I just discovered on Instagram a nice and interesting German brand called “WatchPillar” specialized into wooden watch accessories.

As you know I always want to discover something special to talk about here on my blog and when first saw this product I said “What? Let me check it!”

I understoodd immediatley that it was a watch stand but WatchPillar is based on a luxurious and handmade idea totally different from the standards or classic well-made watchstands.

First of all when you see a product like this you understand that % of wood used is really important and this makes you feel something “alive” and really important, the purpose is to admire your watch!

Another important aspect of the WatchPillar is the glass dome and this is the first time I see something like this that could be fitted into your house, making your watch much more admirable.

WatchPillar – the project

Everything started from Alexander (the inventor) because he looked for a way to highlight, admire and honour his watches while storing them safely. 

After Alexander talked with his two colleagues Steffen (product design and make) and Salome (marketing) they decided to create a true brand and make it a protected trademark: name, logo and design.

Everything started from the letter…P and they worked from there, on the brand name and the design of the watch stand as well as the logo.

Of course as you can see from photos and understand from the brand name, the pillar is used as inspiration for design of this incredible product and logo derived from appearance of the pillar.

The wood is not lacquered and thus isolated from the user, but the material is ‘alive’, the touch and feel of the wood’s structure is soft and smooth by using oil & wax.

WatchPillar – Why Buy?

There are a lot of details and there is a clear striving for perfection (we are talking about German guys).

The WatchPillar is the perfect stand to admire your timepiece and to have a very cool design object in your house. It emphasises your timepiece, not itself and it does not distract from the watch with a vast support part.

First of all despite it may seem like a classic watch stand it has so many details and here are my favourite ones:

  • The Dome

It protects the watch and acts as a closure and round optical counterbalance against the rectangular main plate

  • Pointy corner and compact version

Precisely pre-machined dowel pin holes allow for a 45° rotation of the insert inside the base and this results in a different, slightly more daring look:

  • Screw in rubber pads

Instead of using cheap and unevenly mounted DIY store pads under the WatchPillar®, they molded the screw-in rubber pads on their own by partially sinking a screw, head first, levitating into a negative form that is subsequently filled with rubber.

This will make the customer better understand that we are talking about real ingenuity and of course time-consuming handcraft.

  • Possibility to choose/customize your WatchPillar

There are 2 signature variants of the WatchPillar, the dark and the bright one.

Additionally, the individual version can be configured with different color combinations and no or individual logo milled into the wood of the round base insert.

All of them use noble walnut and maple wood that is crafted from literally a trunk up to the delicate and fine result.

You can check it here.

Here you can see the dimensions:

Standard version

  • Width:   19 cm (7.5 in)
  • Length: 19 cm (7.5 in)
  • Height: 22 cm (8.7 in)
  • Height without dome: 17 cm (6.7 in)
  • Weight: 1.3 kg (2.87 lb)

Compact version

  • Diameter: 14.3 cm (5.6 in)
  • Height:      16.0 cm (6.3 in)
  • Weight: 0.3 kg (0.66 lb)

There is also the possibility to customize your WatchPillar with your logo creating a very cool 3D effect thanks to 0.9 mm cutter tool and then filled with clear resin by hand, subsequent polish and oil/wax.

  • The treatment of the wood

The wood is hand-polished with ultra-fine grain and then treated with a dedicated 2-step system of bio-certified oil and wax made in Germany.

The resulting surface is silky smooth and a joy to touch and feel. As a plus, all substances have certified food quality.

Another interesting thing is the angle of the rod giving nice viewing angle and also that rod being the only visible metal element that holds the support part in place  and formed like semi circle is aesthetically pleasing, geometrically perfect but at the same time still practical to avoid contact with the watch / bracelet. 

You can also order single parts of the WatchPillar and re-configure it as it is not glued but fully de-mountable as shown below.

Another important thing is that WatchPillar provides a pair of WatchPillar-branded gloves, which can be used to lift and clean the glass dome.

My finally impression is that we are talking about a very interesting project made by truly passionate people and the cost (less than 500€) is absolutely congruent with the ratio quality/price.

If you want to order your WatchPillar check out their site here!

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