Ritche Watch Bands

I just found on the internet some very interesting watch straps from a this brand called Ritche Watch Band!

Ritche watch bands was founded in 2015 by Victor hang and Sabrina Wang with the goal of allowing more versatility to watches that were already owned by customers matching their fashion tastes.

Victor and Sabrina spent long hours many days and nights experimenting with different materials. After much consideration, they decided to make their watch bands from silicone, sail cloth and high quality leather. 

Their goal of this brand is clear: offer affordable watch bands made from only the top manufacturers and also offer a variety of different bands for everyone tastes and income.

Unfortunately today is not easy find good quality straps (lather, nylon or any kind of material) and if you can find it probably the site is not good, or is difficult to get in contact with brand owners for shipping, returns or any kind of service.

Ritche Watch Bands offers a very high range of products that could fit perfectly with your watch or also smartwatch.

Good user experience

The site is really well made and the service to the client is very good and fast.

SIte of Ritche watch bands

As you can see the site is really well made and I suggest you to visit it here.

Here I want to show you some of my favourite bands that are available on Ritche’s site.

As you can see the possibility and options to choose are very high and in particular you can find these kind of straps/bands

Silicone watch bands

These bands features stretchable designs with uniuqe texture,solid brushed buckle and also tapered from lug to the end. It has two layers with different colors and can match watches hands or dials perfectly.

These bands are caracterized by

  • High Grade Silicone with Two-tone design and Waterproof
  • Quick Release:Change straps in seconds
  • Buckle with Black:stainless steel electroplated in black  or Silver: Stainless steel Silver with brush finish
  • Two length Available: Two strap lengths included

Here you can find it!

Rubber straps

Even if you like rubber, leather or nato and also if you want different kind of watches with necessity of many straps with different dimensions you can see all the categories on Ritche’s site and choose your best product.

Classic leather watch band

Ritche classic leather watch bands are made of top grain leather and are designed to provide a stylish and enjoyable experience.

  • Top Grain Leather: Soft and Breathable
  • Quick Release: Change straps in seconds
  • Buckle: Stainless steel electroplated in black and silver
  • Assorted colors: Black/Toffee Brown/Dark Brown/grey

Click here to check it out!

I really like how this brand plays with colors and the professionality also of the founder Suzi.

They have also a very nice storefront on Amazon and you can check it here

The price of most of the straps is 20$ with different variety of styles and the ratio quality/price is really really good!

Also alligators straps are really nice especially on this classic Seiko SKX as you can see.

Canvas watch band

These Canvas straps are not just for sports and sportsmanship.

Ritche canvas watch straps arrived in fine strong weaving 100% of cotton that is lightweight making it perfect for month long excursions.

The material feels soft and is very durable and the quick release can allow you change the strap in just few seconds.

Here you can find it.

Main details of these straps are

Durable canvas: Durable and versatile nature

Quick Release feature:Change straps in seconds- Pull it with a fingertip in order to retract the spring-loaded bar and pop it into or out of the lugs’ holes.

Buckle: Black:stainless steel electroplated in black  

Silver:Stainless steel Silver with brush finish

Sailcloth watch band

These sailcloth watch bands are a good choice if you are going to a formal occasion and if you want a very versatile product and very affordable price.

Click here to check it out!

Durable sailcloth-Durable ,waterproof,fashionable

Quick Release-Change straps in seconds

Buckle Black:stainless steel electroplated in black – Silver:Stainless steel Silver with brush finish

Assorted colors: Black/Grey/Blue

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