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Mudita Element – the ultimate watch for the mindful minimalist

As I am the author of the Microbrands Book and I am working on the new 2024 edition, is always important for me discover new brands every day and new possible successful stories so I am here today presenting you a new Microbrand called Mudita with their first Minimalism watch, the Mudita Element.

Mudita Element is a very easy watch to wear with a minimal design but with really good “elements” that you will understand in the next lines.

First of all is important say that there is a gap in the watch market because there are not a lot minimalism watch brands and at the same time unisex watches, so Mudita decided to fill this gap with this new timepiece.

Designed in Poland & crafted in Switzerland, this watch showcases the elegance of a 7.85mm case with just 39 mm size paired with the reliability of the Sellita SW300-1 movement (with a great power reserve of 56 hours), embodying Mudita commitment to minimalism, elegance, and functionality.

The design of Mudita Element focuses on high-quality craftsmanship offered at an accessible price.

This watch is characterized also by a full titanium case making the timepiece superlight on the wrist with a weight of just 35 grams.

Also the strap is an interesting part of the watch as they decided to use vegan strap instead of real leather and the straps have the easy fast switch button.

Starting from their first watch, the Mudita Moment, with this second timepiece Mudita is focusing on filling a gap in the market and considering the price of their timepieces Mudita gives the opportunity to have a complete everyday watch with a great movement, good power reserve with also great quality materials for less than a thousand euro.

The good point of this kickstarter campaign is that people can have it for 649€ so I think the price is very honest.

The Kickstarter campaign is already funded and you can find the watch by clicking here!

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