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Medini Watches Microbrand

The world of watchmaking has allowed me over the years to tell many stories of many people, enthusiasts, watchmakers, and brand founders from all over the world.

When I get in touch with a new brand, I always try to understand the story, the passions and not just the watches that are made. This is to understand what is behind the brand and, above all, what sparked the founder of a brand to realise the path that led them to where they are today.

Ahsan Merchant is the founder of MEDINI WATCH COMPANY, a micro(brand) based out of the Emirate of Dubai, UAE, and whose story follows a path through several countries including the United States and England where he lived and worked in the field of professional services for a good part of his adult life.   

Origins of Medini and path

Obsessed with what people were wearing on their wrists since childhood, Ahsan picked up his fever for watches at a very young age.  By the time he was in his early teenage years, all he needed to see was the crown and partial dial sneaking out from underneath people’s sleeves to know which watch they were wearing. 

In pursuit of higher education, Ahsan left for the USA where he was able to exercise his passion a bit more.  Meeting others who shared his enthusiasm was an exhilarating experience.  Eventually settling with a career in Management Consulting, his love for watches stretched further in connecting with people depending on the watches they wore.  It was his way of getting into their comfort zone.  Being able to tell something about someone based on the watch they wore (or didn’t wear) quickly became a tool he exercised regularly. 

However, this as well as the ability to purchase timepieces he most admired was not enough. 

It wasn’t until a few years later where he realised that it wasn’t about owning watches but more about making his own watch, and his own brand of watches, which delivered an experience he could truly call his own.

He quickly got about understanding the watchmaking world and how it was truly distinguished from the watch-owning world.This was to be his way of quenching his thirst and hence MEDINI was born.

Stemming from old Sanskrit script, MEDINI means EARTH and in true manner, the brand bases its design principles in more elemental and classical styles which are ageless in manner.

The Medini collection

MEDINI currently has two inaugural watch series; a chrono called Celeritas and a single time, three-hand with date, called the Sovereign.

Sovereign – The Sovereign is a 38mm three hand with date watch, fit for all ages – a classic design which has a subtle but powerful appeal.  The dimensions are perfect for all wrists sizes. This timepiece is powered by a quartz SWISS Ronda 715and has a mix of polished and brushed finishes, which provide an elegant appeal as well as solid durability.

Celeritas – A classic chronograph, powered by the SEIKO JAPAN VK64 movement, the Celeritas, which literally means “Speed” in Latin, completes the current proposition, which the brand is aspiring to offer. 

The SEIKO JAPAN VK64 mecaquartz movement with its no second hand, makes this watch a silent powerhouse, which will keep ticking away and available to you as a solid timepiece no matter what the occasion.  Again coming in 38mm, with a mix of polish and brushed finishes, this watch is truly classic in its design but not to be undermined in term of its appeal. 

Available in many different dial and strap combinations, MEDINI really wants this watch to suit its owners’ preferences.  Infact, Ahsan’s goal of making this the perfect watch for all occasions just got a boost with the addition of silicone straps, which come free with every purchase.   

Atelier de MEDINI – a unique site view and customer experience

Aside from the name, the founder really wanted to focus on the experience of buying MEDINI watches and owning them.

This was the primary reason for the way in which Ahsan has designed his website.

Wanting to make customisation a key part of the buying experience, Ahsan worked hard to create a website where customers were in-charge of what they bought; hence the birth of Atelier de MEDINI, which is a digital studio where you can put your own combination of colours together.

Here you can find an example of how you can customize your watch for both watches:

Sovereign Custom Experience

Celeritas Custom Experience


Another important feature of this micro-brand is the packaging. By now, many brands are doing away with boxes that take up so much volume and are then abandoned.

Different Medini travel cases

In contrast, MEDINI also prefers to provide a case watch, available in different colours and excellent for travelling as well as regular storage.

Why Buy?

MEDINI is definitely a new brand, with a very good start in terms of its product and the experience its offering. No doubt, the founder has some great ideas for the road ahead but currently is very much focused on ensuring the customers enjoy each and every element that has been delivered so far. 

The watches are simple but with their own character and flare.  Change the strap on the Sovereign from Brown to Ruby, and the whole look and feel changes.  Replace the gold trimmed casing on the Celeritas with the silver casing and you have essentially changed your whole look. Surely this freedom to choose your own look makes this brand worth having as part of your collection now and for all ages to come. 

So check out the collection and enjoy the experience at


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