Zero West Watches – the New H1 Hurricane

Today i want to present you the new watch from Zero West Watches! The new H1 Hurricane made with real Merlin engine casing from a WW2 plane!

Despite it’s less than complimentary name, Foulness Island, precariously balanced along the Essex Coastline, is beautiful in a bleak, blasted kind of way.

Due to that remoteness however it’s home to 212 people, many times that in birds – the original ‘Fowl’ in Foulness – and, until recently, H1-P3708.

zero west watches h1 hurricane

H1-P3708, for those without an encyclopaedic knowledge of aircraft serial numbers, is the designation of a MKI Hawker Hurricane, one of the most iconic World War 2 aircraft ever built, second only perhaps to the Spitfire.

A close second, at that.

Piloted by RAF Volunteer Reserve Sgt Alexander Girdwood, this particular Hurricane was involved in the ‘Hardest Day’ of the Battle of Britain, the day in which the Luftwaffe sent 750 sorties into UK airspace.

h1 hurricane zero west

H1 Hurricane by Zero West Watches – a new vision of watchmaking

During the fighting, according to Girdwood’s own accounts, he was downed after taking out a Heinkel 111, bailing as his plane crashlanded onto Foulness Island – right next to the enemy he had just shot down.

For the next 50 years the MKI Hurricane was left to the soft marshland of Foulness until it was excavated by the Anglian Aircraft Research Group, cleaned up and put on display at the Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum, testament to a defining battle in a defining war.

Now H1-P3708 is getting a new lease of life under the auspices of Emsworth-based watch brand Zero West.

Following in the footsteps of the sold out S4 Spitfire watch before it, the new H1 Hurricane P3708 is both a rugged, technical pilots watch and a piece of British aviation history.

Combining a big, 44mm case with the British brand’s signature, separately forged lugs, with the oversized crown and innate legibility particular to a pilots’ watch, the H1 Hurricane P3708’s aviation pedigree is self-explanatory.

h1 hurricane zero west

What’s perhaps less obvious – unless you fly the occasional Hurricane of course – is the dial layout, a horological reinterpretation of the MKI Hurricane’s slip turn indicator.

The slip scale along the top and turn scale along the bottom have been replaced by minutes, but the dial retains the striking green L and R that characterise the original cockpit instrument.

Printed just above the bottom scale are both a date code and a set of coordinates – the date Girdwood crashed on Foulness Island and the exact latitude and longitude of where H1-P3708 was found.

H1 Hurrincane – the caseback

True to Zero Wests’ mantra of ‘Recovered, Recast, Reinvented’, the caseback is set with a disc of metal taken from the historical aircraft itself.

Recovered on Foulness, the Merlin engine casing was recast by Foundry Motorcycles in Chichester before being cut into discs and reinvented at Zero West’s own Emsworth Studio.

As a pilots’ watch, the H1 Hurricane P3708 is a rugged, mechanical chunk of watchmaking, a watch that will charm anyone that knows their way around a wrench and a piston engine. For many collectors, that alone will be enough. 

Yet it’s also a fitting tribute to not just the legendary Hurricane in general, but the bravery of one specific pilot and the plane he flew. Even though it was relegated to the mud of a remote Essex island, H1-P3708 and Sgt.

Girdwood are both commemorated by this very special timepiece.

Price of H1 Hurricane is £2,995

• 100 Builds in the matt silver

• 100 Builds in black case

Check out their site if you want to buy one!

Sechat watches Microbrand

Today i want to talk about Sechat watches Microbrand!


Human beings are built upon constant progression and change, they always had the desire to know and manage time. Hence using metrics such as the sun or stars.

Almost four thousand years ago, Egiptian ancient civilization created a small and unique object that could measure time using sun shadows. Ordered by Pharaoh Thutmose III, was specifically designed for naval and military purposes allowing him to expand his empire over his rivals.

It has been considered the first portable watch in history, the so-called “Sechat”.

The same drive and enthusiasm of the Pharaoh era is what defines us. A story that we want to continue on, shaping and consolidating it with our brand, Sechat Watches.

Sechat Watches – THE TEAM

Sechat Watches is built as a dynamic company with united individuals with a shared passion for watches. Aiming to offer the best of the knowledge and combined industrial design experience that will allow us to combine two watch concepts so far incompatibles: Luxury and affordability.

The above is melted into our first model: TIMERONE.A Grand Pilot’s watch that is both stylish, classic and with a big sky blue dial. Not only this, it is functional and easy to read to make you want not to take it out of your wrist.

– Stainless steel case
– Diameter 46 mm
– Height 14 mm
– Screw in crown
– Water resistance 5 bar

– Seagull ST 1940
– Automatic
– 48 hours Power Reserve
– Frequency 21600 vph
– 33 jewels

– Chronograph function with hours, minutes and seconds
-Telemeter & Tachymeter funcions
– Sapphire glass on both sides
– Blue dial with superluminova C3 on minutes and hour hands and hour numbers

If you like these watches check out their site HERE!

Jack Turner Black Pilot

Today we take a look to the Jack Turner Black Pilot!

As i said in the first article here this watch is really cool for a lot of different features!

Jack Turner is an American-Based micro watch manufacturer producing all of our limited edition timepieces powered by the best Swiss and Asian Movements.

Find out how they ensure authentic and unconditional mechanical watch making excellence.

jack turner pilot watches

Jack Turner Black Pilot – specifics

Here are some of the details of the traveller black pilot:

  • Movement: Seiko VH31
  • Case Material: 316 Stainless Steel
  • Case Size: 42mm
  • Case has high grade PVD Coating
  • Screw Down Case Back
  • Water Resistance: 50m 
  • Case Thickness: 10mm
  • Crystal: Sapphire with anti-glare technology
  • Strap: Comes with 2 different Nylon NATO Straps
  • Lug Width: 22mm
  • Certificate of Authenticity Card included

For the moments when you aren’t afraid to get wet or dirty.

Where ever you take on the elements, Jack Turner sports watches go with you.

With superior water resistance, scratch resistant cases and crystals, and action ready strap designs, the sport collection has you covered when things get rough.

jack turner pilot watches

Check out their site and click here if you want to preorder this timepiece!

Jack Turner Watches Microbrand

Today i want to present you the Jack Turner Watches Microbrand!

Some really interesting watches my friends!

Today we take a look to the traveller military pilot watch.

Pay tribute to the armed forces and the red, white, and blue in your own way with our latest release “The Traveler”, this is a military-inspired pilot watch. 

This timepiece is equipped with two different NATO watch straps so that you can change up your look as often as you’d like.

All the straps are lightweight and comfortable to wear while giving off a ruggedly handsome vibe. 

The Traveler Watch ensures that you are always running on time while keeping your look stylish, rugged and classic.

Jack Turner Watches Microbrand – a special pilot

The second hand of the traveller is perfect for precision timekeeping and the white Arabic numerals are easy to read. 

Silent sweep movement guarantees that all you notice is the good looks and timekeeping properties of this handsome watch.

It is powered by the Seiko VH31 sweep second movement that was introduced in 2018.

This movement is unique because the sweeping hands beat four times per second creating the fluid appearance of an automatic watch but with quartz precision and reliability. 

The black dial has two separate disks, one atop the other, that holds luminescent materials in the recessed indexes that show through the cutouts in the top layer thus creating the watch’s wonderful luminescence effect.

This clever sandwich effect is usually only seen on high-end divers watchers. 

The bottom dial on The Traveler Watch has recessed numerals and indices while the top dial is carved out to reveal a beautiful green Super-LumiNova® coating which ensures the ability to see in the dark out in the field or anywhere that you happen to be.

Offering up to ten times more brightness than other zinc-based luminous phosphorescent material this technology is normally reserved for luxury watches at much higher price points. 

You will also enjoy a sapphire glass crystal that contains 9 Mohs of mineral hardness which makes it resistant to scratches during normal use.

Of course, it is not impossible to scratch the crystal but it is very difficult although not impossible for scratches to result after rubbing up against a stone or concrete wall for example. 

This watch is in limited supply, only 150 pieces of this watch will be produced pre-order. Order now to lock in the pre-order, discounted price.

These watches should be available for shipping the first week of April 2021. 

The watch comes in really cool packaging as you can see below

All Jack Turner Watches come with a 2-year warranty for peace of mind. 

Here are the Jack Turner Watches Microbrand details

  • Movement: Seiko VH31
  • Case Material: 316 Stainless Steel
  • Case Size: 42mm
  • Screw Down Case Back
  • Water Resistance: 50m 
  • Case Thickness: 10mm 
  • Crystal: Sapphire with anti glare technology 
  • Strap: Comes with 2 different Nylon NATO Straps
  • Lug Width: 22mm
  • Certificate of Authenticity Card included

Check out their site HERE if you want to preorder this cool timepiece!

Methodos watches Microbrand

Today i want to present you Methodos watches Microbrand!

Methodos watches are developed and manufactured in Switzerland.

Combining modern watch technology with a classic and timeless design, Methodos offers great Swiss accuracy and reliability in a very attractive price range. 

All models are fitted with a Ronda Startech caliber; an accurate quartz chronograph (1/10 sec) with date function and tachymeter.

Ronda movements are used by many other Swiss brands and renowned for their accuracy and reliability.

Movement is housed in a solid stainless steel watch case, fitted with a screw case back and a scratch proof (sapphire coated) crystal.

Methodos watches Microbrand

All Methodos models are 100 meters water resistant and suitable for most activities.

The Classic Chronograph is equipped with the renowned Ronda Startech 5040.D movement, a very accurate Swiss quartz chronograph with date function.

Using the chronograph, time intervals can be measured up to 1/10 of a second.

Methodos watches Microbrand – swiss made affordable choice

Dial, with three contrasting white subdials (in the version with black dial, these dials are in dark grey) has beautiful effects, varying with the light.

With the white tachymeter ring, positioned just below the crystal (in the version with black dial, the tachymeter ring is dark grey), you can measure the (constant) speed of your vehicle.

This chronograph is operated with pushers on the right side, on both sides of the adjustment crown, which is used for setting the time and date.

There is a scratch-resistant sapphire (coated) crystal is facetted and set in a subtle and slim bezel in polished steel.

Methodos watches Microbrand

The watch case is safely locked with a steel screw case back, bearing the Methodos logo, the reference, and serial number.

Thanks to this robust construction, the Methodos Classic Chronograph (42 mm diameter) is water-resistant up to 100 meters (330 feet) and suitable for swimming and snorkeling.

If you are looking for a cool affordable swiss made chrono Methodos watches microbrand is a good choice!

Blanchard Watches Microbrand

Today i want to show you Blanchard Watches microbrand!

A sports tool chronograph with the ability to interchange bezels, giving you a watch ready for any occasion!

Blanchard Watch Co. had its origin story back in 2006 when owner Robert Blanchard set off to create a watch specifically built for the gentleman pilot.

Partnered with the Azimuth watch Co. that first initial venture into the watch industry became a success.

With an renewed passion for road racing, Robert Blanchard, now an SCCA competition certified driver in the Spec Racer Ford class is doing it again by bringing the racing world a new tool watch series specifically designed for both the driver and the spectator. 

You have three dial choices when it comes to The Gentleman Racer:

The Reverse Panda dial with super Luminova hands, sub-dials and indices

blanchard watches microbrand

The Steel Panda dial with super Luminova hands and indices

blanchard watches microbrand

The Panda dial with super Luminova full lum dial and hands

blanchard watches microbrand

Blanchard Watches Microbrand – details

Here are all the tecnical specifications for Blanchard watches!

I have to say that these watches are very interesting and also they were fully funded on kicktarter!

  • Seiko VK64 Mecha Quartz movement
  • 316L marine-grade stainless steel case
  • 41.5 mm Diameter
  • 49.5mm lug to lug
  • 20mm strap/bracelet
  • Water resistant to 100 meters / 320 feet
  • Friction bidirectional bezel
  • Slight dome sapphire crystal
  • Swiss Superluminova 
  • 316L marine-grade stainless steel bracelet with solid endlinks or Leather NATO with racing leather extension strap
  • Fully-articulating solid links secured by screw pins
  • Clasp with 2 microadjustment slots 
  • Included extras: screwdriver for resizing bracelet, Alen wrench for removing bezel screws, and spring bar tool

Check out their site! Click here!

Calamai Watches Microbrand

Here we are with a new review dedicated to Calamai Watches Microbrand.

This time we are talking for the first time about a pilot watch with some very unique features.

This watch is given to the Italian Air Force, so I am really proud to do this review.

Let’s start right away with the packaging, a comfortable leather travel case with the logo of an airplane forming the C of the founder of the brand, Francesco Calamai.

The watch in question is the G-50 arrow with a black dial and leather strap.

This timepiece features a 40mm diameter case and Sellita SW 580 top grade movement and 48 hour power reserve and screw down crown.

Calamai watches special materials

Among the features of this watch that impressed me the most are definitely the three-dimensionality of the dial and the material with which the case was produced.

The casing of each watch was forged by melting the steel of the G.E. turbine that powered an F-104 of the Italian Air Force. Indeed, the serial number of the exact turbine disc utilised is engraved on the caseback.

To reach the highest levels of precision, each casing is forged through lost-wax microfusion and then hand-finished.

The watch is really comfortable to wear on the wrist and is among my favorite pilot watches!

If you are looking for an italian microbrand and a really special pilot watch, Calamai watches are defenitely for you!


Eccoci con una nuova recensione dedicata a Orologi Calamai.

Questa volta parliamo per la prima volta di un pilot watch con delle caratteristiche davvero uniche.

Vi ricordo che questo orologio viene dato in dotazione alla Aeronautica Miltare italiana e per questo motivo sono davvero orgoglioso di realizzare questa recensione.

Partiamo subito dal packaging, una comoda custodia da viaggio in pelle con il logo di un aereo a formare la C del fondatore del brand, Francesco Calamai.

L’orologio in questione è il G-50 freccia con quadrante nero e cinturino in pelle.

Questo segnatempo presenta 40 mm di diametro cassa e movimeto Sellita SW 580 top grade e 48 ore di riserva di carica e corona a vite.

Tra le caratteristiche di questo orologio che più mi hanno colpito ci sono sicuramente la tridimensionalità del quadrante e il materiale con il quale è stato prodotta la cassa.

Infatti la cassa del G-50 Freccia è stata realizzata utilizzando la turbina di un aereo F104

Vertigo Watches – il microbrand italiano

Oggi finalmente recensiamo il microbrand italiano Vertigo Watches!

Ho avuto l’opportunità di conoscere questo marchio dal vivo durante Watches of Italy, la prima fiera italiana di orologi dedicata ai micromarchi italiani e ho subito percepito le potenzialità di questi segnatempo.

Prezzo competitivo, stile vintage, precisione e comfort sono le caratteristiche principali di questo cronografo, il Vertigo Tornante.

Ho detto stile vintage perché guardando il quadrante e soprattutto il retro dell’orologio mi sono subito venuti in mente le auto e il contachilometri delle macchine degli anni 60/70.

vertigo watches

Il quadrante (protetto da un vetro zaffiro antiriflesso) è davvero bello e ricorda il marrone brillante o il sole, molto evidente soprattutto in presenza di luce.

Inoltre, la scala tachimetrica è incorporata nel quadrante, anche se la preferisco esterna.

Il fondello dell’orologio è caratterizzato dal design del bordo di un’auto da corsa degli anni ’60.

Le dimensioni sono 41 mm di diametro, da capocorda a capocorda 47 mm e capocorda 22 mm.

Anche il cinturino con i fori larghi ricorda lo stile tipico dei guanti da guida visti nei vecchi film di corse.

In presenza di oscurità la leggibilità dell’epoca non ha problemi grazie al superluminova.

Vertigo Watches – rapporto qualità/prezzo

Per quanto riguarda il movimento, questo orologio ha un Seiko Mecaquartz VK64, resistente fino a 100 metri.

Tutto questo è contenuto in una comoda e compatta scatola da viaggio e ad un prezzo di soli 230 euro, dimostrandosi un grande regalo ad un prezzo molto ragionevole.

Se amate i motori e il vintage, il Vertigo Tornante è l’orologio giusto per voi!

Clicca qui per visitare il sito del produttore!

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Today we finally review another Italian microbrand, vertigowatches !

I had the opportunity to get to know this brand live during Watches of Italy, the first Italian watch fair dedicated to Italian microbrands and I immediately perceived the potential of these timepieces.

Competitive price, vintage style, precision and comfort are the main features of this chronograph, the Vertigo Tornante.

I said vintage style because looking at the dial and especially at the back of the watch I immediately came to mind the cars and the odometer of the machines back to the 60s/70s.

The dial (protected by an anti-reflective sapphire crystal) is really beautiful and recalls the bright brown or sunburst, very evident especially in the presence of light.

In addition, the tachymeter scale is incorporated in the dial, although I prefer it external.

The back of the watch is characterized by the design of the rim of a racing car from the 60s.

The dimensions are 41 mm in diameter, lug to lug 47 mm and lug 22 mm.

Even the strap with the wide holes is reminiscent of the typical style of driving gloves seen in old racing movies.

In the presence of darkness the legibility of the time has no problems thanks to the superluminova.

As for the movement, this watch has a Seiko Mecaquartz VK64, resistant to 100 meters.

All this is contained in a comfortable and compact travel box and at a price of only € 230, proving to be a great gift at a very reasonable price.

If you love motors and vintage, the Vertigo Tornante is the right watch for you!

Gavox watches

Here we are finally with the review of a really interesting quartz watch, the gavox watches Aurora. 

This timepiece surprised me a lot by its many features. 

I would like to leave out the technical and aesthetic features for a moment and concentrate on the many functions that make this mecatronic swiss made timepiece so special. 

The Aurora is the world’s first multi function quartz watch that handles all geographical and political time zones.

It can keep track of a reference time and display a local time by increments of 15 minutes, in order to handle non-standard time zones with a difference of 15, 30 or 45 minutes.
As much as 20% of the world’s population lives in non-standard time zones.

Gavox watches

The watch has 7 main functions indicated by the hand at the base (home ; Sec ; UTC ; TMR (timer mode) ; Chr (chrono mode) ; Date ; Moon) which can be selected by pressing the crown. As you understand, the watch has both date and lunar calendar depending on the setting you decide to activate. 

Each mode allows the individual hands to have a different function. For example, in TMR (timer) mode, the hour hand indicates the minutes and the minute hand indicates the seconds, while the second hand indicates the hours, thus creating a truly unique and spectacular movement of the hands. 

gavox watches

Another feature that impressed me about this watch is the battery life from 4 years to 7 years depending on the functions that are used. 

I found the Gavox Aurora really comfortable to wear despite its 43 mm diameter. Moreover, as soon as you see the hypnotic movements of the spears you will be really amazed. 

I will make some videos to let you see the cool movements of the hands!

You will also be hypnotized by the luminescence of the hands, with truly incredible colours.

The Gavox Aurora is also waterproof to 10 ATM (really good for a chrono) and has got sapphire crystal.

This timepiece is special and unlike the “usual quartz” it is the most interesting quartz I have ever tried!

Recensione Seagull 1963

Il Seagull 1963 è un grande classico e non può non essere posseduto da buon appassionato di orologi. Nonostante il suo prezzo molto contenuto (circa 239 euro a questo sito) è dotato di vetro zaffiro resistenti a graffi e urti e cinturino in pelle. L’orologio è particolarmente versatile, adatto sia per situazioni più movimentate che per momenti molto eleganti.

Il Seagull 1963 è un segnatempo a carica manuale e la classica versione acquistabile è quella da 38 mm, adatto soprattutto per polsi piccoli. Sul sito indicato a inizio articolo è possibile acquistare diverse versioni, quadrante verde, panda, 42 mm e tanti altri. Ho acquistato questo segnatempo per i miei 26 anni ed è stato il mio primo cronografo. Infatti dopo aver visto diverse foto e video su youtube non ho resistito.

Il venditore è stato molto gentile e la confezione si presenta con la tipica scatola beige con stella rossa e all’interno contenente l’orologio con cinturino nato verde militare. A prima vista i 38 mm fanno sembrare l’orologio molto più piccolo rispetto alle foto che si trovano in giro, ma dopo averlo indossato diverse volte lo si apprezza ogni giorno sempre di più!

Per la cifra a cui viene venduto, 239€ , ci si rende conto da subito che il rapporto qualità/prezzo per questo cronografo è davvero ottimo e che si ha in mano un orologio molto particolare. Infatti, la vista degli ingranaggi sul fondello permette di apprezzare a pieno l’orologio e ci si sente molto soddisfatti dal primo momento in cui si apre la scatola. Le prime sensazioni trasmesse da questo segnatempo sono morbidezza e compattezza. La morbidezza è data dalla corona e noterete quanto si muoverà fluidamente quando caricherete l’orologio per la prima volta! In totale sincerità posso dirti che questo Seagull 1963 a mio parere è in assoluto il miglior cronografo che puoi trovare ad un costo così contenuto e con un rapporto qualità/prezzo così ottimale!

Dove acquistare il Seagull 1963 ?

Questo orologio è abbastanza difficile da trovare ma esiste qualche rivenditore online che permette di acquistarlo a un ottimo prezzo. Ti consiglio questo sito per effettuare l’acquisto!

Miglior orologio seagull1963
Seagull 1963

I link sono link affiliati; questo vuol dire che se utilizzi un mio link e aggiungi un prodotto al carrello, guadagnerò una piccola percentuale. Non preoccuparti, per te tutto ciò non ha nessun costo aggiuntivo quindi se vuoi darmi una mano te ne sarò grato!

Review Seagull 1963

The Seagull 1963 is a great classic and cannot not be possessed by a good watch enthusiast. Despite its very low price (about 239€ on this site) is equipped with scratch and shock-resistant sapphire crystal and leather strap. The watch is particularly versatile, suitable for both more lively situations and very elegant moments.

The Seagull 1963 is a hand-wound timepiece and the classic purchasable version is the 38 mm version, suitable for small wrists. On this website you can buy the different versions: green dial, panda, 42 mm and many others. I bought this timepiece for my 26th birthday and it was my first chronograph. In fact, after seeing several photos and videos on youtube, I couldn’t resist.

The seller was very kind and the package is presented with the typical beige box with red star and inside containing the watch with a strap born military green. At first glance the 38 mm make the watch look much smaller than the pictures around, but after wearing it several times you appreciate it every day more and more!

For the amount at which it is sold, about 250 euros, you realize immediately that the quality/price ratio for this chronograph is really good and that you are holding a very special watch. In fact, the view of the gears on the back allows you to fully appreciate the watch and you feel very satisfied from the first moment you open the box. The first sensations transmitted by this timepiece are softness and compactness. The softness is given by the crown and you will notice how smoothly it will move when you wind the watch for the first time! In all sincerity I can tell you that this Seagull 1963 in my opinion is absolutely the best chronograph you can find at such a low cost and with such an optimal quality/price ratio!

Where to buy the Seagull 1963 ?

This watch is quite difficult to find but there are some online retailers that allow you to buy it at a great price. I recommend this link to the website to make the purchase!

Links are affiliate links; this means that if you use one of my links and add a product to your cart, I will earn a small percentage. Don’t worry, for you this has no additional cost so if you want to give me a hand I’ll be grateful!

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