RSM Watch strap

Finally is time to talk about some new straps and rsm watch strap is really interesting!

They started off with the Herringbone Twill Strap.

It was inspired from the historical M1941 HBT uniform issued to soldiers during WWII.

It is the first of its kind in the market.

Field Gray
Artillery black

They experiment and test products at great lengths and RSM has built a reputation for quality over short span of time.

Rethinking and redefining what a product means to its user both in terms of aesthetics and function is the core of our ethos.

Are fabric bands only for divers? Is the watch roll the best for carrying your watches around?

Also from the photos on their website you can totally understand the attention to the details and to the presentation of the straps!

RSM Watch straps are distributing from the United States, Singapore and UK depending on proximity of the customer location. 

RSM Watch straps – Vintage Mil 2 piece

Another really interesting model is the vintage Mil 2 piece straps,

The spirit of exploration and toughness is encapsulated in this 2 piece range.

The old school weave with the variety of distressed hard wares may trigger your memory of school bags, ammo pouches or other gears from the past. In a time where there was no vigorous standardization of mobile phones, cars or clothes : individual personalities emerged.

Mil Black

Not for the faint-hearted, this strap is perfect for your daily work horse.

The surfaces are already randomly treated and stressed.

You don’t carry the burden of baby-ing the buckles. You wear your time piece with new confidence.

Why buy?

There are a lot of watch straps producers in the world and generally all the watch straps makers don’t pay attention to details and to the importance of make a special product because they think “we just make straps”.

But in this case RSM Watch strap has achieved a really awesome result making a genuine and well thought product with the purpose of let the watch lover enjoy in a better way his watch.

This is also the reason why i dedicated a section to special watch straps makers and why i am so happy to put RSM Watch strap in this section of my site!

If you want to purchase these really interesting products please check their site HERE

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