How To Grow On Instagram

Me As MrWatch93 is the perfect guide to understand how to grow on instagram and is my personal experience on this social media and tells how I have grown to over 12,000 followers in less than 1 year.

Many people ask me for advice on how to grow on Instagram, this is the reason why I decided to tell my experience and the strategies I used.

I myself have always looked for lots of videos and guides explaining how you can grow on Instagram without being already known, but unfortunately I have never found anyone who tells their experience from scratch, so I decided to do it myself.

I hope to help those who, like me, want to share their passion through the fascinating world of social media! 


Below you can read the preview of my guide how to grow on instagram!

How To Grow On Instagram

how to grow on instagram

If you read this guide and fully understand the things I’ve written, you’ll learn how to get real followers completely independently and without the help of bots or anything like that.

Specifically, I would like to point out that I will not even address the issue of sponsorships, not because there is anything wrong with using them (on the contrary!), but because until now I have decided not to use them.

So, before explaining how to do it, it is necessary to list the pillars on which I have based myself and which will serve to structure you mentally to have a constant growth:


2) Patience

3) Engagement

4) Control

Let’s take a look.


Consistency is a key aspect of growing on Instagram. In fact, if you’re serious about it, growth has to happen continuously, every day even if it’s just 1 follower, but you’ll always have to grow. Consistency is the foundation, without it you can’t win.


Patience goes hand in hand with consistency, it must always be there. There will be times when you will lose some followers (follow/unfollow tactics are very common) and you will feel discouraged. But that’s when you have to show patience and get back to work to grow more.


A very important word (to grow on instagram) on which the value of your profile depends. A high engagement rate means that you are doing a great job, you have created an active community with real followers. This means that your profile can be interesting for brands.

But how to have a profile with high engagement? How to create a community? To achieve these results you have to be ‘active’ yourself and therefore communicate with your followers or potential followers, comment on interesting posts and put likes.


Keeping track of your progress is always important, so even if you want to grow on Instagram.

There are many free tools to do this, for example ninjalitics or the popular followers/unfollowers app. These are the apps I have used to monitor the progress of followers and in general my daily growth based on goals.

These are the basics for a successful Instagram profile, are you curious about my experience step by step?