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Timeless Watch Microbrand

Timeless is a Swiss microbrand based in Lausanne, with a very specific aim: to create a timeless timepiece caracterized by a very unique design and combination of materials.

Maël Oberkampf strives for a product recognisable at first glance, resolutely contemporary with an avant-garde touch, and yet rooted in the codes of classical design.

Inspiration comes from Swiss industrial heritage like old locomotives, heavy machinery, industrial  tools and even dam turbines with an emblematic cylindrical shape.

Check out here their website if you want to purchase the watch!

Photos by Edgar Koh

With this in mind, the design emphasises the mechanical aspects of the watches by following the gear theme. At the same time, there is no lack of decorative components and refined details, designed to best express the materials and techniques used.

“Timeless” also means made to last. that’s why only good materials and one of the most robust and reliable Swiss self-winding movements have been chosen. And, as for the finishes and decoration, Timeless only makes use of top-of-the-range techniques, combining traditional guillochage and contemporary micro-blasting.

Photo by Edgar Koh

Every Timeless watch is designed to provide pleasure for a very long time.

The watch – hands on

The purity of the design leaves little room for information tipically written on the dial, but Timeless watches are automatic Swiss made.

This, together with the high quality specifications and workmanship, justifies the price of 1.450 CHF.

This timepiece has been nominated at the GPHG 2023 and this means that we are talking about a brand which is growing fast and with important well known skills also from the swiss watch community.

Check out the unboxing here!

The movement is an STP 1-11 and the diameter of 41.5 feels like a 39 and the watch is super comfortable on the wrist. Personally I really like the visible movement from the dial and this watch I think deserves more that the actual audience.

The interesting thing also is the availability of different colors options form the dial to the inner bezel.

Why buy?

The choice of materials is extremely careful, as is their use. The 4N pink gold creates a contrast with the steel and enhances components that are often overlooked, such as the lugs and crown.

This last one is made of three pieces, demonstrating the extreme attention to detail in the design.

The textures and the overlapping of the different layers create depth and make the watches fascinating.

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