Microbrands Book

The Microbrands Book is finally available on Amazon, the first book of watches dedicated to Microbrands!

This book It is the result of impressibe work.

Hundreds of photos and thousands of information, you can only understand what it means to try to tidy everything up and put it together in what is the first book dedicated to small watch manufacturers (called microbrands) from all over the world.

Microbrands Book – how it is structured

The book contains almost 50 watch manufacturers and each microbrand has 4 pages.

In these 4 pages (totally in English, being distributed all over the world) the brand is presented with the main info on prices, year of foundation, type of watches etc. and are also inserted the models of the moment/ main with all the features.

Finally, my comment “Why Buy?” is inserted with my opinion.

This Book will be published annually with a new edition and new models/brands.

I decided to make this book because I think it’s time to give more importance to this sector of watchmaking, which has always remained in the shadows.

This is the first edition and I plan to publish every year a new edition with new watches, always updated and lots of news!

You can find below the link to the book on Amazon!


The book is also available on the website Mondadori and Feltrinelli and soon on Amazon World and from 2023 will be available also on the best online libraries of all over the world.

If you are passionate about watches and microbrands I think this book is for you!