Timeless Watches Microbrand

Today i want to present you Timeless Watches Microbrand

Timeless began with a question: why is an original and attractive design usually associated with a high price tag?

Then, thinking about watches,they turned the question around: why are affordable watches generally so insignificant?

Why do they so rarely surprise, delight or provide lasting pleasure to their owners?

As they sought to answer those questions, a more fundamental question arose โ€“ and to us it became a challenge.

Rather than just accepting the status quo, why not create a completely
new brand โ€“ designing timepieces that are both beautiful and functional; useful and a pleasure to wear?

timeless watches microbrand

Objects to become attached to. Watches that speak of our individual styles. Watches for the way we live in the 21st century.

Memorable, distinctive designs that transcend fashion. Watches that make us feel good

So they synthesised the concepts of watch design, industrial design and architecture.

They imagined the future as seen from the past. And the past as seen from
the future.

From the Industrial Revolution to early 20th-century streamlining, from particle colliders to Mars
explorers โ€“ and back again.

They played with curves, textures and depth. With powerful shapes and subtle details.

With simplicity and complexity.

timeless watches microbrand

Timeless watches microbrand – details

Movement: Swiss Made STP 1-11

Power reserve: 44 hours

waterproofing : 50 m

Diameter : 41.5 mm

Glass : Sapphire (domed), with anti-reflective coatin

Strap : Calf leather

Finishes: Circular satin finish, fine sandblasting polished details

timeless watches microbrand

If you are looking for a special dress watch Timeless Watches microbrand is defenetely for you!

Check out their site here!