Plato Watch Service

As I really like talk about very good watchmakers and very special timepieces, I also like explain to people where they can find very good places to repair and take care of their watches.

One of this place is Plato Watch.

Plato Watch provides complete service and maintenance for your watches, especially on vintage timepieces.

Vintage Tudor ready to be reassembled

Why their service, and service interval? This question is asked by many people.

All watches need regular service, despite their brand tiers and prices, and there is no interval standard.

Most brands suggest servicing once in 3-5 years, as watches depend on the perfect coordination among their metal parts, the wheels give impetus to the hands, thus some parts may inevitably wear and oil may gradually dry out. 

Here you can see a RARE King Seiko 45-7010 KS & GS with no date are comparatively uncommon.

Daini Seikosha made the movement 45 of 36,000 bph in 1968, it replaced the existing “44”; the “King Seiko” on the dial was rewritten as “KS”, “HI-BEAT” was added as next line. 

Normally 36,000 bph movements use small wheels, however “45” keeps larger wheels that need greater rotation force to run, as a result even when it’s fully wound, “45” needs a shake as a trigger to move. 

The addictive hi-beat ticking sound captivates quite a bunch of fans.

Essentially new and old watches need regular service, to maintaining their optimal condition, so that they could be passed down through the generations.

If you need any kind of service you can contact directly Plato Watch via email or via DM on instagram profile Plato Watch