Panuach Microbrand Watches

Today i want to present you a new microbrand, Panuach watches!

Everything starts with ambition, with an idea, with a vision, with the passion that leads you to fight for those childhood dreams, the same that pushes you to make them real.

They are those dreams that are still alive when you are old, and that will always be alive, producing you that joy that only a child can understand.

Their dream began with the common passion for watches that two cousins had.

They were both absolutely amazed by the orology and the exceptional timepieces that were built, however, the overpriced value made it impossible to acquire any of them. 

Such was the obsession to acquire those unaffordable watches, that at a family dinner in August 2020, the inspiration reached both of them out and decided that they were going to make exceptional watches such as the same that they admired, but with a slight difference, they were going to be affordable to everyone.

Watches that would express the passion that both cousins had for horology. 

At that moment, the PANUACH family was born, and with it, the aim of gathering and unifying all people around the world through the same thing, a timepiece.

The world is created for dreamers, and the members of the PANUACH family are so as well. 

The watch brand of worldwide dreamers.  

This brand was born with a clear idea, built exceptional and exclusive timepieces for the ones that are not able to afford those exorbitant prices characterised by the traditional luxury watch brads.


The PANUACH TRAVELLER Collection is the first one the brand is launching. 

It consists of a route around the world that has stop at the most important cities of the 5 main continents on earth.

Each timepiece will represent a city, and it will be inspired by its people, its architecture, and its culture.

The cities will be maintained in secret until the launching of each model, which means that you will not be able to know the whole PANUACH trip until the last destination is announced.

The aim of this collection is to connect the world through the most important metropolitan cities, making people all around the globe more knowledgeable about the different cultures and ethnicities.

Moreover, this collection will bring you the opportunity to discover the most awesome and exclusive places these metropolises are hiding.  


The PANUACH BCN is a limited-edition timepiece that has been created in homage to Barcelona, one of the most important and charismatic cities in the world.

A piece that is more than a simple watch, it is the soul of the city on your wrist, it is the perfect representation of what the city breathes. 

The Mediterranean blue, together with the dark grey and the perfectly engraved details, represents simultaneously the historical and modern city it is. 

These characteristics make the piece to have a sporty look, but at the same time, it maintains those classic details that are so essential. 

This is the first stop of our trip. Would you like to join Panauch family and discover the most spectacular cities around the world?

The PANUACH BCN has been made with the best materials.

Technical sheet

Size: 42 mm

Material: Stainless steel 316L coloured with Black Gun Metal.

Strap: Genuine leather 

Movement: Japanese quartz movement 

Lens: Sapphire crystal

Water resistance: 5 ATM

Thickness: 7mm

Weight: 55gr

Limited edition: 500 units. Each piece is numbered from 1 to 500, which means that each of them is unique.

If you want to get this super cool timepiece check out their site here!