The NOMOS Ahoi watch swims with a scientist from the Alps to the North Sea

NOMOS Ahoi Atlantico and scientist and extreme swimmer Joseph Heß. Together, they just swam from the Alps to the North Sea, along the entire course of the Rhine, and did it in record time.

Ahoi Atlantic date display by NOMOS Glashütte. After wearing it in the water for 1,235 kilometres, the swimmer says: “For me, the key factors were comfort and weight. Even after more than twelve hours in the Rhine, the watch was still pleasant to wear. And when you emerge from the Rhine, exhausted, the Glashütte watch doesn’t go unnoticed”.

Joseph Heß and Nomos Ahoi – the project

The project that Heß is swimming for is Swim4Science, the aim of which is to make various projects and research from German colleges and universities accessible to the public.

For example, those on water quality. According to researchers, the river is a mirror of the people who live on its banks.

The water reveals whether pesticides are used in the fields and what drugs are taken by the inhabitants.

Issues of physical exertion and how to cope with stressful situations were also analysed during the trip.

Heß did not see much of the river bank: ‘It is a lonely sport because you cannot hear or see anything.

Ship traffic, cold, heat, enormous calorie consumption, faulty support boats and currents were some of the challenges the man, originally from Chemnitz, had to face. However, Heß and his NOMOS watch were not the first to swim along the Rhine.

In 1969, Klaus Pechstein conquered the river by swimming in 30 days.

Simple and elegant, and it even swims in the Rhine: Ahoi neomatik Atlantic from NOMOS Glashütte.

Neomatik stands for the new generation of NOMOS watch movements. And, of course, the watch is also ideal for meetings and appointments.

Strong caseback: the elegantly flat neomatik calibre from the NOMOS Glashütte manufacture is powerful and highly accurate. One can observe its fascinating movement through the sapphire glass back.

The watch’s characteristic protected crown is also clearly visible.