Vintage Seiko

I just discovered on Instagram a very nice profile created by a talented guy from Vietnam specilised on Vintage Seiko!

His name is Quang Quyen and he has so many different vintage Seiko, shipping them all over the world.

He studied watch repair thanks to some good craftsmen in Vietnam so that he could repair his own watches.

After this learning period, Quang understood that was possible to create a business.

Due to his passion and understanding of how to distinguish the original and re-beautify, Quang is always on the lookout for the best and most original models to serve his clients.

All watches he sells are serviced by him, so he understand them very well.

The purpose of Quang is to connect with all vintage seiko lovers, and all his items are handpicked to his knowledge, they are always in original, and great condition as much as possible, plus all of them are serviced prior to being listed for sale.

He has been selling watches for 5 years, and before, he only sold in Vietnam, but now he wants to sell all over the world.

That is why I decided to give voice to his passion, becase nowadays is not easy to find very good vintage Seiko, also in good condition so I think is really hepful discover new guys that sell these beauties!

If you are looking for vintage Seiko and maybe it is difficult for you to find some models, for sure Quang will help you find what you are looking for!

If you want to keep in contact with Quang you can find him on Instagram at this profile Seikovintage_vn

Vintage Seiko Automatic