Microbrands Book III 2024 Geneva edition is published!

The new Microbrands Book III 2024 Geneva edition is finally available on all the Amazon stores worldwide and for the first time this book was available during an important watch event in Geneva like Time to watches.

This edition is the preview of the full 2024 edition that will be released in the coming months between June and September 2024.

In a super-competitive world like watchmaking, talking about micro brands and independent watchmaking is what gives me the most satisfaction.

Unfortunately, we often only talk about the luxury giants while neglecting a lot of people like me who start with a small project trying to turn it into something bigger, without million-dollar budgets and with their own strength.

The main reason I keep doing what I do is because I think that in order to give authority to all these people, posts on social media or videos (absolutely essential to communicate) are not enough. We need something more tangible and that survives the algorithms and advertising waves by which we are overpowered every day through hundreds of newsletters and hundreds of commercials.

I often hear that paper is dead but then the moment something new or outrageous is published on paper it is immediately shared on all social platforms, turning that piece of paper into another wave.

The problem is not that paper is dead but it is the contextualization of paper that combined with digital communication and combined with events can really make a difference by creating an authentic connection with people from all over the world 🌎

If you want to get your copy of the new Microbrands Book click here or check out on Amazon in your country!

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