Luxury Watch Rolls

As you know I’m always looking for new very good quality products to show you here on my blog and today I just discovered a really interesting brand from UK called Luxury Watch Rolls!

This brand was founded at the start of 2022 by Jamie (30 years old) and he is now preparing to start the Kickstarter campaign (may 23) for these very useful accessories, absolutely great for travel!

Jamie began to notice that most watch rolls simply weren’t that good. They looked great in photos, but then in real life the quality was lacking, not in keeping with the luxury feel of his watches.

He therefore decided to create his own brand of handmade genuine leather watch rolls, which he would be proud to store and display his watches in!

Luxury Watch Rolls – design and quality materials

The innovative luxury design of these watch rolls allow watches to be secured in a high quality, entirely handcrafted roll.

Each watch roll has a flat base allowing for secure placement on any surface.

The exterior is made of Italian vegetable tanned leather, and each edge is hand oil painted in the French style.

The use of this style of edge finishing removes the possibility of frayed edging providing the highest durability.

Contrasting deep brown interior is the softest material for maximum protection against scratches.

Each watch pillow is removable on a sliding rail for easy access.

Interior of the watch roll and removable pillow

Each watch has it’s own individual compartment that floats inside the watch roll providing the greatest protection against damage.

Luxury Watch Rolls microfiber watch pillows are compressible and flexible, creating a secure and accurate fit for watches of any size.

If you have a smaller wrist, depressing the pillow will not put additional strain on your watch bracelet or watch band.

Each watch pillow is individually removable, and slides in and out through a sliding rail system.

This unique system allows your watches to be suspended within the roll and held firmly in place, while not touching any other watch.

The flat base of the watch roll prevents any accidental rolling or tipping while using or displaying your watches.

This shape allows for your watch collection to be displayed while the case is open or closed.

The watches are secured within the roll with silver snaps, sewn into the roll. They are not visible from the exterior.

Watch Roll Dimensions and Options

Single Slot Watch Roll – Vintage Brown

Dimensions – 9cm (L) x 11cm (W) x 8cm (H)

Including free worldwide shipping

To be delivered by August 2022

Double Slot Watch Roll – Vintage Brown

Dimensions – 17cm (L) x 11cm (W) x 8cm (H)

Including free worldwide shipping

To be delivered by August 2022

Triple Slot Watch Roll – Vintage Brown

Dimensions – 24cm (L) x 11cm (W) x 8cm (H) 

Including free worldwide shipping

To be delivered by August 2022

Stretch Goal 1 – £12,500

If the funding goal is reached and the stretch goal of £12,500 is exceeded, all backers will receive a Luxury Watch rolls branded watch cleaning cloth (worth £5) for each watch roll ordered. For example if 3 watch rolls were ordered then 3 watch cloths will be sent with the watch rolls.

Stretch Goal 2 – £15,000

If the funding goal is reached and the stretch goal of £15,000 is exceeded, this will unlock a second colour combination for both the leather and the suede.

This second colour combination will be communicated to all backers.

As the campaign progresses more stretch goals may be added, so be sure to keep checking back for updates!

Luxury Watch Roll – Prices

Initial Kickstarter pricing can be seen below (all including free worldwide shipping):

  • Single Watch Roll – £75
  • Double Watch Roll – £100
  • Triple Watch Roll – £125
  • Single & Double Watch Rolls – £165
  • Single & Triple Watch Rolls – £190
  • Double & Triple Watch Rolls – £215
  • Single, Double & Triple Watch Rolls – £275

Why Buy?

So now that I told you all these informations here comes the point.

Why I suggest these watch rolls?

Here are the 3 main points

  • Quality materials
  • Easy use and removable pillow
  • Good ratio quality/price

Where to buy?

Here is the Kickstarter link to the campaign!

If you like these products and you want to discover more get in touch with the brand! (site is coming soon)

Pak Swiss Watches With 3D Configurator

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Today I want to present you a watch start-up called Pak Watches based in Courgenay in the Jura region of Switzerland.

This brand has developed a special 3D configurator that allows you to make and customize swiss made mechanical watches from the brand’s website.

This watch brand goes even further in customization by offering customizable engravings on the folding buckles.

Here you can find their site

Pak Watches – The 3D Configurator

The configurator is pretty easy to use and you can have a clear vision of the watch during all the process.

Here is the link to the configurator

You can choose different options, for example, the movement, case, dial, hands, strap, and buckle.

There is also the possibility to engrave the buckle with different font options.

The price of their watches varies between 1’200 EUR and 2’400 EUR.

This is the first time I’m talking about a 3D Configurator and after checking their website I have to say that I’m impressed!

The quality of these watches is very high as we are taling about a Swiss Watch Brand.

There is also the possibility to save a pdf of your configuration or to send it by email,

This is an example of specifications that you can find in Pak watches but of course you can see on the left of the configurator the live evolution of the spefcifications depending of your choices!

– Diameter 42mm

– Thickness 11mm

– Polished steel case

– Navy blue imitation crocodile strap with folding clasp

– Movement 6497 rose gold color

– Power reserve 46H

– 18’000 vibrations per hour

– Water-resistant to 3 ATM

Pak Watches – Why Buy?

  • Swiss Made Watches
  • Good ratio quality/price
  • Cool and easy 3D Configurator
  • Free Shipping
  • Very unique timepieces, never saw something like that


In primo piano

As I always talk and inform watch lovers about new timepieces every day is also really important to keep the community informed about very interesting watch dealers and this is why today I want to present you, a very cool online shop in Sweden founded by Anders!!

Anders started collecting watches in the early 2000s and in his 20+ years of collecting he has seen the market evolve, the early 2000s was the golden era for watch enthusiasts who dared to shop online.

Also the introduction of “Microbrands” has also changed the market.

For this reason today you can find unique and high qualitative brands that often give you more bang for the buck compared to traditional brands.

Anders will offer a small selection of interesting vintage and pre-owned watches and mircrobrands. Today he’s an authorized dealer for Bertucci field watches and Unimatic watches. More brands will be added in the future.

Sekvens is Anders’s way of contributing to the watch community, he will share photos, findings and experiences on social platforms and in the blog (coming soon…).

Anders’s ambition is to source and offer a variety of both new, pre-owned and vintage watches that he finds interesting and have good value and high quality. – Why choose it?

The site is really simple to use and there is a free shipping for orders over 200 eur and 14 days return, all the important info are available on the site so you can contact Anders when you want.

I see a lot of transparency and trust on the site, so what you see is what you get. Every watch Anders puts up for sale is meticulously sourced, cleaned, photographed, presented with care by himself.

Details and informations

All the informations of Sekvens are available and super transparency on his site but you can find it also here!

Check out the site here!





Malmö, Sweden. By appointment only.

Clockwork Watch App

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Do you know that there is an App called Clockwork that helps you to measure the accuracy of your watches?

Clockwork – Watch App is new mobile app that is made by and for all the watch enthusiasts out there!

Let’s see how it works!

In short it has three main features:

  • it can measure the accuracy of your watches
  • it can safely store information about all your watches
  • you can see super accurate time from an atomic clock!

Measure watch accuracy

Since mechanical watches do not use a battery, they rely on mechanical parts to tell time.

This implies that mechanical watches does not keep time 100% accurately, and that this accuracy is dependent on how much/little the watch has moved, the temperature which the watch has been and of course the movement inside and how well it is calibrated.

Clockwork – Watch App comes with an easy and convenient way to measure the accuracy of your watches.

It lets you take a picture of your timepiece and then ask you to write down the time shown on the image.

It then syncs the image capture time with an atomic clock before we compare it with the time shown on the watch to get an offset.

After waiting a minimum of 12 hours you can do the same again to get a new offset.

Once you have at least two offsets, the app can calculate the differences in these offsets to tell you how many seconds too fast or too slow your watch runs each day!

Taking several measurements over time will thus provide a real-life scenario for how accurate your watch is!

Why should I care to measure the accuracy of my watch?

Finding the accuracy of your watch is interesting on it’s own, but it also has several use cases. 

First of all, it can give you a good indicator for when it is time for a service. If you measure the accuracy regularly, it can ensure you that the watch is in good shape.

A sudden change in accuracy means that something is wrong with the movement and that it is time for a check.Secondly, having proof that the watch is running accurately can increase resell value.

This is especially the case for vintage watches, as accuracy can wary a great deal and service history is often hard to get. If you watch is hard to sell, then having a good accuracy to showcase will definitively help to close the deal with a skeptical buyer.

Other apps can also measure watch accuracy, what makes Clockwork – Watch App different form the rest?

Most other watch measurement apps either listens to the sound from the movement inside your watch or require you press a button when your watch shows a specific time. 

Listening to the sound from the movement of your watch can give you very accurate seconds per day measurements, and additional metrics like beat error and amplitude.

However this either requires the use of a simple microphone, which can give unreliable results, or the use of special third party equipment that is expensive.

Seconds per day is also the only metric you need to worry about for day to day usage.Additionally these apps only give you an accuracy at a single moment in time, while Clockwork – Watch App calculates accuracy as an average over time to give you a real-life scenario for how accurate your watch is.

clockwork watch app

Apps that make you press a button when your watch shows a specific time compares the time of the button tap with a central clock to get an offset.

You then have to do this again some hours later to get a new offset.

The two offsets can be compared and to say how many seconds + or – the watch runs each day. Clockwork – Watch app actually use the same technique, but by registering the time of an image capture and the time shown on the watch to create the offset, instead to timing a button press.

Timing a button press is hard to do precisely within milliseconds and hard to do evenly between measurements.

It it however much easier to set milliseconds off an image, more precisely to use image capture time than button press time. Using images is not only more accurate than relying on you thumb, but also, who doesn’t love taking images of their watches anyway?

Store watch information

In Clockwork – Watch App you can create your digital watch collection! It lets you store relevant and important information about your watches, safely and securely.

Storing information about your watch is important, especially in case of theft or accidents.

In such circumstances it will always help to have information such as reference number and serial number stored in a secure place. 

You can also keep notes on each of your watches to remember things like when and where the watch was bought, dates for services, memorable things that happened with the watch. After all, everybody likes a watch with a good story!

clockwork watch app

Atomic Clock

Clockwork – Watch App is connected to a pool of atomic watch servers through a technology called NTP, which assures extremely accurate time.

Internally, the app uses this watch as the main source of true time, and uses it to calculate the accuracy of your watches correctly and reliably.

You’d be surprise how much the internal clock of your phone differs from this atomic time, so it is really important for accuracy to have one source of truth.

clockwork watch app

The app comes with its own dedicated page to show this atomic clock in both a digital and analog format.

You can use this clock to set the time of your watches as precise as possible!

Additionally, Clockwork – Watch App comes with powerful settings:

  • Setting Dark or Light mode
  • Separate day/date representations
  • Different ways of sorting of your watches, so that you can customize the app to your liking.

Where I can download the app?

Website link:
Direct link to the app:

Overall, the app makes it super easy to measure watch accuracy, and I really recommend it!

Seiko dials by Hazeninety

Today i want to talk about something special, not specifically about watches but about Seiko dials!

I just discovered on Instagram a really talented guy @hazeninety and he is making really interesting custom seiko dials and customized watches also on commission.

You can find some very interesting timepieces and dials on his site here

Seiko Dials – Kintsugi dial

As you can see the use of gold is really important for these dials and the final result is absolutely incredible.

This dial has been plated with twice the amount of 18K gold.

The matte black dial is also embossed in the traditional Japanese Seigaiha wave pattern that along with the gold plated cracks plays with the light like never before.

The dial is 28.5mm in diameter, and has no feet, dial dot adhesives are provided with each purchase.

Price of the dial 55 $

Dial + watch 575 $


The Seigaiha wave pattern has been weaved into Japanese culture for decades, symbolizing Japan’s historic connection to the Sea.

Matte black & gold dial celebrates that ornate tradition in a simple and elegant way. The dial is 28.5mm in diameter, with a date window at 3 and outer portion of the dial is plated with 18K gold, in addition to the Kanji symbol “Umi” meaning “The Sea” seen at the bottom center-left.

Central portion of the dial has been kept black to enhance legibility, it also previews the Seigaiha wave in black embossing that creates texture and plays with the light.

This is the very first Dial released with our own Logo plated in Gold, its a limited run of 75 pieces.

Price of the dial 50 $

Dial + watch 300$ (sold out)

One of my favourite is the California Kintsugi Dial,a mix of Roman Numerals with Japanese Kanji hour markers. Separated by gold plated cracks inspired by Japanese Kintsugi art.
Limited to 50 pieces!

Being influenced by Japanese art and tradition for a long time, this watchmaker decided to take inspiration from California style dials, and put a spin on it.

He realized that in essence this isn’t a California dial truly, however he believed that the Roman & Kanji hour marker combination in an East meets West has its own appeal.

Gold cracks are inspired by Japanese Kintsugi art and run the length of the dial.

The hour markers, logo and the cracks are plated with 18K gold, with Automatic white print in the bottom center and the word “KINTSUGI” in gold print.

Dial sits in an OEM Seiko case, covered by a Sapphire and running a 4r35 movement.

Hands hands are Swiss diamond cut Dauphine hands, with an OEM SARB needle seconds hand. Would love to hear your thoughts!

Bronze 62 Mas Watch

This is 62mas bronze case with a custom bronze bezel insert and top-hat sapphire, running a 6r15.

The Seigaiha wave pattern has been weaved into Japanese culture for decades, symbolizing Japan’s historic connection to the Sea.

Matte black & gold dial celebrates that ornate tradition in a simple and elegant way.

The dial contains no text, only a date window at 3. Outer portion of the dial is plated with 18K gold, in addition to the Kanji symbol “Umi” meaning “The Sea” seen at the bottom center-left.

Central portion of the dial has been kept black to enhance legibility, it also previews the Seigaiha wave in black embossing that creates texture and plays with the light.

This is the very first Dial released with my own Logo plated in Gold. Would love to hear your thoughts, Thank you for checking this out.

Two-tone 62 mas homage watch

This custom build uses top of the line parts. Highly finished 62mas style case, with slim case-back, triple gasket screwdown crown, a top hat sapphire with Blue Anti reflective coating, a lumed sapphire bezel insert with matching gold gilt.

The dial has been designed and made by me. It’s 18K gold plated, with lumed and applied indices installed. The dial is inspired by the Japanese Seigaiha wave pattern, showing around the periphery of the dial plated in gold, while is embossed onto the matte black background of the dial.

The Kanji script is read as “Umi” meaning the sea.

Of course on the site you can find a lot of options both for dials and for the watches so you can choose your favourite!

Airain Watches

Today i want to show you a really different and unique brand, let’s discover Airain Watches!

Airain was originally conceived by the illustrious Dodane family in 1934 and rose to fame for its trustworthy, high-quality timepieces. Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, Airain was one of the selected suppliers (along with Breguet and Dodane) of the Type 20 model for the French Army.

After reviving Airain’s original sister brand Lebois & Co in 2014 a French entrepreneur and watch aficionado owned also Airain,making this brand once again the sister brand of Lebois & Co, just as it was in 1934.

Today Airain has a new life. Starting with a new version of the higly sought after ‘Type 20’ Flyback Chronograph.

Now that we have the correct informations abut the brand, let’s discover his masterpiece, the Type 20 model!

The original vintage Type20 Chronograph
The original vintage Type20 Chronograph

Airain Type20 – the past and the future

First of all let me say that i never saw something interesting like this, we are talking about one of the coolest re-edition ever made for a chronopgraph.

Type 20 refers to a specification for pilot’s chronographs issued by the French Ministry of Defense.

The unique feature of the Type 20 was the ‘flyback’ function, which allows the pilot to easily reset the chronograph hand, and quickly start timing a new event without the lag in time of pushing two more buttons.

The vintage and original version of timepiece was a 38mm diameter and 14mm thick case, a black dial with luminescent indexes and hands, a self-winding mechanical movement with a power reserve of at least 35 hours.

Today the new version has 39,5mm stainless steel case is slightly bigger than the original to match modern standards without losing the allure of its famous ancestor.

The Type 20 Re-Edition is powered by Airain’s caliber AM1, developed and made by Manufacture La Joux- Perret S.A. in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

The new re-edition of the Type20

Its black dial, protected by a domed Hesalite crystal, has the same Arabic numerals as the original 1950’s Type 20, with a small seconds sub- dial at 9 o’clock and 30 minute recorder at 3 o’clock.

Hand-applied beige Super-LumiNova color has been carefully chosen to recall the original luminescent material of the original Type 20.

The new re-edition of the Type20

The Airain Type20 is available also with a very nice chocolate dial and straps and is limited to 134 pieces which refers to the founding year of Airain 1934.

Airain Type20 Chocolate
Airain Type20 Chocolate

Why Buy?

This re-edition is really cool thanks to the premium materials used and to the new dimensions of 39.5 mm, perfect for the wrists of our times! This brand despite is owned by new watch lovers has find again it’s origins! The price of 2.600€ is correct for what this brand is offering.

Technical Data


Material: Stainless steel
Diameter: 39.5mm
Height: 10.85mm (without crystal)
Crystal: 3.92mm domed Hesalite with anti-scratch treatment Lug-to-lug: 47.7mm
Caseback: Screw down
Bezel: Bidirectional
Water resistance: 50m (5ATM)


Caliber: Manual-wind column wheel chronograph caliber AM1 with flyback complication Power reserve: 60 hours
Chronograph: 30 minutes
Jewels: 24 jewels

Shock protection: Incabloc


Strap: Genuine Suede Leather Strap Lug Width: 20mm

Where do buy?

If you are interested in these timepiece please check out their site

BSHQRF Microbrand

Hello watch lovers today i want to take a look to really special called BSHQRF from Kuwait!

A Kuwaiti man, Fahad Buqammaz turned his love and passion for watches into a new brand of watches, In 2020, he and a group of designers and investors decided to establish a watch company under the brand name BSHQRF

BSHQRF’s first release in 2020 was under the name Lusso, with a limited 100 pieces, and all the pieces were sold to six countries, which are as follows: Kuwait 🇰🇼 76 pieces, UAE 🇦🇪 13 pieces, Qatar 🇶🇦 4 pieces, 🇸🇦 , 4 pieces, Italy 🇮🇹 2 and Greece 🇬🇷 1 with a total of 100 pieces.

The price of the LUSSO model is 800$

I really like Lusso model because of the innovative design with a really nice shape and an interesting blue dial matched with the blue leather strap.

Lusso is powered by the famous Seiko Nh35 movement and has a 40mm case size with a 316L stainless steel.

I think also that the details of the dial are very unique.

This timepieces has a 41h power reserve and water resistance of 5 ATM (50 metres).

Lusso model by BSHQRF specifications:

In 2022, BSHQRF released the new watch under the name Antico in a limited edition also of 150 pieces in three colors, which are salmon 50 pieces, green 50 pieces and black 50 pieces, and so far 70% of the quantity has been sold, and the price of the watch is 860$

As you can see from the photos,the concept for this second model Antico is totally different from the Lusso model.

In this case we are talking about a modular watch.

Watch is a modular watch? It consists of a watch composed by different parts and you can decide how to compose this parts making your own watch.

The most important part you can compose are the case,the bezel and the straps.

Also the Antico model has another interesting feature but i want to talk about it later.

The packaging of the Antico is really consistent, with 2 different straps option (2 colors), the watch it self, case and bezel and a really nice key holder.

Here is the really interesting thing, the key holder is not on only for your keys but also for your watch!

This is the first time i saw this kind of accessories in a packing, so in this case the wristwatch will become a pocket watch!

Antico watch specifications:

In this case the Antico model is powered by a Miyota 8217 movement with a 5 ATM power reserve.

BSHQRF – Why Buy?

I know what you are thinking my friend, probably the watch costs too much for the movement but i always want to remind to my followers and users that you are not buyng a watch only for the movement.

A brand and a watch are not made only by the movement, you have to consider all the things.

In this case the packaging and the concept behind the watch are really interesting and in my opinion really original.

The packaging is nice and big, you have 2 straps options and you have also the possibility to create your pocket watch.

All the deatils of the timepieces are super clear and honest.

The black version of the Antico is my favourite!

So if you are looking for something really special, original and different from other brands i suggest BSHQRF!

Click HERE to visit their Instagram profile!

Arly Watch

It’s time to show you not the classic kickstarter microbrand but a really cool historic brand from Germany Called Arly Watch!

You can check their site here at the link!

Arly Watch

This brand produces high quality watches with an incredible attention to details and feelings for the watch lover.

Arly Watch was born in 1947 founded by Armand and Lydia in Tramelan Switzerland.

Now it is changed to Coburg (Germany) 2010 and the company is managed by Robert Reuther.

Arly Watch – discover the collection

If you visit the site of Arly Watch here you can can check a lot of interesting timepieces starting from chrono watches, dress watches, diver watches and more.

There is an incredible variety of watches so if you are a crazy watch lover and collector you can choose your own style.

Here are some shots of the most interesting timepieces from Arly Watch!

Burgos II Valjoux 23

A true rarity, the pilot’s chronograph with the legendary Valjoux 23 / ratchet wheel in a steel case with round pushers and glass back.

The movement here has Côtes de Genève and is gold-plated.

It is available in several factory finishes.

Rose gold plated, yellow gold plated and rhodium plated, finely ground.

Antique bronze coloured dial with luminous numerals and Super Lumi luminous hands.

Arly Watch has chosen a hand-stitched dark brown Cordovan leather strap with fine contrasting grey stitching for the strap, matching the 316L steel case.


Hand-wound chronograph, 1960s, 30 min/ 45 min, column wheel – small second


13”, diameter = 29.5 mm

H= 5.82 mm

17 stones

f = 18000 bph / 21,600 bph

Power reserve 48 hours

Satin-finished steel housing, water-resistant 5ATM

Diameter without crown 40 mm

Height 13.4 mm Fins 20 mm

Curved hardened sapphire crystal on top, satin-finished screw-down back on the bottom

Click HERE to check out the watch on the official site

BURGOS – Venus 175

The column-wheel chronograph in a limited edition of 10 with RG gold-plated case with steel back, subsequently satin-finished, in a size of 37.5 mm without crown.

Silvered dial with RG numerals, minutes in blue.

30 min counter of the legendary Venus 175 with column wheel, rhodium-plated movement. Original gold-plated Dauphine RG hands.

Arly Watch has chosen for the bracelet a very soft genuine deer skin in three possible colours: dark brown, dark blue and black.

A brown Louisiana crocodile leather strap and a handmade dark brown Cordovan leather strap are available on request at an additional cost.


Hand-wound chronograph, 1960s, 30/45 min, column wheel – small second

175: base plate with bevelled edge – extended versions are often signed like the base work


14”, diameter = 31.0 mm

H= 5.7 mm

17 stones

f = 18000 A/h

Power reserve 45 hours

Click HERE to check out the watch on the official site


The timeless masterpiec.

A limited edition of 60 pieces in a steel case with a diameter of 38 mm.

The movement has been disassembled into its complete individual parts, parts of the bridge engraved by hand according to masterly craftsmanship.

Escapement wheel plate and bridge finely pierced and then plated in red gold. Each watch is unique.

The dial creates a beautiful duo tone through different cuts, as often seen in manufacturers of the time. Here 50 operations are required.

This movement was made in the 1950s and 1960s and is also known as the army movement calibre.13 lines, 18,000 A/h and a power reserve of 41 hours.

Arly Watch has chosen for the bracelet a very soft REAL DEER LEATHER in three possible colours: dark brown, dark blue and black.

You can also choose between a Louisiana genuine crocodile leather strap in dark brown or a handmade Cordovan leather strap at an additional cost.

The buckle is signed ARLY since 1947.


316L steel with satin finish

Slightly curved mineral glass on both sides

Diameter without crown 38 mm

Height 10 mm

Fins 20mm

Water-resistant 3 ATM


13”, dia= 29.0 mm, do= 29.4 mm

H= 3.8 mm

F= 0.8 mm

T= 1.7 mm

15/16/17/21 stones

f = 18000 A/h

Power reserve 41 hours

Click HERE to check out the watch on the official site

LEON I – Peseux 330

A limited edition of 100 pieces in a 38 mm diameter steel case.

Silvered dial with black numerals and original blued steel hands. A rhodium-plated Peseux 330 movement ticks away inside this watch.

They have chosen for the bracelet a very soft genuine deer skin in three possible colours. dark brown, dark blue and black.

A brown calfskin strap with contrasting stitching is available as an option.

The buckle is signed ARLY since 1947.


hand winding – small second


11.5”, dia= 25.6 mm, C= 26.0 mm

H= 3.1 mm

F= 1.0 mm

T= 1.5 mm

16/17/21 stones

f = 18000 A/h

Power reserve 43 hours


316L steel with satin-brushed back

Mineral glass slightly curved on both sides

Diameter without crown 38 mm

Height 9.4 mm

Fins 20mm

Water-resistant 3 ATM

Why buy?

As you can see Arly Watch produces a true legends timepieces. Elegant and really nice looking watches.

So if you want to wear a special watch but with incredible movements and unique caratcter Arly Watch is the coiche for you!

How To Grow On Instagram

Me As MrWatch93 is the perfect guide to understand how to grow on instagram and is my personal experience on this social media and tells how I have grown to over 12,000 followers in less than 1 year.

Many people ask me for advice on how to grow on Instagram, this is the reason why I decided to tell my experience and the strategies I used.

I myself have always looked for lots of videos and guides explaining how you can grow on Instagram without being already known, but unfortunately I have never found anyone who tells their experience from scratch, so I decided to do it myself.

I hope to help those who, like me, want to share their passion through the fascinating world of social media! 


Below you can read the preview of my guide how to grow on instagram!

How To Grow On Instagram

how to grow on instagram

If you read this guide and fully understand the things I’ve written, you’ll learn how to get real followers completely independently and without the help of bots or anything like that.

Specifically, I would like to point out that I will not even address the issue of sponsorships, not because there is anything wrong with using them (on the contrary!), but because until now I have decided not to use them.

So, before explaining how to do it, it is necessary to list the pillars on which I have based myself and which will serve to structure you mentally to have a constant growth:


2) Patience

3) Engagement

4) Control

Let’s take a look.


Consistency is a key aspect of growing on Instagram. In fact, if you’re serious about it, growth has to happen continuously, every day even if it’s just 1 follower, but you’ll always have to grow. Consistency is the foundation, without it you can’t win.


Patience goes hand in hand with consistency, it must always be there. There will be times when you will lose some followers (follow/unfollow tactics are very common) and you will feel discouraged. But that’s when you have to show patience and get back to work to grow more.


A very important word (to grow on instagram) on which the value of your profile depends. A high engagement rate means that you are doing a great job, you have created an active community with real followers. This means that your profile can be interesting for brands.

But how to have a profile with high engagement? How to create a community? To achieve these results you have to be ‘active’ yourself and therefore communicate with your followers or potential followers, comment on interesting posts and put likes.


Keeping track of your progress is always important, so even if you want to grow on Instagram.

There are many free tools to do this, for example ninjalitics or the popular followers/unfollowers app. These are the apps I have used to monitor the progress of followers and in general my daily growth based on goals.

These are the basics for a successful Instagram profile, are you curious about my experience step by step?


Best Submariner Microbrand

Are you looking for the Best Submariner Microbrand Model to wear on your wrist?

This is a great article to find what you are looking for!

I will help you to choose the best microbrand to satisfiy your wrist with the similar feeling of the submariner.

San Martin watches

San Martin is a famous watchmaking company with incredibles skill and i found some really interesting models that will make you even more interested in this company.

San Martin watches – SN007 MODEL

This is one of my favourite model from San Martin and has an incredible feeling on the wrist. You can find it under 300$ and is one of the coolest affordable submariner watch on the planet.

Movement: Time Module NH35 [Automatic mechanical movement]
Case: Material-316L stainless steel
Diameter: 40mm (excluding crown)
Crystal: Domed sapphire
Bezel: ceramic bezel with lume at 12 O’Clock
Crown: screw-in
Caseback: Screw-in three-dimensional Caseback
Bracelet: solid steel bracelet, width 20mm
Clasp: 316L stainless steel Clasp
Waterproof: 200 meters waterproof

San Martin watches – SN019G MODEL

This model is also really cool but costs little more and you can find it for 325/400$. The movement is better than the SN007 as an SW200 or PT5000.

Movement: PT5000/SW200 [Automatic mechanical movement], ±10S/day
Case: Material-316L stainless steel
41mm diameter (excluding crown)
Lug to lug length: 48mm
Thickness: about 13mm (including crystal)
Lug width: 21mm
Crystal: Sapphire crystal, Cyclops at date window
Bezel: Ceramic bezel, With lume at 12 O’Clock
Dial: black enamel dial and blue sunburst dial
Hands: curved needles, filled with luminous
Luminous: BGW-9 blue super luminous
Crown: screw-in with shark logo, diameter 7mm
Caseback: Screw-in Caseback

For more info visit their their site

WMT Watches – Royal Marine

If your are looking for some cool submariners models you can can check absolutely the WMT timepieces, in particular all the Royal Marine models.

This watches are available for around 500$ price and with a myota movement 8215.

You can check their site here

Ginault Ocean Rover

This microbrand is also interesting and i think you have to take a look.

submariner microbrand

316L Stainless Steel, Casing Reference #1800, 40mm in Diameter, 120 Stops Counter-Clockwise Rotating Bezel, Bracelet Reference #94530G, Ginault Caliber 7275, 38 Hours of Power Reserve, Date, Sapphire Crystal with Date Magnifier, ISO 6425 Diver’s Watch, 1,000 Feet or 300 Meter Water Resistance, The Glowing Smurfs Lume. Hand Built In America.

There are different models and some are discounted but i think that all the details make this timepiece really unique!

You can check their site here