August Raurica Microbrand

New watch is coming soon on Indiegogo on february 28 (after fully funded on Kickstarter) and is called August Raurica, founded by Stefans Inkovs!

Today let’s take a look to a really cool quartz watch that blows my mind.

First of all the name August Raurica would inspire and show status. 

August Raurica is named after an old Roman city in Switzerland that existed in 44 BC.

August Raurica has chosen the caliber 715 movement from the Swiss company Ronda, a gold-plated movement with a long service life of 5 years. 

This watch is caracterized by a 39 mm diameter, 60 months battery (5 years) 316 stainless steel and sapphire crystal.

Finally we have a nice dress watch with sapphire crystal and italian leather straps, so we are not talking about a cheap classic fashion watch, but you can understand from the materials and design that we are talking about a really cool and well made timepieces.

One of the most interesting things is the case back of the watch.

Deep engraved matte finish, depicting a Roman who defeats an invader.

The enemy may be real or even inside you.

This engraving will always remind you to try and believe in everything, even if others don’t.

Another really nice thing i like about this watch is the match between colors and materials. As you can see the case, dial and strap create a good harmony fro our eyes.

This is my favourite version of this cool microbrand August Raurica but as you can see there are a lot of option thanks to the different kind of straps,dial and case options.

August Raurica – Packaging

The packaging is really minimalist and classic.

Filled with minimalism and showing that there should not be anything unnecessary in it.

While creating the packaging, they also took care to make it environmentally and logistically sustainable. 

In true essence to ther environmentally sustainable beliefs, your 5-year warranty will be attached to your watch number. 


Launch day price is 139 usd and full price is 239 usd!

Why Buy?

I talked personally with the founder Stefans and i understand a lot of things about dress watches and how companies think when they make timepieces.

A lot of companies what always to spend less money as possible and take much profit as possible, giving to the watch lover a watch with no value but asking a lot of money.

August Raurica is not one of these company and Stefans invested a lot of time and savings to create a watch with important features, swiss movement, sapphire crystal and very thin case to let the watch lover feel a good sensation on the wrist.

If you want to take this opportunity check out their site here!