Hoftime watches

Today i want to present you Hoftime Paris, a French company.

Hoftime was created in 2021 with nearly 6 months of study and research. 

This is a Young French company located near Paris, they have been passionate about watchmaking for many year.

They are not interested in buying and reselling, so they thought of another way to combine passion and business.

Hoftime made a very simple observation:

Many enthusiasts do not necessarily have the money to buy the watch of their dreams so They make objective of these promotional lotteries to give everyone the opportunity to wear the watch they want on their wrist.

How does it work? They organise lotteries that are paid for but for a low price.

So the players then have a great chance of winning a watch worth several thousand euros.

For this first opportunity the protagonist is a CARTIER SANTOS XL.

With the code FIRST10% you save 10% on your ticket purchase.

Here you can check their website: hoftimeparis.com

Good luck and enjoy the opportunity if you want!