Sherwood Watches Microbrand

Here we are ready on Kickstarter with a new campaign from a new Microbrand called Sherwood!

Sherwood watches is founded by Glynn Reynolds and using his background and skills as a graphic designer, he spent a lot of time photoshopping existing watches to improve their aesthetics – and create unique designs.

Now he is making this important step with his first watch. Of course as you can imagine the name of the brand is strictly connected with Glynn because he lived In the Mansfield (Nottinghamshire), area for whole life and the village he currently lives in is a stone’s throw away from Sherwood Forest.

Legend dictates that Sherwood Forest was home to the famous outlaw, Robin Hood. You can see also a nice reminder to this story from also the seconds hand and also from the green color option.

In recent times, the desire for dress and at the same time diver watches by many brands as well as enthusiasts has become increasingly well known.

The sherwood watches were designed with this in mind, the founder wanted a timepiece that is an extremely versatile dress/diver so you can use it every day during different kind of situations.

Sherwood watches – the bezel

Probably the most interesting part of this watch is the bezel because is something not really common and instead of a traditional lume pip at the 12 o’clock position, Glynn has made a 20-minute section that is central for symmetry, and if you need to time anything you can move it to the start of the 20-minute section.

The ceramic bezel is reduced to 3mm and the watch is pretty thin and with also a good lume for both indixes and bezel.

An other interesting part of these watches are the arrowheads as the colour is the same as the dial of each model.

Sherwood watches specifications


Full price on website to be £450. Kickstarter prices: Super Early bird £325 (15 of each colour); early bird £350 (30 of each colour); Kickstarter special £375.

Here you can find the link to their site!

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