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Norrona Diver

Swiss watchmaker Ulysse Nardin collaborates with the Norwegian outdoor sportswear brand Norrľna, known for its premium and sustainable outerwear and presents the new DIVER NORRƠNA Arctic Night.

The timepiece, a limited edition of 29, will be sold exclusively together with an arktis Gore-Tex. Pro Norrơna jacket. This collaboration testifies to the shared commitment of Ulysse Nardin and Norrơna to the environment through the use of alternative and sustainable materials.

On the occasion of the launch of the new watch, Ulysse Nardin is pleased to announce his partnership with the Norwegian polar explorer Bőrge Ousland, an active member of the Norrơna family.

During his last expedition to the Arctic Circle, Bőrge Ousland wore the DIVER NORRƠNA Arctic Night along with the arktis Gore-Tex Pro Norrơna jacket, which he designed in collaboration with Norrơna.


The collaboration between the two brands is no surprise: both share the same love for nature and aspire to move to a “more circular model” using alternative materials in their respective sectors.

The two brands are embarking on a decisive path towards more sustainable creations.

• 1860: Ulysse Nardin, a Swiss watchmaker from the majestic Jura Mountains, begins selling on-board marine chronometers for explorers, sailors and navigators from around the world, allowing them to navigate the open sea. Today, five generations later, Ulysse Nardin is an independent manufacturer.

1929: Jőrgen Jőrgensen, a Norwegian outdoor enthusiast, began his search for more durable outdoor equipment to use in Norway’s rugged and rugged territories. Today, four generations later, Norrơna is still a family business.

Ulysse Nardin unveils the DIVER NORRƠNA Arctic Night, a watch that carries the iconic logo, DNA and sustainability commitments of both brands.

Just six months after the launch of the DIVER THE OCEAN RACE in collaboration with THE OCEAN RACE, the DIVER NORRƠNA Arctic Night represents a new black-colored version of the most sustainable watch in Ulysse Nardin’s portfolio to date.

Inspired by the Norwegian landscape, with its fjords and volcanic rocks, the colour palette of this timepiece, black, grey and white, recalls deep geological formations, dark and ancestral, which constitute the oldest and best preserved sedimentary rocks on the planet.

The new project represents the commitment of both houses to safeguard a future for our planet, starting from the poles.

The sea ice helps regulate the terrestrial climate and it is known that the warming of the polar oceans has strong repercussions both on the species that inhabit these territories and on us. This collaboration is a call to action.


  • Case side and the case back of the new DIVER NORRƠNA are made to 40% in Carbonium. and 60% with recycled fishing nets Nylo ³ (suppliers: Lavoisier Composite and FIL&FAB, France)
  • stainless steel watch case consists of 80% recycled automotive materials (supplier: Voestalpine Boehler, Austria)
  • bezel decoration is made of 100% Carbonium®
  • strap with scratch-resistant closure is made with fishing nets recycled to the
    100% (supplier: JTTI, France)
  • Finally, all components of the UN-118 automatic manufacturing movement
    are from Switzerland, almost all within a radius of 30 km


Carboniumķ consists of the same fibers used for the fuselage and wings of the latest generation aircraft.

Production of Carbonium” has a 40% lower environmental impact than other carbon composites, since it uses aircraft parts cuttings. The use of regenerated material clearly underlines once again the innovative and bold spirit of the brand.


Other alternative material used in the watch is called Nylo ľ. (supplier FIL&FAB). The goal is to raise awareness by creating “new from the old” and regenerating materials, especially plastic.

This process of regenerating networks underlines Ulysse Nardin’s interest in a circular economic model.

In fact, the brand has placed its trust in the young Breton designers who created the first fishing net recycling business in France. FIL&FAB, a start-up in the field of industrial design and transition, recovers discarded nets in French fishing ports and recycles them in the form of polyamide granules called Nylo.

The DIVER NORRƠNA Arctic Night is a limited edition of only 29 pieces (a nod to 1929, year of foundation of NORRƠNA), all numbered from 1 to 29 and therefore unique.

The watch will be sold together with the arktis Gore-Tex PRO NORRĽNA jacket and will be available exclusively on, and in Norrľna flagship stores in New York, Munich Oslo, Stockholm, from 2 November 2022, for the price of 11’900 CHF/11’300 EUR/ 12’600 USD.


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