How To Grow On Instagram

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Me As MrWatch93 is the perfect guide to understand how to grow on instagram and is my personal experience on this social media and tells how I have grown to over 12,000 followers in less than 1 year.

Many people ask me for advice on how to grow on Instagram, this is the reason why I decided to tell my experience and the strategies I used.

I myself have always looked for lots of videos and guides explaining how you can grow on Instagram without being already known, but unfortunately I have never found anyone who tells their experience from scratch, so I decided to do it myself.

I hope to help those who, like me, want to share their passion through the fascinating world of social media! 


Below you can read the preview of my guide how to grow on instagram!

How To Grow On Instagram

how to grow on instagram

If you read this guide and fully understand the things I’ve written, you’ll learn how to get real followers completely independently and without the help of bots or anything like that.

Specifically, I would like to point out that I will not even address the issue of sponsorships, not because there is anything wrong with using them (on the contrary!), but because until now I have decided not to use them.

So, before explaining how to do it, it is necessary to list the pillars on which I have based myself and which will serve to structure you mentally to have a constant growth:


2) Patience

3) Engagement

4) Control

Let’s take a look.


Consistency is a key aspect of growing on Instagram. In fact, if you’re serious about it, growth has to happen continuously, every day even if it’s just 1 follower, but you’ll always have to grow. Consistency is the foundation, without it you can’t win.


Patience goes hand in hand with consistency, it must always be there. There will be times when you will lose some followers (follow/unfollow tactics are very common) and you will feel discouraged. But that’s when you have to show patience and get back to work to grow more.


A very important word (to grow on instagram) on which the value of your profile depends. A high engagement rate means that you are doing a great job, you have created an active community with real followers. This means that your profile can be interesting for brands.

But how to have a profile with high engagement? How to create a community? To achieve these results you have to be ‘active’ yourself and therefore communicate with your followers or potential followers, comment on interesting posts and put likes.


Keeping track of your progress is always important, so even if you want to grow on Instagram.

There are many free tools to do this, for example ninjalitics or the popular followers/unfollowers app. These are the apps I have used to monitor the progress of followers and in general my daily growth based on goals.

These are the basics for a successful Instagram profile, are you curious about my experience step by step?


Best Submariner Microbrand

Are you looking for the Best Submariner Microbrand Model to wear on your wrist?

This is a great article to find what you are looking for!

I will help you to choose the best microbrand to satisfiy your wrist with the similar feeling of the submariner.

San Martin watches

San Martin is a famous watchmaking company with incredibles skill and i found some really interesting models that will make you even more interested in this company.

San Martin watches – SN007 MODEL

This is one of my favourite model from San Martin and has an incredible feeling on the wrist. You can find it under 300$ and is one of the coolest affordable submariner watch on the planet.

Movement: Time Module NH35 [Automatic mechanical movement]
Case: Material-316L stainless steel
Diameter: 40mm (excluding crown)
Crystal: Domed sapphire
Bezel: ceramic bezel with lume at 12 O’Clock
Crown: screw-in
Caseback: Screw-in three-dimensional Caseback
Bracelet: solid steel bracelet, width 20mm
Clasp: 316L stainless steel Clasp
Waterproof: 200 meters waterproof

San Martin watches – SN019G MODEL

This model is also really cool but costs little more and you can find it for 325/400$. The movement is better than the SN007 as an SW200 or PT5000.

Movement: PT5000/SW200 [Automatic mechanical movement], ±10S/day
Case: Material-316L stainless steel
41mm diameter (excluding crown)
Lug to lug length: 48mm
Thickness: about 13mm (including crystal)
Lug width: 21mm
Crystal: Sapphire crystal, Cyclops at date window
Bezel: Ceramic bezel, With lume at 12 O’Clock
Dial: black enamel dial and blue sunburst dial
Hands: curved needles, filled with luminous
Luminous: BGW-9 blue super luminous
Crown: screw-in with shark logo, diameter 7mm
Caseback: Screw-in Caseback

For more info visit their their site

WMT Watches – Royal Marine

If your are looking for some cool submariners models you can can check absolutely the WMT timepieces, in particular all the Royal Marine models.

This watches are available for around 500$ price and with a myota movement 8215.

You can check their site here

Ginault Ocean Rover

This microbrand is also interesting and i think you have to take a look.

submariner microbrand

316L Stainless Steel, Casing Reference #1800, 40mm in Diameter, 120 Stops Counter-Clockwise Rotating Bezel, Bracelet Reference #94530G, Ginault Caliber 7275, 38 Hours of Power Reserve, Date, Sapphire Crystal with Date Magnifier, ISO 6425 Diver’s Watch, 1,000 Feet or 300 Meter Water Resistance, The Glowing Smurfs Lume. Hand Built In America.

There are different models and some are discounted but i think that all the details make this timepiece really unique!

You can check their site here

Best Datejust Microbrand Model

Are you looking for the Best Datejust Microbrand Model to wear on your wrist?

This is probabily the best article to help you with this goal!

There are a lot of different microbrands all over the world and the purpose of Mrwatch93 is always to help watch lovers to choose the best watch for their wrist.

i just had the opportunity to find differents microbrands that are making good datejust models.

Let’s take a look!


Ten Eleven Nine is a really good microbrand from Germany and their models are based on the all the datejust models or Rolex Explorer model.

The watch is really minimalist but it feels really good on the wrist with a diameter of 38 mm (wiithout crown).

The movement is a Swiss Sellita SW200-1 Premium (TOP grade) automatic movement.

You can read here the review!


Another interesting option that reminds to the Best Datejust Microbrand Model is the Adventure Series from Atticus watches, in particular the Icarus model and the Meteora Linen.

These models are caracterized by a 38mm case with a Japanese Miyota 9000 Series
Auto-winding Movement.

So let’s see why i consider this Microbrand a great choice for best datejust microbrand model.

Atticus microbrand – Icarus Model

Case Diameter: 38mm
Case Length: 46mm
Total Height: 11mm
Water Resistance: 10ATM/100m
Custom bracelet with a 20-16mm taper
Movement: Japanese Miyota 90S5

This watch reminds me also to a classic pilot watch but you can see from the case and the oyster strap how is clear the reminder to the classic datejust models.

best datejust microbrand model

You can check this model here!

Atticus microbrand – Meteora Model

Case Diameter: 38mm
Case Length: 46mm
Total Height: 11mm
Water Resistance: 10ATM/100m
Custom bracelet with a 20-16mm taper
Movement: Japanese Miyota 90S5

best datejust microbrand model

You can check their site here!

There are also other different models in their catalog but if i have to choose a datejust microbrand model i want to choose these two options!

MMI Watches Microbrand

Today i want to take a look to another interesting independent microbrand from Singapore called MMI Watches.

MMI stands for Modernization, Modification and Innovation, which are the company’s design philosophy and belief in watch making.

After 2 successful campaigns launched on Kickstarter, MMI Watches Singapore is presenting their 3rd watch collection, Turret Marine Chronograph (TMC).

You can check the campaign HERE!

Turret Marine Chronograph design concept is inspired and influenced by 40’, 70’s & 90’s watch design elements with a touch of 21st century modern aesthetics.


There are total of 5 models in the Turret Marine Chronograph Collection.

– Legend White TRC-01/ Gotland Black TRC-02/ Nimitz Grey TRC-03 will be the main models for our Kickstarter Campaign.

– Nimitz Grey TRC-03 model will be a Limited Edition to just 28 pieces.

– Kirov Red TRC-04 / Bismarck Yellow TRC-05 will only be available if “Stretch Goal” is unlock.


Turret Marine Chronograph shares identical watch case with Turret 300M, except for it’s caseback is slightly thinner by 0.5mm due to lower water resistance (WR) requirement for a chronograph.


The Turret is powered by a Seiko Hybrid Meca-Quartz VK67A and the watch has a water resistence to 100M. The watch has 40 mm diameter so is perfect for every size wrist!


In the past, either Movement Hand or Date Disk Numeric was used to indicate or display Date. 

Now, they came out with a Chronograph with unique Rota-Date Display Indicator.

They believed this is first of a kind Date Complication Display design used on a chronograph. 


Turret Marine Chronograph’s hands and indices were applied with Super-LumiNova® Grade X1 GL C3, strongest lume in the market produced by RC Tritec. Grade X1 shows a performance increase of up to 60% after 2 hours compared to its Standard Grade.

Package Include:

1 x Turret Marine Chronograph Watch (Steel Bracelet)

1 x Microfibre Leather Watch Roll

1 x Warranty Card (1 Year)

Delivery and shipping info

Estimated Delivery Date: End Of May 2022 and All prices stated on the Rewards Section is inclusive of shipping charges.

However every backer is responsible for their respective country custom / import duty tax, VAT or GST.

So if you like this really nice timepiece check out their site and their Kickstarter campaign here!

Why you should preorder this watch?

  • Affordable price
  • Perfect size for every wrist (40 mm case)
  • Innovative design
  • Hybrid Meca-Quartz Movement
  • Great watch roll perfect for travelling

Pancerna watch microbrand

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Let’s talk about Pancerna watch microbrand located in USA with their new model the P.7 Pilot!

The P.7 Pilot was meticulously designed from the ground up to not only be unique, but to withstand anything you can throw at it.

The unique lug design of the P.7 Pilot sets this watch apart from the repetitious watch cases that most watch companies use over and over in their watch designs.

​When you hold a Pancerna P.7 Pilot in your hand, you’ll notice a substantial, quality feel.

On the wrist, it feels rugged and ready for duty. The P.7 case is hardened coated to 1200V in a durable, ion plating (which is 8 times harder than stainless steel) to give it added protection from scratches.

Pancerna watches Details

The sapphire crystal adds another dimension of protection that will keep your watch looking like new for years to come.

At 40mm in width, the P.7 was designed to hit the sizing sweet spot that makes it perfect for everyone to wear, but by no means is the P.7 a small watch with a lug-to-lug length of 49mm.

The P.7 also appears a little larger on the wrist because of the lugs on the side of the case.

The beating heart of the P.7 Pilot is the self-winding MIYOTA 9039 automatic movement, which some people call the “Lexus” of Japanese automatic movements. It’s a workhorse movement that is accurate and reliable. 

​The P.7 Pilot is available in 5 color variations and they are also caracterized by a great lume!

If you want to buy one of these beauties their are available at their site HERE!

Best Investment Watches

Today i want to talk about best investment watches.

We have all certainly thought about whether a valuable watch might be a good investment.

Before you can really understand which watches to focus on, you need to analyse the trend in the value of the watch itself.

A very quick and easy way to understand how to assess the performance of a watch “on the fly” over the years is through the Chrono24 website or app.

Simply log in and click on the “watch collection” button and then enter the model and reference of the watch you prefer.

Let’s take an example: the picture above shows the performance of the Rolex Submariner reference 16610.

Can this watch be an investment? The graph shows that the value (mainly related to used watches in good condition) has risen a lot over the years. In 2010, the valuation of this iconic timepiece oscillated between 3000 and 4000 euros, while today (2019) the value has almost doubled.

Therefore, the Rolex Submariner 16610 could be a very good investment. Obviously, one has to take into account the possible market fluctuations, but, on the other hand, in this specific case for about 10 years (maybe more) the value has always gone up: it will be difficult for it to drop drastically…

This is not, however, a matter of course or brand-related. Some watches, even of the best brands, have an anomalous trend and therefore are not as “safe” as they seem, obviously as an investment. Here is the example of the Omega Speedmaster Reduced which shows a non-linear trend.

In this case, we can see that the value of this model rose sharply in 2013 before dropping dramatically the following year and rising again in 2016.

I will soon be publishing a specific article on my site about the best watches to invest.

To see the latest articles go back to the home!

Haim watch company

Here we are with a new microbrand on kickstarter!

I am talking about Haim watch company!

Haim is an independent Chigago based operation funded!

At HAIM, their design ethos is to balance a timeless appearance with modern aesthetics.

Every timepiece is crafted to be a part of your journey.

Visit their site here!

Haim watches – true passion for watchmaking

Testing and Quality: Every HAIM timepiece has its final assembly and quality control checks personally performed by their team.

Every watch is individually testedfor 72 hours and in 4 positions to ensure reliability.

Full Appreciation of Movements: Every HAIM timepiece boasts either a fully mechanical movement, or a hybrid movement, depending on the vision of themodel.

For those new to watch mechanics, the movement is the engine of a watch.

The HAIM collection, today and always, will highlight movements from aroundthe world.

Long-term HAIM aspires to design and fully produce our own in-house mechanical movements.

Access and Exclusivity: Everyone deserves access to a stunningly crafted watch.

At HAIM, we plan to build a catalog of watches that offers multiple tiers, so thatthe experience of owning a beautiful timepiece is within reach to all.

They also know that part of the allure in watch collecting is exclusivity and knowing that you own something special, so their models will be produced in limited quantities. 

Haim Legacy SE

Building off the original Haim Legacy Chronograph, the Legacy SE (Special Edition) is a refreshing and original take on a chronograph that offers a contemporary aesthetic that balances beauty and function.

It is certain to become your go-to watch for work and play.

The Legacy SE is offered in two versions:

· Mechanical

· Hybrid (Exclusive to this Kickstarter campaign)


· Ideally sized at 39.5mm to accommodate all wrist sizes, the Legacy SE will be a perfect fit.

·  Water resistant to 100 meters (330 feet), making it durable for daily use. You can dance in the rain, shower, and swim with the Legacy SE on your wrist.

· Features a scratch resistant, curved sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating for worry-free daily use.

· Paired with a bespoke genuine leather strap with quick release functionality. Available in 2 sizes, Regular (75mm/115mm) and Short (65mm/105mm) for a fit that is just right.

· Packaged in a leather travel roll, perfect for the contemporary explorer.


The Legacy SE’s dial was designed with one goal in mind: to arrest your attention.

Featuring a bevy of striking details – from the sunburst to hammered metal finishes to the hour marker appliqués – you will find yourself staring even when you don’t need to know the time. The dial is offered in two varieties:

· Copper River

· Midnight


The Mechanical version features the ST1901 movement. The ST1901 is a column wheel chronograph movement and is the closest to the Venus 125 movement. 

The Legacy SE Hybrid version features the VK64 meca-quartz movement bringing an extraordinary blend of mechanical and quartz together.

The hybrid version features a slimmer case housing and a closed caseback. This will only be offered during this campaign. Once finished, no more will be produced.


Case size: 39.5mm x 47mm (lug to lug)

Watch thickness: 13mm (mechanical), 11mm (hybrid)

Case material: 316L marine-grade stainless steel.

Crystal: Curved Sapphire Crystal with Anti-reflective coating.

Lug size: 20mm

Water resistance: 10 ATM (100 meters)

Hands: Swiss Superluminova luminous

Bracelet: Bespoke Genuine Leather 20mm strap with 18mm Haim pin buckle with quick release function. Available in 2 sizes (Regular, 75mm/115mm and Short, 65mm/105mm)

Movement: ST1901 manual wind mechanical movement with column-wheel (Mechanical). VK64 Meca Quartz movement (Hybrid).


The Descent is a refreshing addition to the world of sports watches with a mixture of the right amount of classic dress style and a rugged sports build with an intricately finished dial design.

The Descent features the proprietary “Duo-Bezel”, combining the functions of both a Dive watch and a GMT on the brushed steel rotational bezel.


· Sized at 39mm (45mm lug to lug) to accommodate all wrist sizes.

· Water resistant to 200 meters, you can enjoy this watch on the beach and then swap out the rubber strap with the included leather strap to enjoy a nice dinner and evening out.

The definition of a “go anywhere, do anything” timepiece.

· The Descent has a curved sapphire crystal with AR coating. It has an exhibition caseback, allowing you to see the movement and the custom rotor.

· The Descent comes on a bespoke rubber strap. Easily switch to the included black leather strap with pin buckle and quick-release feature to enhance the overall appearance of the watch in more formal settings

Leather straps are available in 2 sizes: Regular (75mm/115mm) and Short (65mm/105mm).


Descent is available in two gilt dial variants: Royal and Midnight.

The dial is a multi-layered dial that combines both a hammered metal finish with a bold guilloche pattern in the center.

It is topped with applied lumed hour markers with hands in rose gold.

result is a stunning dial that is elegant – and paired with the proprietary “Duo-Bezel” that combines a dive and GMT bezel in one, creates a timepiece that’s both classy and rugged.


Descent utilizes the trusted and reliable Miyota 9039 premium caliber. This movement is both automatic and hand-wound, with a stops second function – making is a perfect choice for a daily driver.

The movement is visible through the open caseback where you’ll be able to see the custom designed rotor spin.


Case size: 39mm x 45mm (lug to lug)

Watch thickness: 12mm

Case material: 316L marine-grade stainless steel.

Crystal: Curved Sapphire Crystal with Anti-reflective coating.

Lug size: 20mm

Water resistance: 20 ATM (200 meters)

Hands: Swiss Superluminova luminous

Bracelet: Bespoke rubber strap with Haim pin buckle. Also includes a bespoke 20mm black leather strap with quick release function. Leather strap available in 2 sizes (Regular, 75mm/115mm and Short, 65mm/105mm)

Movement: Miyota 9039 with 24 jewels. 28,800 vibrations per hour with stop seconds and custom gold engraved Haim winding rotor.

Power Reserve: 42 Hours

Check out their kickstarter campaign here!

Hoftime watches

Today i want to present you Hoftime Paris, a French company.

Hoftime was created in 2021 with nearly 6 months of study and research. 

This is a Young French company located near Paris, they have been passionate about watchmaking for many year.

They are not interested in buying and reselling, so they thought of another way to combine passion and business.

Hoftime made a very simple observation:

Many enthusiasts do not necessarily have the money to buy the watch of their dreams so They make objective of these promotional lotteries to give everyone the opportunity to wear the watch they want on their wrist.

How does it work? They organise lotteries that are paid for but for a low price.

So the players then have a great chance of winning a watch worth several thousand euros.

For this first opportunity the protagonist is a CARTIER SANTOS XL.

With the code FIRST10% you save 10% on your ticket purchase.

Here you can check their website:

Good luck and enjoy the opportunity if you want!

Cosma Design

Today i want to discover a new brand with you and it’s called Cosma Design

They are caracterized by sewing leather and there is no such company on the market, which uses this method!

They are making really cool and true hand made unique products with a focus on the watch accessories, like watch roll or watch puch (The stiffening pads enable flexibility and the side walls guarantee a well formed triangular shape when is rolled up – the only such product on the market).

You can see below the image and link of all the collection

The ambition of Cosma Design is to introduce unique everyday objects on the global level.

Cosma Design Collection is both for people who cherish practical approach and style and they have created a luxurious line of products.

Enabling to organise and care about personal items such as watches, jewellery, smartphones.

They give the possibility to make your space more luxurious and comfortable. 

Skill of designing is a gift, which allows people to see things exactly as they should look like before the actual creation .

The combination of functional approach and attractive looks is the perfection Cosma Design is trying to obtain.

They get inspiration from the best traditions of worlwide industrial design and add their own ideas. 

Cosma follows their motto: “Beauty lies in simplicity”, as they strongly believe it is timeless.

Their entire collection is designed and manufactured in Europe and they use only local products of the best quality.

The watch pouch

So one of the most interesting product from this brand is absolutely their watch puch.

Which is caracterized by an incredible design, really different and original and also the possibility to order product with identification, embossed inscription inside pouch. 

The watch puch is totally Handmade product, made with high quality genuine Italian leather and
Italian suede.

Also the leather is overlapped so you dont’ see the edges of the material.

You have Two-phase strap tightening adjustment with Italian high quality snap

Another interesting feature is that after unfolding its inner side, which is made of suede, the Pouch can become a pad and can be used for cleaning the watches or changing the straps.

The additional leather pads help in inserting watches with leather strap!

Each product is packaged as a gift in beautiful anti-dust bag with logo and handmade gift box!

Ideal for storing pens, watch tools and additional straps with your watch.

I have never see something interesting like that before and also different colors are available.

While creating they appreciate the value of tradition and nature, at the same time thinking about the future.

All the materials used by Cosma are certified, eco-friendly and made according to Pro-eco and zero waste philosopht.

That can be recycled and habe no degradable effect on the environment.

cosma company

Cosma has many years of experience in production of leather accessories such as stands for jewelry, watch stands and accessories for interiors not only for retail sale but also for b2b sector by making personalized products for other shops and companys!

Remember that you have Free worldwide standard shipping, 5 years warranty, 14 day money back and you have also a 10% disocunt from now until the end of the month with code MRWATCH93!

Please if you want to buy their products or if you want more informations check out their site here!

Zanneti Watches Accessories

Today i want to talk about Zanneti Watches Accessories!

In the hearts of Zanneti they are watch collectors.

As their collection grew Zanneti started to hunt for watch storage solutions.

It soon became obvious that watch storage was too expensive, was not thoughtfully designed and more importantly, watch rolls did not feel as good as the watches they stored.

Why couldn’t watch storage feel more like high-end watches?

Zanneti spent years trying to figure out the answer. 

These guys started to learn about material quality and searching for craftsmen.

They went everywhere from sweat shops in Dhaka, leather schools in Italy, family workshops in France, Thailand and Singapore to world trade shows.

They learned something new from every single experience and decided to compile our journey into Zanneti.

These people are makers of high quality watch storage solutions and watch accessories.

Zanneti Watch Accessories – a different concept

The concept of Zanneti has been derived from polish.

Depicted in the logo are two swords representing the cutting edge and a shine depicting polish.

The aim is to produce watch accessories with master level handcraftsmanship, and a level of sophistication that resonates with high end watchmaking.

Everything They produce, from the quality of suede and leather to the experience of using the buttons echoes with the best practices of horology.

Zanneti believes that they have finally been able to create something that matches the look and feel of a Swiss watch.

They have just launched two new lines featuring their 4 watch and 3 watch holder.

The 4 watch holder is made with Saffiano Leather and Italian Suede.

Their 3 watch holder is our flagship product and is made from Calf Leather from France and Italian Suede.

As every Zanneti product is made in limited numbers to preserve exclusivity, they have limited inventory for sale at and the shipping is worldwide.

Please check out their site HERE if you want to buy one of their products!