Medini Watches Microbrand

The world of watchmaking has allowed me over the years to tell many stories of many people, enthusiasts, watchmakers, and brand founders from all over the world.

When I get in touch with a new brand, I always try to understand the story, the passions and not just the watches that are made. This is to understand what is behind the brand and, above all, what sparked the founder of a brand to realise the path that led them to where they are today.

Ahsan Merchant is the founder of MEDINI WATCH COMPANY, a micro(brand) based out of the Emirate of Dubai, UAE, and whose story follows a path through several countries including the United States and England where he lived and worked in the field of professional services for a good part of his adult life.   

Origins of Medini and path

Obsessed with what people were wearing on their wrists since childhood, Ahsan picked up his fever for watches at a very young age.  By the time he was in his early teenage years, all he needed to see was the crown and partial dial sneaking out from underneath people’s sleeves to know which watch they were wearing. 

In pursuit of higher education, Ahsan left for the USA where he was able to exercise his passion a bit more.  Meeting others who shared his enthusiasm was an exhilarating experience.  Eventually settling with a career in Management Consulting, his love for watches stretched further in connecting with people depending on the watches they wore.  It was his way of getting into their comfort zone.  Being able to tell something about someone based on the watch they wore (or didn’t wear) quickly became a tool he exercised regularly. 

However, this as well as the ability to purchase timepieces he most admired was not enough. 

It wasn’t until a few years later where he realised that it wasn’t about owning watches but more about making his own watch, and his own brand of watches, which delivered an experience he could truly call his own.

He quickly got about understanding the watchmaking world and how it was truly distinguished from the watch-owning world.This was to be his way of quenching his thirst and hence MEDINI was born.

Stemming from old Sanskrit script, MEDINI means EARTH and in true manner, the brand bases its design principles in more elemental and classical styles which are ageless in manner.

The Medini collection

MEDINI currently has two inaugural watch series; a chrono called Celeritas and a single time, three-hand with date, called the Sovereign.

Sovereign – The Sovereign is a 38mm three hand with date watch, fit for all ages – a classic design which has a subtle but powerful appeal.  The dimensions are perfect for all wrists sizes. This timepiece is powered by a quartz SWISS Ronda 715and has a mix of polished and brushed finishes, which provide an elegant appeal as well as solid durability.

Celeritas – A classic chronograph, powered by the SEIKO JAPAN VK64 movement, the Celeritas, which literally means “Speed” in Latin, completes the current proposition, which the brand is aspiring to offer. 

The SEIKO JAPAN VK64 mecaquartz movement with its no second hand, makes this watch a silent powerhouse, which will keep ticking away and available to you as a solid timepiece no matter what the occasion.  Again coming in 38mm, with a mix of polish and brushed finishes, this watch is truly classic in its design but not to be undermined in term of its appeal. 

Available in many different dial and strap combinations, MEDINI really wants this watch to suit its owners’ preferences.  Infact, Ahsan’s goal of making this the perfect watch for all occasions just got a boost with the addition of silicone straps, which come free with every purchase.   

Atelier de MEDINI – a unique site view and customer experience

Aside from the name, the founder really wanted to focus on the experience of buying MEDINI watches and owning them.

This was the primary reason for the way in which Ahsan has designed his website.

Wanting to make customisation a key part of the buying experience, Ahsan worked hard to create a website where customers were in-charge of what they bought; hence the birth of Atelier de MEDINI, which is a digital studio where you can put your own combination of colours together.

Here you can find an example of how you can customize your watch for both watches:

Sovereign Custom Experience

Celeritas Custom Experience


Another important feature of this micro-brand is the packaging. By now, many brands are doing away with boxes that take up so much volume and are then abandoned.

Different Medini travel cases

In contrast, MEDINI also prefers to provide a case watch, available in different colours and excellent for travelling as well as regular storage.

Why Buy?

MEDINI is definitely a new brand, with a very good start in terms of its product and the experience its offering. No doubt, the founder has some great ideas for the road ahead but currently is very much focused on ensuring the customers enjoy each and every element that has been delivered so far. 

The watches are simple but with their own character and flare.  Change the strap on the Sovereign from Brown to Ruby, and the whole look and feel changes.  Replace the gold trimmed casing on the Celeritas with the silver casing and you have essentially changed your whole look. Surely this freedom to choose your own look makes this brand worth having as part of your collection now and for all ages to come. 

So check out the collection and enjoy the experience at


Mu:n Watches Microbrand

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Today we’re off to discover Mu:n, an unusual watchmaking project founded in June 2020 by three young Frenchmen.

With the announcement of its very first edition, the young brand is tackling one of the most poetic and demanding complications in watchmaking: the moon phase.

We take a look at the inner workings of this edition, whose originality lies in both its design and its creation process.

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A Swiss Made automatic Moonphase created by 5,000 enthusiasts

Presented in 2020 on the main French forums, the Mu:n project wasted no time in revealing its ambition: to offer enthusiasts a new way of participating, influencing and following the entire process of watchmaking creation.

More than a watch, the brand wants to offer an immersive two-year adventure to its community. By opening ephemeral creative spaces, within which the community can freely give free rein to its imagination, the project is itself an analogy for the conquest of space.

A beautiful journey offered by this young brand!

Let’s discover the 4 chapters of the journey of this new Microbrand!

Chapter 1 – The blank sheet

In March 2021, Mu:n begins with the launch of a first ephemeral space: the Online Watch Creator. This tool aims to replicate the “blank sheet” exercise and allows you to create your own watch in a few clicks in an interactive space.

Each participant can thus project themselves into a watchmaking creation ex nihilo and vote for their design from a panel of around a million possibilities.

800 models were thus proposed by the community.

The Mu:n team then relied on this panel to sketch the first outlines of a moon phase watch.

Chapter 2 – The Draft

At the end of the first chapter, the Mu:n team works on 5 sketches inspired by the compositions received. The participants are then invited to browse these sketches within a new voting space deploying different universes. There are 1200 votes, supplemented by 250 comments and cover ideas. Draft No. 2, with multiple indexes, is retained for the rest of the creation.

Chapter 3 – Technical drawings

In the fall of 2021, the Mu:n project switches to a 3D environment to establish the technical drawings of the selected draft. The community is invited to work on each component: hands, case, appliques, moon disc, indexes. Participating designers can vary every aspect and technical detail, in order to perceive the subtleties and observe their impact on the price. At the end of this vote, the technical drawings are finalized, and the community has decided, the first edition Mu:n will be Swiss Made.

Chapter 4 – Assembly

In the spring of 2022, the Mu:n project invites its community to determine the colors of the first series. A creative space is opened in April, allowing participants to vote for a color combination among 7000 possibilities. More than 4,000 watches have been assembled online. The project teams then close the collaborative adventure and unveil a unique numbered series to thank the participating creators: the Creators series.


It is refreshing to note the community enthusiasm for a moon phase watch, a bias taken in contrast to the many horological projects centered on diver watches.

First of all, the brand promotes a Swiss Made model.

The assembly and the control are carried out in Switzerland within a historic workshop, the house PH Saner SA. While the label guarantees the origin of the movement and the place of assembly, the Mu:n project also wanted to call on specialized Swiss workshops to develop its other components, namely the moon disc and the oscillating weight.

The brand thus sets its standards at the highest level, with an entirely Swiss movement production chain, from modification to assembly.

Mu:n watches – The movement precisely

The Hommage Edition houses the prestigious automatic movement SW288-1 from the Sellita factories, founded in 1950 in La-Chaux-de-Fonds.

The latter features a superior moon phase complication, with a synodic revolution of exactly 29.50 days. We are therefore dealing with a real moon phase, precise to 0.03 days per revolution, i.e. a shift of one day every 3 years. In this respect, it is interesting to note that the movement features a rapid date and lunar day corrector, essential when you want to adjust your moonphase on a daily basis.

It should also be noted that in 2008, Sellita modified the profile of the teeth of the three-wheel winding system on its SW2 calibers, in order to make them more resistant to shocks and wear.

Regarding the technical aspects, the movement has 26 jewels and a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour (4 Hz).

The second hand of the Hommage edition therefore beats at the rate of an eighth of a second, meeting the standards of modern mechanical watchmaking. Also note a fine power reserve of 38 hours, ideal for a dress watch. Also, and in order to leave plenty of room for the engineering of the movement, which has a meticulous finish in rhodium and Geneva stripes, a case back opened by a sapphire crystal is offered as an option. On good terms.

Mu:n watches – The dial.

The first thing that strikes in the dial is its geometric purity.

It alternates round shapes, which marry the moon disc, and rectangular shapes, in harmony with its stick appliques and its day window.

Unusually, the dial has a 24-hour graduation (12-13…-24h). Witness to its French ties, this scale unfolds on twelve platforms affixed to a diamond-cut guilloché.

The dial thus offers a visual depth, whose relief is reinforced by 10 appliques superimposed on the guilloché. The design thus achieves the tour de force of presenting no less than six indexes on the dial (minutes, seconds, 12 hours, 24 hours, day and moon age) while maintaining a refined composition. A tribute to astronomical precision, witnessed here by watchmaking.

The uniqueness of this edition also lies in its realistic moon disc.
In partnership with a Swiss workshop specializing in the miniaturization of watchmaking components, the Mu:n team has developed a new printing method. According to the words of the workshop, no less than nine steps are necessary for its realization.

Drawn on a conformal representation of the star, this printing process has the merit of making each moon disc unique through subtle variations in hue, bringing an artistic touch to each model.

The moon craters are burnt on the surface in order to offer relief perceptible to the naked eye. A great success for this workshop specializing in the miniaturization of iconic pieces, already rewarded at the Exhibitors Show in Geneva, the AJS Production workshop.

Although optional, the oscillating weight must also be addressed, as its design is out of the ordinary.
The Mu:n project chose to revisit the design of the card The Moon XVIII of the Tarot de Marseille, made by Jean Dodal at the beginning of the 18th century. Composed of allegorical images and symbols, this emblematic map evokes the richness of our imagination, the buried memories illuminated by the moon.

The oscillating weight thus presents six coats of arms in bas-relief repeating the constituent elements of the card, namely: 2 wolf dogs, a moon and its rays, a crayfish and 2 towers. Laser-engraved, each of these allegories is affixed to a specific decor, the finish of which recalls the original environment of the emblem. We will thus perceive a sandblasted finish, in bead blasting, or even in cutting. It is also interesting to note that the mass is made in the same workshop as the moon disc, in Switzerland.

Finally, and to conclude this overview, take a look at the case.
With a diameter of Ø38 mm and a lug width of 20mm, the latter has obviously been designed as a dress watch.

Built in three entirely polished parts, it consists of a slightly sloping upper bezel, opening onto a sapphire crystal. The body of the case presents a solid part with a clear break, which visually refines its thickness when worn.

The body is attached to a case back in the form of a porthole, made up of two successive slopes hollowed out by four visible screws. This composition is an obvious tribute to space engineering, through a subtle alliance of flat and curved lines.

The case back in the shape of a porthole leaves no room for doubt in this regard. We will also appreciate the break in the slightly sloping lugs which offers a pleasant light catch during wrist movements.

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Maurice Lacroix PONTOS DAY DATE

The Maurice Lacroix PONTOS DAY DATE has a color palette dominated by the sober shades of khaki and black could suggest a discreet style, which goes unnoticed.

The new PONTOS Day Date, however, undermines this idea: thanks to its interesting combinations of contrasting shades, this new model is definitely noticeable, especially in an urban context. Not only is it extremely elegant, but above all practical.

The case features an optimized ergonomic design, which fits both a male and female wrist. In short, there are many reasons to choose this urban-chic creation.

The khaki-colored dial of the new PONTOS Day Date is decorated with a sunray effect, while the 41 mm stainless steel case is coated with DLC treatment in the discreet shade of black. Usually, this aesthetic gives the creation a discreet character, especially when worn in a rural setting.

However, this new version of the PONTOS Day Date has been designed for an urban environment: hence the mix of shades and shapes that stands out from the crowd.

The black hour and minute hands, coated with Super-luminova ː, indicate the time, while the applied trapezoidal indexes have a relatively sober style.

On a lower level there is a sandblasted interior minuteria, in the shade of black. It houses a series of bolder clear lines and squares, both treated with SLN, optimally designed to ensure easy reading of minutes and seconds.

On the top, the “M” logo by Maurice Lacroix, also covered in black, dominates the rest of the dial in a minimal and trendy style. Throughout the composition, the dial plays with different textures, finishes, shades and depths.

For example, the day is shown through an arc opening. It is presented in white text on a black disc, embedded but clearly visible. This treatment is repeated at the bottom of the dial, where the date is shown through a recessed square opening, readable and sophisticated.

The central seconds hand has a protruding point that slides over the minute track, increasing readability.

The size of this model makes it suitable for both women and men. In line with other PONTOS models, the case features an optimized ergonomic design, giving the wearer an incredible feeling of comfort.

Maurice Lacroix PONTOS DAY DATE

The crown features a grooved handle that makes it easy to use and guarantees an extraordinary tactility that contributes to increasing the overall quality.

The transparent case back gives mechanics enthusiasts a wonderful view of the ML143 automatic calibre.

Confirming the reputation of Maurice Lacroix to always offer a high quality-price ratio, the movement is embellished with a Côtes de Genève vertical motif, perlage and colimaçon decorations, while the rotor is decorated with a soleil effect.

The watch features a dark green nylon strap with the “M” logo and tone-on-tone stitching, enhancing the model’s elegant and contemporary look.

Maurice Lacroix PONTOS DAY DATE

Owners of the watch can change the style according to their tastes thanks to the Easy Strap Exchange system, which allows you to easily replace the strap without the help of specific tools.

Giorgio Salvatore Watches Microbrand

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Today I just discovered a new Italian Microbrand called Giorgio Salvatore!

Giorgio Salvatore is a new brand whose project was born 3 years ago in Milan and was developed in a team of professionals in an Italian specialized center recognized internationally.

GS is a project born in Milan in 2019 inspired by the history of Giorgio Salvatore.

Mechanic and designer, Giorgio was born in 1935 in Milan, where as a child he learned the art of mechanics, thanks to his parents former pilots without fear of danger.

He worked in the family workshop and then took a path as a designer in the Alfa Romeo car manufacturer.

Eager to create his own company, he opened a mechanical workshop in the 60’s and later a dealership, devoting himself in his spare time to the maintenance of vintage cars.

His daughter and niece grew up breathing his passion, and later decided to bring to life a design inspired by car shapes.

The first design draft was drawn in January 2019, and then developed and tested until April 2022, thanks to the collaboration of a highly specialized team.

The first collection of Giorgio Salvatore watches is called FirstClassic,

The goal of the fundraising is to start the start-up, devoting particular attention to the research and development of new and more advanced specimens.

Watch features: it’s unisex, wearable at any age and on any occasion.  

The materials have been chosen with care and are of excellent quality.Technical characteristics:

Giorgio Salvatore – Why buy?

1. It’s a made in Italy product that aims to give work to a young segment

2.  Has a patented design, it’s unique.

3. It’s available on the crowfounding platform (Indiegogo) with a 16% discount plus a 20% discount on a purchase of a future new model.

4. It’s covered by a 2 years warranty

5. Free worldwide shipping

You can find link to the campaign here

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Winner of the 2022 German Design Award – The Z Series has earned an incredible reputation as the flagship collection of CIGA Design.

It features an exceptional, beautiful and refined exterior, with the added benefit of customization thanks to different straps and materials.

Aesthetic Skeleton “Open Heart” – A way to showcase the superiority of the powerful and cutting-edge mechanisms that are the basis of a sophisticated watch. Showing how the mechanism works allows you to create a watch of great style that amazes those who see it as much as the wearer.

CIGA DESIGN Z Series automatic caliber

Sophisticated Automatism – Seagull custom automatic caliber with 25 jewels and 176 precision parts. With a range of 40 hours and a movement frequency of 21600 times per hour.

Visible main spring to estimate the remaining charge. Your movement is used to produce the kinetic energy that allows the gauge to work.

Quintessence and Robustness – Made with Grade Marine 316L Stainless Steel. Covered with scratch-resistant Sapphire Crystal designed to last a long time.

Engraved with a high precision laser of 0.03mm. The refined tonneau case is made with 3600 seconds of mechanical cutting. Independent high-speed drilling 5000 RPM, finely polished 12 times.

Minimalist Presentation – The packaging that resembles a book and the design that entices you to turn the pages, satisfy the curiosity every time you explore, entirely made of superior quality ecological paper.

A perfect style for collecting or as a gift for any occasion. A breathable sports 3D dot strap made of food grade silicone and a durable extra calf leather strap.

Water resistant 3ATM – Suitable for daily use. Splash/rain resistant. Not suitable for use in shower, tub, swimming, snorkeling, diving, fishing and water work.

CIGA DESIGN Z Series Specifications

  • Model name Z031-SISI
  • Identification code Z031
  • Forma Tonneau
  • Type of glass Sapphire crystal
  • Type of dial Analog
  • Closing Ad Ardiglione
  • Material of case Stainless steel
  • Diameter of the case 48 mm
  • Thickness of the case 12 mm
  • Material of the Silicone Strap
  • Standard band size for men
  • Strap width 22 mm
  • Strap Color Blue
  • Color Silver dial
  • Material of bezel Stainless steel
  • Functions of the Fixed Bezel
  • Type of calendar No calendar
  • Special Features Automatic Mechanical Watch, Steampunk Skeleton

Grand Seiko Flow of Seasons

Grand Seiko presents two new creations, SBGW281 and SBGW287, which join the references SBGW283 and SBGW285, unveiled in early 2022.

Each of them represents the precise moment of the year in which one season gives way to the next to give shape to the series “The Flow of Seasons”.

Nature literally surrounds the Grand Seiko Studio Shizukuishi, the manufacture where these two watches and all the other Grand Seiko mechanical timepieces are made.

Nestled in a quiet forest north of Japan, the studio is dominated by Mount Iwate, 2,038 meters high. It is therefore not surprising that the master craftsmen who create the Grand Seiko watches are influenced and inspired by the landscape they see changing with the seasons every day.

The large and refined dial of the reference SBGW281 has a delicate champagne color that recalls the Bantō, one of the four “sekki” (Japanese term for the seasons)When winter gently gives way to spring and the long-awaited warmth of the sun illuminates the snowy landscape.

Grand Seiko Flow of Seasons the importance of the colors

The reference SBGW287 sports an elegant dial of intense burgundy tone, inspired by the rich autumn colors of Boshū, the “sekki” during which the trees surrounding the Shizukuishi Studio begin to change shades and announce that winter is coming. The beauty of autumn reaches its maximum expression here.

Both timepieces feature the 9S64 calibre, a manually wound mechanical movement assembled and adjusted by hand, visible through the transparent case back.

Thanks to the long main spring and the spiral, both made of SPRON alloys, this watch guarantees a high rate of precision and a power reserve of 72 hours.

Check out the Grand Seiko Site here!

Vacheron Constantin Métiers d’Art La légende du zodiaque

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China, a country with which Vacheron Constantin has had a special relationship since 1845, created the art of Jianzhi, a technique of paper decoupage.

This form of folk art echoes in Swiss culture through the famous découpage Scherenschnitt.

This artistic approach, enhanced by the Métiers d’Art collection La légende du zodiaque Chinois, this year finds a new interpretation thanks to the savoir-faire of the master engravers and enamellers.

Vacheron Constantin

A combination of art crafts

The leaf pattern visible on the dial is taken from classical Chinese iconography and is engraved directly into the metal.

The decoration remains semi-set and stands out on the gold base thanks to the delicate realization of more or less accentuated reliefs, which give an effect of depth, as if the leaves were floating on the dial.

Vacheron Constantin

This phase is followed by Grand Feu enameling, an ancestral technique that only a few craftsmen still master.

Applying the enamel in successive layers, the enameler accentuates the intensity of the blue or bronze colors of the dial.

The full control of the colour and the cooking phase, which takes place between 800 and 900 degrees Celsius, requires the artist such experience that can only be acquired after several years. The rabbit, in platinum or rose gold, is hand-engraved before being gently applied to the center of the dial.

Vacheron Constantin

The automatic caliber 2460 G4 has a 40-hour power reserve. Its 237 components come to life in a 31 mm diameter with a thickness of 6.05 mm. This movement is certified with the Hallmark of Geneva.

Vacheron Constantin – A calibre that leaves ample room for artistic expression

The 2460 G4 calibre offers ample decorative freedom, especially with regard to the central motif of the dial, which takes on a leading role.

The dial, without hands, indicates the hours, minutes, day of the week and the date through four windows.

Vacheron Constantin

The automatic caliber 2460 G4 has a 40-hour power reserve. Its 237 components come to life in a 31 mm diameter with a thickness of 6.05 mm. This movement is certified with the Hallmark of Geneva.

These indications, the first two with continuous display, the other jumping, express all the savoir-faire of the House in the design and development of unique and original dials. Clearly visible through the sapphire crystal case back of the platinum or rose gold case, the 22 carat gold oscillating mass is embellished by the recurring decoration of a Maltese cross, a finish executed in line with the best watchmaking traditions.

All components of the movement meet the requirements of the Hallmark of Geneva, the prestigious quality mark of which Vacheron Constantin is the most loyal representative.

Vacheron Constantin Specifications


Platinum/rose gold
40 mm diameter, 12.72 mm thickness
Transparent sapphire crystal case back
Water resistance tested at 3 bar pressure (about 30 meters)


Gold, hand-chiseled, enamelled Grand Feu Hand-chiseled rabbit in platinum/rose gold


Alligator leather Mississippiensis blue/dark brown with alligator lining, hand stitched, stitched,
large square scales


Pink Platinum/Gold Half Cross Flap Clasp Polished Mortar

Ludwig 33 Noir by NOMOS

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Delicate but sophisticated: Ludwig 33 noir, the new women’s watch by NOMOS Glashütte. Made in the wake of the 175 years of watchmaking tradition of Glashütte, this new watch will dance gracefully in all the festivals of this winter and will be the undisputed queen of every event. It’s a little black dress for the wrist.

Designed to last: the hand-made calibre (manually wound, with one hundred individual components, 17 jewels, a movement with different special features of Glashütte). Polished and shining, the stainless steel sapphire crystal case recalls the antique pocket watches,

Ludwig? It’s certainly an unusual name for a women’s watch, but that only makes the model more interesting. Overall, the Ludwig 33 noir is a watch with a feminine, charming personality and the utmost perfection.

NOMOS Glashütte presents Ludwig 33 noir, a wonderfully delicate watch with a highly sophisticated-looking galvanized black dial. A distinctive feature of the Glashütte watchmaking tradition, highlighted by the golden hands: it is magnificent and self-confident, with the most refined internal workmanship.

NOMOS Glashütte celebrates the female wrist with a special women’s watch with extraordinary features: Ludwig 33 noir by NOMOS Glashütte.

Check out the official site from Nomos here

Manime Watches Microbrand

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I am finally ready to present you a new watch and new microbrand that is now live for pre order on their site and is called Manime!

Manime watches is a new microbrand created by Édouard, a very nice french guy and of course a true watch lover and like many other inspired by his country, France.

The Founder – Edouard

The logo, also designed by him, was inspired by the yellow rose that symbolises friendship, and by France’s shape, the hexagon.

Manime Watches – La F.

La F. is the first timepiece of the brand and offers a new aesthetic to the classics of horology by adopting different textures and contrasting colors.

Different colors available

The spear like indexes mirror the traditional dauphine hands, and are set in a circular brushed dial available in 4 different colors.

This captivating dial is placed on a cushion case, which combines the ruggedness of a square case with the delicate nature of a round one.

This dichotomy of curves and straight lines gives life to the whole assembly.

Personally I really like the shape of the watch because it reminds to the vintage camaro Tag Heuer Style watch and I have to say that also the dimensions are perfect for every kind of wrist size.

This thank you to the 10.2 mm thickness and 40 mm case.

La F. comes with a 20mm Milanese Mesh strap and a butterfly clasp. Popular in the 70’s, the 1.9mm thick steel strap gives it a polished look.

The strap is caracterizetd by super fast changing buttons.

La F. is powered by the classic and high level Miyota movement 9039 very welll known for affidability and has both sapphire crystal on the top and on the back of the watch.

You can see also the logo on the back.

La F. Specifications

Here you can find the specifications of the watch.

My Impressions

Despite we are talking about a new brand the watch looks cool and the size is perfect for every wrist.

I really like all the colors options and the vintage style of this timepiece and also the minimalism touch used into the dial.

The movement is a premium miyota 9039 and the shape of the case looks very classic but with a modern touch thanks to the dial details.

The logo on the back of the case looks cool instead of showing only the naked movement (like a lot of other brands) I think it is a good idea.

Also the mesh bracelet looks solid and very elegant!

Why Buy?

As you know I always want to talk about new people and watch lovers that are starting their own company, brand, timepiece and this is not easy.

But in Edouard I saw a lot of effort and passion, starting from the good idea and concept of the watch to the organisation of the campaign, with very professional materials and info.

When you are starting to believe into a new project you have to consider of course the quality and concept of the watch but also the professionality of the person, for me one of the first thing which helps the potential customers to have more trust.

So for me is a yes, for the price you get a good watch and helping a new microbrand to start the journey!

I hope also to have Manime in the MIcrobrands Book 2023.

Manime contacts


La F. will be available at a special pre-order price on Manime website.

Early birds: 339 EUR / USD with free shipping – For the preorders
Retail Price: 399 EUR / USD – After launching period

Here you can find also the timeline of the watch production.

Matte Works Watches Microbrand

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Matte Works Watches are now live on Kickstarter!

I am very happy to let you know about this very new and super cool microbrand called Matte Works this is also the very first microbrand I know which makes watches powered by full solar energy!

The first solar watch collection is called Solution-01 and features solar-powered watches with unique dial designs, innovative hardware designs and interchangeable straps for different occasions.

Inspired from the sci-fi-like landscape of the solar power plants, the collection encapsulates the beauty of solar energy into the design.

The Solution-01 Collection includes 2 different color dial versions (Black & White), 2 colors of leather straps (Black & Chestnut) and 2 colors of nylon straps (Black & Pine).

Matte Works – Solution 01 and Solar energy

How does a solar energy watch works?

A solar watch is a watch driven by converting natural or artificial light into electrical energy.

Light energy received by the solar cell, a solar panel unit under the dial, is converted into electrical energy.

The energy is stored in the rechargeable secondary battery and is used to drive the watch.

Unlike disposable batteries that are used in traditional quartz watches, the rechargeable battery can be recharged thousands of times before replacement is required.

In an era when there is a greater emphasis on environmental change, solar watches are more environmentally friendly than their quartz counterparts, as they have significantly longer battery change intervals than quartz watches.

Solution 01 Design

Of course the design of this very cool timepiece is based on the solar panel (dial).

The solar panel features a patterned translucent dial (black version), which is inspired by the arrangement of the heliostat mirror of a Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) energy plant. 

The heliostat mirror is a critical component of a concentrated solar power system. It is responsible for tracking the sun and redirecting the beam of sunlight onto the target receiver.

The beauty happens from the accurately calculated heliostat pattern, resulting in a futuristic, sci-fi like landscape.

Over the solar panel, all hour positions are marked with minutes and hours markers for legibility. Brushed pencil hands filled with luminous ensure a clear display of time in a low-light environment.

This watch has very good size thanks to the 40 mm case and 9.7 mm thick, the watch is made by 316L Stainless Steel with a brushed finish.

Very minimalistic look (which i really like) and very good durability thanks to the scratch resistant sapphire-coated crystal.

There are aviailable also 2 kind of straps, leather and nato straps, both with very high quality.

Matte Works Solution 01 – Why buy?

As you can see this timepiece and new microbrand has a strong connection with enviroment and I think that today this is a very important topic and also a negative point for quartz watches.

The watch looks cool, innovative, minimalistic and you never need a battery change on your watch.

The concept of the watch and innovative idea to use the solar system for a microbrand watch is a good starting point for this company and I hope to see them into the Microbrands Book 2023.

Click here to join their kickstarter campaign!