Mu:n Watches Microbrand

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Today we’re off to discover Mu:n, an unusual watchmaking project founded in June 2020 by three young Frenchmen.

With the announcement of its very first edition, the young brand is tackling one of the most poetic and demanding complications in watchmaking: the moon phase.

We take a look at the inner workings of this edition, whose originality lies in both its design and its creation process.

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A Swiss Made automatic Moonphase created by 5,000 enthusiasts

Presented in 2020 on the main French forums, the Mu:n project wasted no time in revealing its ambition: to offer enthusiasts a new way of participating, influencing and following the entire process of watchmaking creation.

More than a watch, the brand wants to offer an immersive two-year adventure to its community. By opening ephemeral creative spaces, within which the community can freely give free rein to its imagination, the project is itself an analogy for the conquest of space.

A beautiful journey offered by this young brand!

Let’s discover the 4 chapters of the journey of this new Microbrand!

Chapter 1 – The blank sheet

In March 2021, Mu:n begins with the launch of a first ephemeral space: the Online Watch Creator. This tool aims to replicate the “blank sheet” exercise and allows you to create your own watch in a few clicks in an interactive space.

Each participant can thus project themselves into a watchmaking creation ex nihilo and vote for their design from a panel of around a million possibilities.

800 models were thus proposed by the community.

The Mu:n team then relied on this panel to sketch the first outlines of a moon phase watch.

Chapter 2 – The Draft

At the end of the first chapter, the Mu:n team works on 5 sketches inspired by the compositions received. The participants are then invited to browse these sketches within a new voting space deploying different universes. There are 1200 votes, supplemented by 250 comments and cover ideas. Draft No. 2, with multiple indexes, is retained for the rest of the creation.

Chapter 3 – Technical drawings

In the fall of 2021, the Mu:n project switches to a 3D environment to establish the technical drawings of the selected draft. The community is invited to work on each component: hands, case, appliques, moon disc, indexes. Participating designers can vary every aspect and technical detail, in order to perceive the subtleties and observe their impact on the price. At the end of this vote, the technical drawings are finalized, and the community has decided, the first edition Mu:n will be Swiss Made.

Chapter 4 – Assembly

In the spring of 2022, the Mu:n project invites its community to determine the colors of the first series. A creative space is opened in April, allowing participants to vote for a color combination among 7000 possibilities. More than 4,000 watches have been assembled online. The project teams then close the collaborative adventure and unveil a unique numbered series to thank the participating creators: the Creators series.


It is refreshing to note the community enthusiasm for a moon phase watch, a bias taken in contrast to the many horological projects centered on diver watches.

First of all, the brand promotes a Swiss Made model.

The assembly and the control are carried out in Switzerland within a historic workshop, the house PH Saner SA. While the label guarantees the origin of the movement and the place of assembly, the Mu:n project also wanted to call on specialized Swiss workshops to develop its other components, namely the moon disc and the oscillating weight.

The brand thus sets its standards at the highest level, with an entirely Swiss movement production chain, from modification to assembly.

Mu:n watches – The movement precisely

The Hommage Edition houses the prestigious automatic movement SW288-1 from the Sellita factories, founded in 1950 in La-Chaux-de-Fonds.

The latter features a superior moon phase complication, with a synodic revolution of exactly 29.50 days. We are therefore dealing with a real moon phase, precise to 0.03 days per revolution, i.e. a shift of one day every 3 years. In this respect, it is interesting to note that the movement features a rapid date and lunar day corrector, essential when you want to adjust your moonphase on a daily basis.

It should also be noted that in 2008, Sellita modified the profile of the teeth of the three-wheel winding system on its SW2 calibers, in order to make them more resistant to shocks and wear.

Regarding the technical aspects, the movement has 26 jewels and a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour (4 Hz).

The second hand of the Hommage edition therefore beats at the rate of an eighth of a second, meeting the standards of modern mechanical watchmaking. Also note a fine power reserve of 38 hours, ideal for a dress watch. Also, and in order to leave plenty of room for the engineering of the movement, which has a meticulous finish in rhodium and Geneva stripes, a case back opened by a sapphire crystal is offered as an option. On good terms.

Mu:n watches – The dial.

The first thing that strikes in the dial is its geometric purity.

It alternates round shapes, which marry the moon disc, and rectangular shapes, in harmony with its stick appliques and its day window.

Unusually, the dial has a 24-hour graduation (12-13…-24h). Witness to its French ties, this scale unfolds on twelve platforms affixed to a diamond-cut guilloché.

The dial thus offers a visual depth, whose relief is reinforced by 10 appliques superimposed on the guilloché. The design thus achieves the tour de force of presenting no less than six indexes on the dial (minutes, seconds, 12 hours, 24 hours, day and moon age) while maintaining a refined composition. A tribute to astronomical precision, witnessed here by watchmaking.

The uniqueness of this edition also lies in its realistic moon disc.
In partnership with a Swiss workshop specializing in the miniaturization of watchmaking components, the Mu:n team has developed a new printing method. According to the words of the workshop, no less than nine steps are necessary for its realization.

Drawn on a conformal representation of the star, this printing process has the merit of making each moon disc unique through subtle variations in hue, bringing an artistic touch to each model.

The moon craters are burnt on the surface in order to offer relief perceptible to the naked eye. A great success for this workshop specializing in the miniaturization of iconic pieces, already rewarded at the Exhibitors Show in Geneva, the AJS Production workshop.

Although optional, the oscillating weight must also be addressed, as its design is out of the ordinary.
The Mu:n project chose to revisit the design of the card The Moon XVIII of the Tarot de Marseille, made by Jean Dodal at the beginning of the 18th century. Composed of allegorical images and symbols, this emblematic map evokes the richness of our imagination, the buried memories illuminated by the moon.

The oscillating weight thus presents six coats of arms in bas-relief repeating the constituent elements of the card, namely: 2 wolf dogs, a moon and its rays, a crayfish and 2 towers. Laser-engraved, each of these allegories is affixed to a specific decor, the finish of which recalls the original environment of the emblem. We will thus perceive a sandblasted finish, in bead blasting, or even in cutting. It is also interesting to note that the mass is made in the same workshop as the moon disc, in Switzerland.

Finally, and to conclude this overview, take a look at the case.
With a diameter of Ø38 mm and a lug width of 20mm, the latter has obviously been designed as a dress watch.

Built in three entirely polished parts, it consists of a slightly sloping upper bezel, opening onto a sapphire crystal. The body of the case presents a solid part with a clear break, which visually refines its thickness when worn.

The body is attached to a case back in the form of a porthole, made up of two successive slopes hollowed out by four visible screws. This composition is an obvious tribute to space engineering, through a subtle alliance of flat and curved lines.

The case back in the shape of a porthole leaves no room for doubt in this regard. We will also appreciate the break in the slightly sloping lugs which offers a pleasant light catch during wrist movements.

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Tolentino Watches Microbrand

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Just discovered a new Microbrand from Italy called Tolentino!

Every time I discover new watches I feel very happy but at the same time especially proud when the brand is from Italy.

Tolentino is a new watch brand founded by Cesare Angrisani in 2020 with headquarters in Cercola (NA).

Tolentino brand is born with the precise purpose of presenting on the market a new generation of fine watches. Central to their project is the concept of quality.

They seek the highest quality throughout the production chain: quality of materials, quality of components, quality of processing, quality of processes and quality of business choices made.

The mission of Tolentino is clear, creating a high quality product that has an affordable price and for this reason they decided to realize a Swiss Made watch.

In order to mark their timepieces with the Swiss Made seal, synonymous with the best watchmaking in the world, together with their Swiss partners they complete the technical development of the design up to prototyping, The entire assembly and testing is carried out in Switzerland.

Their watches feature only Swiss-made automatic movements.

In December 2020, once the business plan was planned and structured, Tolentino presented the business project with particular reference to the production of our first line of watches at Invitalia, very important government agency for the development of new businesses, recognizing the merit of their project by providing them in October 2021 a soft financing that put Tolentino in the correct position to start the business.

Tolentino Undici/11 – the first collection

The first collection of Tolentino watches is called Undici/11 and we are talking about a Swiss Made diver.

Please take a look to the dial. I know there are too many swiss made diver watches but I am very happy to say that this is something special.

You can see from this photo the elements that make this watch unique.

The dial in its three-dimensionality, the ceramic bezel, the satin finish of the case together with the shiny parts. Everything perfectly in harmony.

Every choice regarding the creation of this timepiece is based on the integration of technical, qualitative, stylistic and functional aspects.

With a case of just 40 mm this watch is perfect for every wrist size.

Bezel and dials are available in different colors and there are 2 type of strap (mailanese mesh and oyster bracelet) included into the affordable retail price of 920€

Tolentino Undici/11 is the Swiss Made diving watch that combines high performance, quality materials, workmanship and high-end details at a mid-range price, able to make a difference every single day.

In August 2022 Tolentino launched a pre-order campaign on Kickstarter, which anticipates the release of Eleven/11 scheduled for December 2022, which collected 162% of the goal set in 30 days.

The watches are available in different colors with ceramic bezel and the dial is very interesting with a 3-dimensional appearance looks even more modern.

Tolentino Undici/11 – specifications

  • Case 40 mm
  • Movement Sellita 200-1 with 41 hours power reserve and stop seconds
  • 316L Stainless steel case
  • 200 m WT
  • Ceramic Bezel
  • 2.8 mm thick flat sapphire crystal highly resistant to shocks and scratches, with anti-reflection treatment.
  • System with double hole to perfectly support both straps that mounts, both the classic three-link bracelet and the Milanese knit bracelet. Both bracelets are made of 316L stainless steel and equipped with safety deployant closure.
  • Hand-finished multi-level dial, with indexes and hands with luminescent inserts that guarantee the best visibility even in the dark.

This watch will be also available on the next Indiegogo campaign to this link at the very interesting price of 680€


Geckota Sea Hunter Slimline

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New review today of one of the most interesting brand you can find in the watch community and I am talking about Geckota watches!

I had the opportunity to review the new Geckota Sea Hunter Slimline Green Sunburst.

This watch is really comfortable on the wrist and I have to say that I love a lot wear this timepiece.

This watch has very good dimension especially thanks to the case with just 12 mm thickness and 40 mm diameter.

About the movement the Geckota Hunter Slimline is powered by the premium Miyota 9039.

There are different color options you can check on Geckota site but my favourite was absolutely this green sunburst and this is why I choosed this one to review.

In particular I absolutely love the no bezel choice and thanks to this the watch has a very modern look.

Options for the Slimline collection

Geckota Sea Hunter Slimline – Why buy?

I think that this is a good everyday watch and Geckota is making new cool timepieces every year.

The ratio quality price is honest for what you get and also the bracelet gives a good feeling on the wrist.

The bracelet has 2 different finishes and you can’t stop looking at it.

Probably just 2 points where the brand can make a little improvement are the clasp and the back of the case but as we know there is always the possibility to improve every year from every brand.


I liked a lot the hands of this timepiece and especially the super clean dial with this green sunburst really visible.

The hands and hour markers are lumed with Super-LumiNova® and are housed under a curved edge-box sapphire crystal with an underside anti-reflective coating

Remember also that despite the very slim case this watch is 200 m water resistent so you can use it also in a lot of different situation.

Sea Hunter Slimline – Specifications

Here you can find all the specifications of the watch

Here you can find the link direct to site if you want to check out the watch!

Manime Watches Microbrand

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I am finally ready to present you a new watch and new microbrand that is now live for pre order on their site and is called Manime!

Manime watches is a new microbrand created by Édouard, a very nice french guy and of course a true watch lover and like many other inspired by his country, France.

The Founder – Edouard

The logo, also designed by him, was inspired by the yellow rose that symbolises friendship, and by France’s shape, the hexagon.

Manime Watches – La F.

La F. is the first timepiece of the brand and offers a new aesthetic to the classics of horology by adopting different textures and contrasting colors.

Different colors available

The spear like indexes mirror the traditional dauphine hands, and are set in a circular brushed dial available in 4 different colors.

This captivating dial is placed on a cushion case, which combines the ruggedness of a square case with the delicate nature of a round one.

This dichotomy of curves and straight lines gives life to the whole assembly.

Personally I really like the shape of the watch because it reminds to the vintage camaro Tag Heuer Style watch and I have to say that also the dimensions are perfect for every kind of wrist size.

This thank you to the 10.2 mm thickness and 40 mm case.

La F. comes with a 20mm Milanese Mesh strap and a butterfly clasp. Popular in the 70’s, the 1.9mm thick steel strap gives it a polished look.

The strap is caracterizetd by super fast changing buttons.

La F. is powered by the classic and high level Miyota movement 9039 very welll known for affidability and has both sapphire crystal on the top and on the back of the watch.

You can see also the logo on the back.

La F. Specifications

Here you can find the specifications of the watch.

My Impressions

Despite we are talking about a new brand the watch looks cool and the size is perfect for every wrist.

I really like all the colors options and the vintage style of this timepiece and also the minimalism touch used into the dial.

The movement is a premium miyota 9039 and the shape of the case looks very classic but with a modern touch thanks to the dial details.

The logo on the back of the case looks cool instead of showing only the naked movement (like a lot of other brands) I think it is a good idea.

Also the mesh bracelet looks solid and very elegant!

Why Buy?

As you know I always want to talk about new people and watch lovers that are starting their own company, brand, timepiece and this is not easy.

But in Edouard I saw a lot of effort and passion, starting from the good idea and concept of the watch to the organisation of the campaign, with very professional materials and info.

When you are starting to believe into a new project you have to consider of course the quality and concept of the watch but also the professionality of the person, for me one of the first thing which helps the potential customers to have more trust.

So for me is a yes, for the price you get a good watch and helping a new microbrand to start the journey!

I hope also to have Manime in the MIcrobrands Book 2023.

Manime contacts


La F. will be available at a special pre-order price on Manime website.

Early birds: 339 EUR / USD with free shipping – For the preorders
Retail Price: 399 EUR / USD – After launching period

Here you can find also the timeline of the watch production.

Matte Works Watches Microbrand

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Matte Works Watches are now live on Kickstarter!

I am very happy to let you know about this very new and super cool microbrand called Matte Works this is also the very first microbrand I know which makes watches powered by full solar energy!

The first solar watch collection is called Solution-01 and features solar-powered watches with unique dial designs, innovative hardware designs and interchangeable straps for different occasions.

Inspired from the sci-fi-like landscape of the solar power plants, the collection encapsulates the beauty of solar energy into the design.

The Solution-01 Collection includes 2 different color dial versions (Black & White), 2 colors of leather straps (Black & Chestnut) and 2 colors of nylon straps (Black & Pine).

Matte Works – Solution 01 and Solar energy

How does a solar energy watch works?

A solar watch is a watch driven by converting natural or artificial light into electrical energy.

Light energy received by the solar cell, a solar panel unit under the dial, is converted into electrical energy.

The energy is stored in the rechargeable secondary battery and is used to drive the watch.

Unlike disposable batteries that are used in traditional quartz watches, the rechargeable battery can be recharged thousands of times before replacement is required.

In an era when there is a greater emphasis on environmental change, solar watches are more environmentally friendly than their quartz counterparts, as they have significantly longer battery change intervals than quartz watches.

Solution 01 Design

Of course the design of this very cool timepiece is based on the solar panel (dial).

The solar panel features a patterned translucent dial (black version), which is inspired by the arrangement of the heliostat mirror of a Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) energy plant. 

The heliostat mirror is a critical component of a concentrated solar power system. It is responsible for tracking the sun and redirecting the beam of sunlight onto the target receiver.

The beauty happens from the accurately calculated heliostat pattern, resulting in a futuristic, sci-fi like landscape.

Over the solar panel, all hour positions are marked with minutes and hours markers for legibility. Brushed pencil hands filled with luminous ensure a clear display of time in a low-light environment.

This watch has very good size thanks to the 40 mm case and 9.7 mm thick, the watch is made by 316L Stainless Steel with a brushed finish.

Very minimalistic look (which i really like) and very good durability thanks to the scratch resistant sapphire-coated crystal.

There are aviailable also 2 kind of straps, leather and nato straps, both with very high quality.

Matte Works Solution 01 – Why buy?

As you can see this timepiece and new microbrand has a strong connection with enviroment and I think that today this is a very important topic and also a negative point for quartz watches.

The watch looks cool, innovative, minimalistic and you never need a battery change on your watch.

The concept of the watch and innovative idea to use the solar system for a microbrand watch is a good starting point for this company and I hope to see them into the Microbrands Book 2023.

Click here to join their kickstarter campaign!

3W Dreiwerk watches Microbrand

Today I want to present you a new German microbrand called 3W Dreiwerk and based in Dresden.

The priority of this microbrand is the demand for maximum aesthetics in the smallest space and the personal expression of an individual lifestyle.

3W – Dreiwerk means = change 3 parts and change your whole personality.

The modular system of the watch case allows a combination of different materials and colours. “titanium, stainless steel, gold, silver or even wood can be varied and combined without having to buy a completely new watch”.

The modular change system has a registered European Patent also.

So Dreiwerk offer you a symbiosis between technical tradition and the possibility of your personal customization.

The special thing about dreiwerk watches is the idea of ​​using only naturally treated wood.

No chemicals are used in the processing of the watches, as is known from brands such as holzkern.

The wood is preserved with the help of natural oils in a complex vacuum process and then finished by hand.

In this way, the charm and the uniqueness of the wood are retained.

Each piece is unique. No resins or chemical hardeners.

This is the watchmaker personal contribution to protecting the climate, but also to protecting the buyer.

No skin irritation or chemical influences.

DreiwerkTecnical Specifications

  • Natural walnut root wood
  • Handmade and natural modular robust watch case (3 ATM)
  • Sapphire crystal with black bezel
  • Black scratch-resistant PVD stainless steel base
  • Time display with center second and small date
  • Handcrafted pointers with Luminova Blue Line optics in white
  • Swiss made Sellita SW 300-1 automatic watch movement

– SW300-1 is a high-end movement, characterized above all by its remarkable slimness

– Automatic winding with ball bearings, center second and date with quickset are part of the equipment

– Typical power reserve is 56 hours

  • High-quality quick-change bracelet made of stainless steel

Watch cases and bracelets can be freely combined

Watch cases can be changed in shape and colour

  • Case diameter 42 mm

Dreiwerk – Why Buy?

The first thing I have to say about this microbrand is that absolutely the price is very high (around 3 thousand euro) but you have also to understand what you are buying.

This is not the first time I present you a microbrand with very high price and the reason is because I see something special into these watches that need the correct attention.

This watch has a complex technology and is caracterized by very important innovation, every watch is completely hand made and you can choose from different materials.

Gold, Wood, Titanium, all materials that you can choose to make your personal and unique Dreirwek.

Escudo Watches Microbrand

It is time to discover new watches as always and I just found on the internet a very interesting microbrand called Escudo based on entry level luxury 39 mm diver (200m Water resistent) and sporty timepieces.

This brand is really interesting because of the different approach the watchmakers want to give to their models.

These watches are  inspired by the Portuguese & British explorers and that is why the brand name and logo is “Escudo“, because of the name for the shield within the Portuguese coat of arms and also the Portuguese currency, pre Euro.

This microbrand was founded by Simon Correia and Richard Johnson, long-term watch collectors and enthusiasts.

Escudo Watches – discovering the watch

As I told you before we are talking about the first entry level price range of luxury and considering that is a young brand it is also really important giving the correct attention to the price and in particular why I am presenting you these watches.

First of all Escudo watches are conceived, designed and developed in the UK and Portugal, using Swiss movements, and collaborating with quality watch manufacturers from both UK and Switzerland.

Final assembly is in the UK.

The watch is really good looking and behind every single component there is a true research.

The caseback, bezel, indexes, dial, strap, everything is conceived in a really cool and modern way with also a reminder to the past.

When you will see this diver you will understand the true inspiration by Portugal.


The caseback consists of a two-piece closed case-back design to ensure the shield logo is constantly in the vertical plane and marked to show the limited edition number


The lume is also really well made and you can find it both on the indexes, hands and bezel. Lume consists of a Grade A 7750 Super-LumiNova® vintage cream.


Bronze uni-directional turning with a dual-bearing action for longevity and precision and featuring 3D lumed numbers and markers and a bi-coloured time elapsed triangle showing the Portuguese flag colours.

Matt aluminium bezel insert complementing the dial colour.


Escudo leather straps are entirely handmade from premium Italian Vacchetta leather.

The vegetable tanned leather is finished in wooden vats with animal fats and waxes, producing a full-grain leather with a buttery smooth finish.


Swiss Made Escudo Calibre 1488 base Sellita SW200-1 no date.Subtly decoratedPower reserve 38hrs26 Jewels Frequency 28,800 A/h, 4hz

Why buy?

This watch has a lot of features that makes the price not so high and despite all I have to say really good ratio quality/price.

The packaging looks awesome (a very nice case with tool watch), the site and user experience is really clear and good in particular for all the shipping informations.

This diver has a premium swiss made movement and there is a lot of research behind Escudo watches.

For all these reasons you will see Escudo watches into the Microbrands Book 2023!

You can find their site here!

Microbrands Book – Il libro dei Microbrand

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Finalmente è disponibile su Amazon il Microbrands Book , il primo libro di orologi dedicato ai Microbrand!

Il Microbrands Book è interamente in inglese e con tanti produttori provenienti da tutto il mondo!

Il libro è stato realizzato durante i miei 6 mesi a Dakar dopo aver deciso di fare un passo importante nella mia vita, credendo in questo progetto e lasciando il mio lavoro nell’editoria per dedicarmi al 100% al mondo degli orologi.

È frutto di un lavoro abnorme.

Centinaia di foto e migliaia di informazioni, potete solo capire cosa voglia dire provare a riordinare il tutto e metterlo insieme in quello che è il primo libro dedicato ai piccoli produttori di orologi (chiamati microbrand) provenienti da tutto il mondo.

Microbrands Book – com’è strutturato

Il libro al suo interno contiene quasi 50 produttori di orologi e ogni microbrand ha 4 pagine.

In queste 4 pagine (totalmente in inglese, essendo distribuito in tutto il mondo) viene presentato il brand con le info principali sui prezzi, anno di fondazione, tipologia di orologi ecc. e vengono anche inseriti i modelli del momento/principali con tutte le caratteristiche.

Infine viene inserito il mio commento “Why Buy?” con una mia opinione.

Il Microbrands Book verrà pubblicato ogni anno con una nuova edizione e nuovi modelli/marchi.

Ho deciso di realizzare questo libro perché penso che sia arrivato il momento di dare più importanza a questo ambito dell’orologeria, da sempre rimasto nell’ombra.

Questa è la prima edizione e prevedo di pubblicare ogni anno una nuova edizione con nuovi orologi, sempre aggiornati e tantissime novità!

Potete trovare qui di seguito il link al libro su Amazon!

Il libro è anche reperibile sul sito Mondadori e Feltrinelli e presto su Amazon mondo.

Il microbrands book è stato anche recensito e consigliato dal famoso youtuber di orologi Marco Bracca come potete vedere nel video qui di seguito!

Se penso che tutto sia partito da questo sito e dalla mia pagina instagram mrwatch93 mi sembra pazzesco dove sia riuscito ad arrivare realizzando questo libro!

Insomma se siete appassionati di orologi e di microbrand penso che questo libro faccia al caso vostro!

Locke & King

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Locke & King is a new microbrand founded in 2020 and based in Hamilton, the industrial capital of Canada.

Based on a very elegant but at the same time very versatile style, all their watches are perfect for an every day routine.

The timepieces are named by Canadian streets and cities and the are 2 models in the collection right now.

The James and The Ossington.

Locke & King – The James

James Street in Hamilton, Ontario is defined by Lake Ontario in the north and the Niagara escarpment in the south. It has the heritage of being an entry point for newcomers to Canada.

Matte Black

Design is inspired by the heritage of railroad watches, with a hint of field watch, for their connection to the history of the street.


There are three colour options: copper, silver, matte black.



  • Three Styles: Silver/Cream, Copper/Midnight Blue, Matte Black
  • Size: 42mm
  • Thickness: 12.4mm
  • Crystal: Sapphire Crystal Domed
  • Movement: Miyota Automatic
  • Case: Two-halves, affixed with screws, 316L Stainless Steel
  • Water Resistant: 5ATM
  • Crown: Screw Down
  • Swiss luminous detail on hands
  • Molded case back with unique serial number on each watch
  • Red-tipped second hand referencing the needle on a compass, indicating Northern Time

Locke & King – The Ossington

Ossington has historically been an undersung but effortlessly cool Toronto street.

Originally established as a military route by colonial settlers, Ossington has grown from those early days, through industrial times and challenging periods in the late 20th century, to now one of exciting experimentation and taste-making.

Ossington has emerged as a vibrant centre of culture, cuisine, entrepreneurs, and nightlife.

One of the most physically fascinating aspects of Ossington, particularly along its “main-drag,” is that unlike the rest of Toronto, it has remained largely, architecturally untouched for the past 70 years.

Drawing from these mid-century building styles, and combining with the effortlessly cool character of the modern street, Locke & King went in a minimal dress watch direction with heavy Bauhaus design influences.

Classic Silver & White

There are three colour options: Copper & “Oxidized” Blue, Classic Silver & White, Smoked Steel with “Silver Lining”.

Copper & “Oxidized” Blue


  • Three Styles:
  • Silver/White
  • Copper/Oxidized Blue
  • Smoked Steel/ Grey with “Silver Lining”
  • Size: 40mm
  • Thickness: 11.4mm
  • Crystal: Sapphire Crystal Domed
  • Movement: Miyota 9015 Automatic Mechanical
  • Case: Two-halves, affixed with screws, 316L Stainless Steel
  • Water Resistant: 10ATM
  • Crown: Screw Down
  • Dial: Concave with Guilloche Decoration
  • Molded case back with unique serial number on each watch
  • Red-tipped second hand referencing the needle on a compass, indicating Northern Time

Why Buy?

These watches are vey cool and you can use it every day for different situations.

Personally I really like the James model. You can clearly see the minimalism in these watches and for the prices I think that Locke & King have done a good work.

Finally a very unique design and very far away from the classic microbrand watches you see every day!

If you like these watches check out their site here!

Interstellar Watches

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Today I am very proud to present you a new watch that is just funded on Kickstarter and supported by NASA, this timepiece is very special because of the connection with space!

I am talking about Interstellar Watches!

INTERSTELLAR introduces the RED3,721 Collection, approved by NASA.

RED3,721 is an extraordinary timepiece assembled and supported by Col&MacArthur.

This microbrand commemorates NASA’s Mars 2020 mission with the RED3,721.

INTERSTELLAR focuses on the conquest of space, commemorates important spatial events, and preserves knowledge of the physics of the Universe.

This project sheds light on the discoveries of space, the Universe, and the experience it procures.

It makes you part of the history and its exploration by highlighting humanity’s heritage and the preservation of its knowledge.

All in all, INTERSTELLAR gives you the feeling of traveling through space with a celestial object on your wrist while discovering human great achievements.

Interstellar watches – mars powder on the wrist

INTERSTELLAR is in collaboration with The Meteoritical Society, the International Society for Meteorites and Planetary Science.

Thanks to them, you will be able to trace the history, the origin, and the technical specifications of the meteorite you wear on your wrist.

This Martian meteorite was discovered in 2021 in northwest Africa and supplied by the company MSG meteorites.

Most meteorites are named after the place where they were found, in this case his name is “NWA14269”.

A certificate of authenticating the provenance will be delivered with your timepiece. 

Remember that depending on your choice of the watch you can decide to have mars dust or Nasa logo at 3 o clock.


Here below all the specifications of the watch

Binary code on the dial

This watch is also caracterized by a binarycode on the dial and an hidden message!

Why buy?

We are not talking about the classic microbrand, this is a very unique and special watch.

In my opinion I would choose the dust version but it is up to you.

For what you will have on the wrist this timepiece is absolutely super cool and the price really good.

Probably the dimension of the case is big but correct for what is inside!

Here you can find the link to their campaign!