Cosma Design

Today i want to discover a new brand with you and it’s called Cosma Design

They are caracterized by sewing leather and there is no such company on the market, which uses this method!

They are making really cool and true hand made unique products with a focus on the watch accessories, like watch roll or watch puch (The stiffening pads enable flexibility and the side walls guarantee a well formed triangular shape when is rolled up – the only such product on the market).

You can see below the image and link of all the collection

The ambition of Cosma Design is to introduce unique everyday objects on the global level.

Cosma Design Collection is both for people who cherish practical approach and style and they have created a luxurious line of products.

Enabling to organise and care about personal items such as watches, jewellery, smartphones.

They give the possibility to make your space more luxurious and comfortable. 

Skill of designing is a gift, which allows people to see things exactly as they should look like before the actual creation .

The combination of functional approach and attractive looks is the perfection Cosma Design is trying to obtain.

They get inspiration from the best traditions of worlwide industrial design and add their own ideas. 

Cosma follows their motto: “Beauty lies in simplicity”, as they strongly believe it is timeless.

Their entire collection is designed and manufactured in Europe and they use only local products of the best quality.

The watch pouch

So one of the most interesting product from this brand is absolutely their watch puch.

Which is caracterized by an incredible design, really different and original and also the possibility to order product with identification, embossed inscription inside pouch. 

The watch puch is totally Handmade product, made with high quality genuine Italian leather and
Italian suede.

Also the leather is overlapped so you dont’ see the edges of the material.

You have Two-phase strap tightening adjustment with Italian high quality snap

Another interesting feature is that after unfolding its inner side, which is made of suede, the Pouch can become a pad and can be used for cleaning the watches or changing the straps.

The additional leather pads help in inserting watches with leather strap!

Each product is packaged as a gift in beautiful anti-dust bag with logo and handmade gift box!

Ideal for storing pens, watch tools and additional straps with your watch.

I have never see something interesting like that before and also different colors are available.

While creating they appreciate the value of tradition and nature, at the same time thinking about the future.

All the materials used by Cosma are certified, eco-friendly and made according to Pro-eco and zero waste philosopht.

That can be recycled and habe no degradable effect on the environment.

cosma company

Cosma has many years of experience in production of leather accessories such as stands for jewelry, watch stands and accessories for interiors not only for retail sale but also for b2b sector by making personalized products for other shops and companys!

Remember that you have Free worldwide standard shipping, 5 years warranty, 14 day money back and you have also a 10% disocunt from now until the end of the month with code MRWATCH93!

Please if you want to buy their products or if you want more informations check out their site here!

Zanneti Watches Accessories

Today i want to talk about Zanneti Watches Accessories!

In the hearts of Zanneti they are watch collectors.

As their collection grew Zanneti started to hunt for watch storage solutions.

It soon became obvious that watch storage was too expensive, was not thoughtfully designed and more importantly, watch rolls did not feel as good as the watches they stored.

Why couldn’t watch storage feel more like high-end watches?

Zanneti spent years trying to figure out the answer. 

These guys started to learn about material quality and searching for craftsmen.

They went everywhere from sweat shops in Dhaka, leather schools in Italy, family workshops in France, Thailand and Singapore to world trade shows.

They learned something new from every single experience and decided to compile our journey into Zanneti.

These people are makers of high quality watch storage solutions and watch accessories.

Zanneti Watch Accessories – a different concept

The concept of Zanneti has been derived from polish.

Depicted in the logo are two swords representing the cutting edge and a shine depicting polish.

The aim is to produce watch accessories with master level handcraftsmanship, and a level of sophistication that resonates with high end watchmaking.

Everything They produce, from the quality of suede and leather to the experience of using the buttons echoes with the best practices of horology.

Zanneti believes that they have finally been able to create something that matches the look and feel of a Swiss watch.

They have just launched two new lines featuring their 4 watch and 3 watch holder.

The 4 watch holder is made with Saffiano Leather and Italian Suede.

Their 3 watch holder is our flagship product and is made from Calf Leather from France and Italian Suede.

As every Zanneti product is made in limited numbers to preserve exclusivity, they have limited inventory for sale at and the shipping is worldwide.

Please check out their site HERE if you want to buy one of their products!

Final Touch TimePieces

Today i want to talk about a really cool success story from Nicholas White founder of FinalTouch Time Pieces!

Nicholas started this business in October 2020 during Covid because after running a motorcoach operation, which slowed down substantially during the pandemic for obvious reasons, allowing him a little more free time to diversify assets into his passion for watches.

This business consists in a limited inventory microbrand and luxury watch sales, as well as watch sourcing (because he keeps a small inventory).

Also Nicholas didn’t start this little business to really make any money though.

He genuinely get a lot of joy out of providing or finding a watch for somebody, especially somebody that is new in watches or has limited knowledge on them.

He also loves giving away watches to his friends or really anyone he feels is deserving.

final touch timepieces

A big part of Final Touch business is finding high quality microbrands to distribute to the public and hopefully create more brand awareness. Then make it more accessible for the average person to have a high quality watch without paying a premium for the brand name.

Nicholas wants to be able to make it easy for somebody to buy a watch without having to be a “watch nerd” to avoid being ripped off.

So he basically goes in and do all the dirty work and research so the average person doesn’t have to.

Nicholas is also the self proclaimed as the “robinhood of watches” because his goal is to go find the high quality watches and then distribute them at affordable pricing for the everyday human that just wants to add their Final Touch to an outfit.

final touch timepieces
Nicholas White

Final touch TimePieces a passion story

Like Nicholas said before, this really isn’t about making any money for him, but rather just a combination of my enjoyment of watches and helping people.

He obviously just has to make money to be able to fund it! While inventory is limited, Nicolas is planning on expanding that side of it as he grow.

Nicholas has a few things in the works right now, including a collaboration with Mulinaro Motorcars, an exotic dealership in Charlotte, NC (his location).

The ultimate goal/dream, is to one day create some sort of charity involving this business.  

final touch timepieces

Final Touch Timepieces page features picture of his personal collection, inventory, updates on the business, and affiliate discounts.

If you want to check out the instagram page of Final Touch TimePieces click HERE!

Longines Spirit wears green

Green conquers the dials of the Longines Spirit line, designed in the wake of the precision instruments that have accompanied numerous adventurers in their conquests of the skies, the seas and uncharted territories.

The collection combines contemporary aesthetic and technical criteria with elements borrowed from the world of aviation pioneers, creating a bridge between history and innovation.

This highly contemporary model bears witness to the pioneering spirit that has animated Longines since its inception, and is a passionate tribute to the extraordinary men and women who have made history through their records, their feats and their displays of courage.

mrwatch93 longines spirit

After black, silver and blue, it is now time for green to celebrate the Longines Spirit collection. This chromatic variation in a contemporary version fits perfectly into the spirit of the line.

Longines watches and instruments, reliable, precise and robust, have contributed to the success of numerous pioneering enterprises thanks to their novel technologies.

They have accompanied various exploratory missions into the ultimate unknown territories, braved extreme weather conditions, sailed on stormy seas, participated in the opening of new air routes and set aviation records. Numerous adventurers have benefited from Longines’ expertise in their conquests by sky, sea and land.

Logines Spirit Green Dial: history and innovation

Longines Spirit timepieces, which revive this rich heritage, are a bridge between history and innovation; taking the typical features of pilot’s watches, combined with current lines and codes, the result is a markedly contemporary and particularly well-curated aesthetic.

The two latest additions to this collection, available in the three-sphere/calendar model and in two sizes (40 mm and 42 mm), adopt dials in an elegant green color.

This color, combined with the beige of the Super-LumiNova®, lends a vintage touch to these new creations, while the microbillé finish of the dial is at the origin of the very up-to-date metallic sheen.

Also cleverly blending past and present, the timepieces display on their dial five applied stars that, in Longines’ history, indicate the highest quality of the movement. Like their predecessors, the new models are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and boast exclusive automatic calibers (L888.4) with silicon balance spring.

All of these high-precision timepieces are certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC) and come with a 5-year warranty.

Completing these exceptional watches, with their carefully crafted stainless steel cases, are steel bracelets or beige leather straps, interchangeable thanks to Longines’ exclusive system.

The Longines Spirit collection reinforces the winged hourglass brand’s ties with the pioneers who trusted it with their achievements and confirms the full legitimacy of its rich heritage. It is a way of celebrating the heroes of the past and their state of mind that for Longines is always relevant: the quest for excellence.