Nomos Glashütte Experience

Today I want to tell you about the wonderful experience I had with Nomos in Glashutte!

I had the opportunity to be invited by Nomos to visit their manufacture and see live all the processes of realization of the watches and to partecipate to the third Forum Nomos Glashütte.

This is the first time that a watch brand invites me to see their manufacture and it has been an incredible experience because even though I already knew how complex the process of making a watch was, seeing it live made me realize even more the value behind a watch like Nomos.

Glashutte view from Nomos office

My experience lasted exactly two days. We found ourselves together with the staff and other watch lovers like me in Dresden and from here we left the next day for Glashutte, home of German watchmaking.

Here in Glashutte we had the opportunity to visit the Nomos factory and see all the processes of watchmaking.

From the control of each part of the watch to the realization of individual pieces thanks to precise machines almost all processes are carried out by highly specialized personnel and who has studied and practiced for many many years.

Some processes are so millimetric that they require the use of specialized machines as you can see here below. This is to obtain dies or parts of the clock that will be then assembled later.

After visiting the factory we headed to the 3° Forum NOMOS Glashütte.

Here, with over 100 experts from the world of watchmaking, we talked about traditional craftsmanship, extreme vertical integration, high-tech and ultra-precision and the designation of origin “Glashütte”, legally protected and about the name “Made in Glashütte” which now guarantees protection equal to that of the Swiss Made watch brand.

Nomos experience – event and new Club Sport Neomatik

Here at the Forum we also had the opportunity to try the new release of Nomos, the new Club Sport Neomatik.

I was very impressed by the lightness of this watch and also the comfort. For the price absolutely recommended.

This high-performance model is powered by the DUW 3001, the innovative calibre of NOMOS Glashütte.

Riccardo Fissi on the left and my friend Ivan Verri (@ivanwatches)

I also had the pleasure of meeting Riccardo Fissi form Nomos Italy. Riccardo, with a long career in the world of watches has explained us in detail all the factors that have made Nomos an innovative and successful brand and why it has been successful also in Italy.

The movement developed and manufactured by NOMOS is only 3.2 mm thick and is equipped with the Swing-System NOMOS, which ensures maximum precision. Club Sport neomatik petrol is water resistant up to 20 atm.

Nomos conclusions and final thoughts

To conclude it was an incredible experience and I think it’s a very smart way to promote a brand by really understanding what’s behind it.

Often when we try or buy a watch we see only the price, the movement and a few things.

Forgetting how much effort and how many people work to then make an object that remains to us for a lifetime and that will be handed down over time.

The manufacture will soon be open not only to experts in the field but will be possible to be visited also by the public.

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