Fifty Eight Watches Microbrand

Fifty eight watches Microbrand was Founded by Chris, a watch enthusiast and professional with experience of more than 8 years in the watchmaking industry. Together with Mihaela, experienced in all aspects of business development, coordinating internal operations and the company’s culture.

fifty eight watches

They had the opportunity to learn and work alongside some of the world’s most established manufacturers, learning comprehensively about watches, watchmaking values and their history. Therefore, inspired by this essence of knowledge and countless conversations with watch enthusiasts they started this adventure, expressing our love for watches.


The name Fifty Eight was chosen to represent the company’s quest to return to the heydays of vintage watchmaking. When commissioning a watch meant a free interchange of ideas between the customers and the maker.


There are many reasons why we have chosen the Sellita movements. Today, Sellita is one of the largest and most respected mechanical movement makers in Switzerland. The SW200-1 is regarded as an evolution in the movement range, both in terms of design and component functionality.

Committed to delivering high-quality caliber, Sellita proves to be the essence of a workhorse offering not only exceptional reliability but also considerable durability.

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