & development team is constantly researching global fashion trends and new materials and is continuously anticipating future fast-shifting expectations in lifestyles and needs.

StrapXPro bring you the best-looking yet affordable rubber watch strap that you can rely on in terms of function and style. 

(StrapXpro SX1A for Seiko New 5 Sports (5KX) Limited Edition SRPJ43)

Japan Formula: RoHS & REACH-Certified

StrapXPro has a tailor-designed curved end that fits gaplessly with the SKX007/009/011/mod and the New 5 Sports (5KX/GMT) watches. It provides an ergonomic comfort fit ideal for office use, everyday use, outdoor adventures, and other recreational activities. 

The straps are made of high-quality vulcanized rubber that is RoHS and REACH-certified. The rubber went through rigorous testing, fine-tuning, and optimization to ensure maximum performance.

(StrapXpro SX1A for Seiko SSK001(K1), SSK003(K1) & SSK005(K1); Seiko New 5 Sports 5KXGMT) 

Fashionable, luxurious, yet affordable, the StrapXPro is sure to become your personal favorite whatever the occasion or season is. Give your Seiko watches a new and unique style that stands out from the crowd!

If you want to check their Seiko collection click here!

Here you can check their story and their site!

Stone For Gold Straps

It’s time to talk about about a really interesting leather and watch straps company called Stone For Gold!

Founded in 2008 by Xie Hui, Stone For Gold has been creating the finest products in Singapore – exquisitely and wholly handcrafted from leather!

Their leather craftsmen’s passion for leathercraft manipulation and fashion accessories has led to the enduring high quality and distinctive designs that uniquely Stone For Gold.

Using carefully researched leather crafting techniques and leathercraft tools to hand make leather, Stone for Gold forges the soft strength of leather into solid goods, creating bespoke goods and limited edition accessories upon request – including watch strap,wallets, key pouches, bags and belts.

Short of what the artisans from Scandicci and Florence have at disposal, the quality of leathers and exotic skins offered by this artisanal brand are unmatched in the local industry.

Stone for Gold seeks a comprehensive and uncompromising range of materials around the world and continues to push the standards in bespoke leather craftsmanship, seeking out the best skins and materials to perfect each piece.

This company is made of true talented people:

Xie Hui (founder and creative director)

What started as a obsessive pasttime in the bedroom and store room of his home, has led to a fast growing brand that is now based in a work space in a shophouse.

Drawing its initial influences from Tribal Punk and Steampunk, which is a sub-genre of science that features futuristic inventions originating from the 19th century, Stone has a vision — for Stone for Gold to evolve into a lifestyle name inspired by the latest in fashion, architecture and design whilst delving into bolder concepts like Native American Indian influences.

The aim is to produce handcrafted accessories that bear the brazen aesthetics and refined workmanship easily distinguishable to the brand.

Jeffrey (co-partner)

Inspired by the distinctive characteristics of each handicraft leather piece and the personality it emanates, Jeffrey went forth to pursue leather crafting, joining Stone for Gold in 2016 with an extensive experience working with leather work in singapore dating back to 2014.

Over time, his passion pushed him to delve deeper into the intricate process of crafting quality leather products — even highly customised leather goods as requested by clients, to their own liking and preferences, making each masterpiece a sui generis.

Miri (seionr crafter)

Miri, our senior artisan from Canada, has joined Stone for Gold for 3 years and counting. She has an avid passion in crafting handmade leather bags and small leather goods. Her attention to detail and her creativity brought immense contribution to the team.

Jacob (Leather Craftsman)

After gaining an initial interest in leathercraft, Jacob spent the next two years improving his skills through continual practice and learning from the master leather craftsmen at StoneforGold.

His passion for leathercrafting has motivated him to impart his skills to others as well – through teaching leathercraft workshops to a diverse group of learners such as students and office executives.

Marshall (Digital Designer)

Marshall has been working as a designer since 2016 after graduating from NAFA, where he studied Graphic Communications.

At StoneforGold, he regularly takes the design lead on projects and creative work, as well as getting involved in video and animation work.

He is integral in helping StoneforGold reach new heights in its marketing and publicity goals.

As you can see from their site we are talking not only about watch straps and leather products but Stone For Gold gives to the customer a very professional experience with his own style and feeling.

If you want to have a really interesting strap for your timepiece i suggest you to take a look at these guys!

Check out their site here!

RSM Watch strap

Finally is time to talk about some new straps and rsm watch strap is really interesting!

They started off with the Herringbone Twill Strap.

It was inspired from the historical M1941 HBT uniform issued to soldiers during WWII.

It is the first of its kind in the market.

Field Gray
Artillery black

They experiment and test products at great lengths and RSM has built a reputation for quality over short span of time.

Rethinking and redefining what a product means to its user both in terms of aesthetics and function is the core of our ethos.

Are fabric bands only for divers? Is the watch roll the best for carrying your watches around?

Also from the photos on their website you can totally understand the attention to the details and to the presentation of the straps!

RSM Watch straps are distributing from the United States, Singapore and UK depending on proximity of the customer location. 

RSM Watch straps – Vintage Mil 2 piece

Another really interesting model is the vintage Mil 2 piece straps,

The spirit of exploration and toughness is encapsulated in this 2 piece range.

The old school weave with the variety of distressed hard wares may trigger your memory of school bags, ammo pouches or other gears from the past. In a time where there was no vigorous standardization of mobile phones, cars or clothes : individual personalities emerged.

Mil Black

Not for the faint-hearted, this strap is perfect for your daily work horse.

The surfaces are already randomly treated and stressed.

You don’t carry the burden of baby-ing the buckles. You wear your time piece with new confidence.

Why buy?

There are a lot of watch straps producers in the world and generally all the watch straps makers don’t pay attention to details and to the importance of make a special product because they think “we just make straps”.

But in this case RSM Watch strap has achieved a really awesome result making a genuine and well thought product with the purpose of let the watch lover enjoy in a better way his watch.

This is also the reason why i dedicated a section to special watch straps makers and why i am so happy to put RSM Watch strap in this section of my site!

If you want to purchase these really interesting products please check their site HERE

Hu Watch Straps

Today i want to present you Hu Watch Straps!

Exquisite life starts with a delicate watch strap.

An exquisite watch strap can set off the luxury and elegance of the watch and show the style and taste of the owner.

Their website only has watch strap producted in the boutique,global service and good quality customer service.

Their watch strap, selected high-quality crocodile skin, with high-grade watch, enhance the aesthetic level of the owner.

Crocodile skin is known as “leather gold” in the leather industry. The high-quality crocodile skin has fine grain, fine texture and soft feel.

It will not stimulate the owner’s skin when wearing.

Unlike cowhide, the strap made of crocodile skin is bright and softer. A high-end watch should be matched with our “gold” crocodile strap to keep high-end and show the luxury charm of the watch.

All the watch strap are handmade by international well-known experts. From skin selection to cutting, from design to sewing, there are dozens of processes, which are all handmade. After careful production.

Check out their site here!

Hawkrigger Watch Straps

Today i want to present you the Hawkrigger Watch Straps!

The O-Rig Jump Strap is a simple cinch down one pass watch strap.

Hawkrigger Watch Straps – a cool design

Designed in the rigger tradition with repurposed ZULU o-rings in synergy with our bespoke buckle hardware to create a unique set up.

These super comfortable straps and can be easily fitted with one hand. 

The proprietary components are made from 316 Marine stainless steel with custom made webbing stitched with the highest care and attention to detail.

These watch straps are a perfect fit for everyday wear being both super durable and infinitely adjustable, try one on your wrist or over your wetsuit.

Everyone who uses a Hawkrigger gear, knows that they are getting the kind of quality worthy of genuine outdoorsmen or on duty professionals alike.

~ Stuart Graham
Hawkrigger, CEO

If you want to check out these really cool watch straps please visit their site and click HERE!

Fluco 1952 Watch Straps

Today i want to show you Fluco 1952 Watch Straps!

Good is not good enough.

Under this motto, the small family company Fluco has been making leather watch straps since 1952.

Ulrich Fleischmann is now the third generation to run the factory in the heart of the Bavarian Forest.

Ulrich Fleischmann comes from a family company that has always been about the highest demands on materials and workmanship.

In the factory that Anton Fleischmann, Ulrich Fleischmann’s grandfather, founded almost 70 years ago, fine bags were created at the beginning.

Little by little, the work became more and more detailed, until finally the main focus was completely on the creation of watch straps made of leather.

In the long period from then until now, all generations have tried to perfect the products with full dedication and with the help of their know-how and with the additional support of many trained saddlers and bag makers.

Today we are in the year 2021, so 69 years after the company was founded, you can proudly and honestly say that the watch straps are true masterpieces thanks to the constant improvement process and come very close to the perfection of leather goods.

Value, quality, fairness, sustainability and Made in Germany

In today’s world and times it is anything but easy to go your own way as a small and honest family business in Germany.

The reasons for this are complex, you could even write entire novels about it.

Many well-known fashion chains and manufacturers advertise with the same slogans as we do.

Fluco 1952 Watch Straps – top quality

In contrast to us, they often produce under terrible conditions in low-wage countries, where they ruthlessly exploit people and nature.

Fluco tries to defend itself against this and manufactures all goods as one-offs with great attention to detail here in Germany, or better said in Bavaria.

For this Fluco only use selected leather of the highest quality from well-known tanneries, which tanning under the greatest possible ecological standards.

For this purpose, we manufacture our ribbons under strict German laws and requirements, and under the even stricter ethnic principles that we have imposed.

So when you choose a Fluco masterpiece on your wrist, you are not only buying a product, but also a feeling and, above all, a statement.

If you want to check out their site click HERE!

1971 Watch Straps

Today i want to present you 1971 Watch Straps!

We are talking about a Dutch based watch enthusiast and strapmaker that goes by the name of Bernd, also known as Edug on many social platforms.

Even though he is based in the Netherlands 85% from his straps are going to the US, Canada, UK and other non EU and EU countries.

1971 Watch Straps – Short story

After a few disapointments, while searching for the right strap in color, quality vs pricing, finishing and details, he started the journey by making his own watch straps in 2017.

In this journey he learned a lot about leather craft and the difference between leathers in quality, feel, details, finishing, durability and the feel when a watch strap is wrapped around the wrist.

His goal was, and still is, to make watch straps reachable for every watch enthusiast while using the best materials in comfort and durability.

The leathers he works with are (mostly) full-grain and veg tan leathers such as Italian calf, horween, vachetta etc etc.

Each watch strap is 100% handmade by him with passion, pride and lots of pleasure based on your specifications and wishes/ preferences.

if you want to check out the website click HERE and feel free to contact him if you have any questions about possibilities, ideas, stitching patterns, etc.

Some details of 1971 Watch Straps:

All watch straps are 100% handmade.

  • Wwatch straps are made between 3mm- 5mm in thickness.
  • The watch straps can be customized at your requirements in terms of length, width, stitching style   and color thread.
  • There are 15 Julius Koch Tiger thread colors you can choose from.
  • Many leathers can be adjusted when it comes to the thickness. However not all leathers are suitableto thin/ split ( but you can always ask :-).
  • Leather watch straps are made (preferably) triple folded, so no lining leather is used. There are exceptions, shark and stingray are made with a lining leather.
  • A brushed stainless steel buckle is in the price included. (at the moment there are no other options)

Fortunato watch straps

Today i want to talk you about Fortunato watch straps!

The FORTUNATO brand was originally created in 2010 and is registered brand in Hong Kong, Italy, China, Macau and Japan.

The business nature of this brand is retail and wholesale of high-quality leather watch bands and watches.

FORTUNATO’s leather watch bands are designed & produce in-house and purchased materials directly from Italian tanneries.

Most of the strap products are mainly made of cow leather materials from Italy tannery which is the member of “Pelle Conciata al Vegetale in Toscana”.

They will have new products from time to time.

In addition, designers also will select high quality leather from: USA, UK, France, Japan Etc.

The materials are made of environmental protection tanning cowhide / sheep skin / crocodile skin / lizard skin / shark skin / ostrich skin / devil fish skin / ostrich foot skin / python skin and so on.

In addition, there are some special materials such as waterproof series like nylon / canvas, synthetic PU etc.

FORTUNATO production team has experience in manufacturing more than 15 years.

So, in the production process of each strap the requirements are very professional and serious.

FORTUNATO’s design director base on his very sensitive unique to the trend of leather products plus his more than 30 years of creative experience inject products into life.

From now on it is a good business opportunity to combine their own design with their own production product into the market.

In terms of professional service, their services team will be careful with each customer enquire or question.

Fortunato watch straps – good leather

Bring the best leather products and services to everyone.

Fortunato has 9 different color from lug size 22-27mm, priority watch brand is for panerai also suitable for the other brand with end size from 22-27mm.

Material is using Italian vegetable leather with Top and Lining the same, machine stitching in beige. Buckle in steel with 4mn tongue.

Thickness in 3.5MM. 

More information for the leather they use are call vegetable calf leather it’s mean all the tanning process are organic even the dying ingredient are from the earth such as leaf/wood/carbon/fruits.

If you like these straps check out their straps here!

Mr. TipTop Leather watch straps

Today i want to show you Mr. TipTop Leather watch straps!

Their main company was established in 1954.

They have now decided to let you all get the possibility to buy a master piece strap or other leather goods.

Their Master Craftsman does not make Their products with help of modern machinery.

The straps from Mr. TipTop Leather watch straps are incredibily interesting!

Leather is a durable and flexible material created by the tanning of animal rawhide and skin, often cattle hide. It can be produced through manufacturing processes ranging from cottage industry to heavy industry.

Check out the Lupo Uno on Panerai 911


They are using only the best leather they find around the world.

Creativity coupled with tremendous quality, and the most contemporary styling, makes them very proud of their products.

Their priority is to offer you superior craftsmanship coupled with superior quality of materials.

watch straps leather

Mr. TipTop Leather watch straps – fully handmade

All their products are fully handmade, hand finished.

It is all made by hand with help of small manual tools, so you might find some minor imperfection in it which is unavoidable for handmade products.

Again, human is different from machine, so every strap/product is unique and have their own character, especially for manually distressed/vintage model straps.

watch straps leather

Distressed leather is very hard job. It takes about 1-2 weeks doing it.

Many people maybe can do it with sandpaper or what you name it.

We are doing it gently and without ever wetting or heating the leather to preserve its durability and integrity.

If you want to check out their site click here!

Barton watch bands

Today i want to present you Barton watch bands!

BARTON Watch Bands was born out of one man’s recurring frustration over poorly designed watch straps.

An avid traveler, fun enthusiast and relatively obsessive watch guy, he couldn’t find watch bands that achieved his desired balance between fashion, function and fit.

So mechanical engineer that he was, he started designing them himself.

Today, at BARTON’s Austin headquarters, the collection and the team have grown, but the mission remains the same: to deliver high quality bands at a reasonable price, with the kind of service that makes you want to high five a stranger.

They always have and always will stand behind their products with the BARTON Guarantee.

These top-grain light brown leather bands represent the business end of their NATO style collection.

The leather portrays a bit more sophistication than their nylon counterparts, while still portraying a hint of vintage playfulness.

Cleanly designed with minimal bulk and a precise fit, this leather‚ NATO style watch strap is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Color:‚ Gingerbread Brown

Material:‚ Top Grain Leather

Hardware:‚ 316L Stainless steel buckle | Spring bars sold separately

Length and Width:
Standard Length (10″) in 18mm, 20mm & 22mm widths
Long Length (11″) in 20mm, 22mm and 24mm widths

If you want to check out these really interesting straps please visit their site HERE!