Final Touch TimePieces

Today i want to talk about a really cool success story from Nicholas White founder of FinalTouch Time Pieces!

Nicholas started this business in October 2020 during Covid because after running a motorcoach operation, which slowed down substantially during the pandemic for obvious reasons, allowing him a little more free time to diversify assets into his passion for watches.

This business consists in a limited inventory microbrand and luxury watch sales, as well as watch sourcing (because he keeps a small inventory).

Also Nicholas didn’t start this little business to really make any money though.

He genuinely get a lot of joy out of providing or finding a watch for somebody, especially somebody that is new in watches or has limited knowledge on them.

He also loves giving away watches to his friends or really anyone he feels is deserving.

final touch timepieces

A big part of Final Touch business is finding high quality microbrands to distribute to the public and hopefully create more brand awareness. Then make it more accessible for the average person to have a high quality watch without paying a premium for the brand name.

Nicholas wants to be able to make it easy for somebody to buy a watch without having to be a “watch nerd” to avoid being ripped off.

So he basically goes in and do all the dirty work and research so the average person doesn’t have to.

Nicholas is also the self proclaimed as the “robinhood of watches” because his goal is to go find the high quality watches and then distribute them at affordable pricing for the everyday human that just wants to add their Final Touch to an outfit.

final touch timepieces
Nicholas White

Final touch TimePieces a passion story

Like Nicholas said before, this really isn’t about making any money for him, but rather just a combination of my enjoyment of watches and helping people.

He obviously just has to make money to be able to fund it! While inventory is limited, Nicolas is planning on expanding that side of it as he grow.

Nicholas has a few things in the works right now, including a collaboration with Mulinaro Motorcars, an exotic dealership in Charlotte, NC (his location).

The ultimate goal/dream, is to one day create some sort of charity involving this business.  

final touch timepieces

Final Touch Timepieces page features picture of his personal collection, inventory, updates on the business, and affiliate discounts.

If you want to check out the instagram page of Final Touch TimePieces click HERE!