In 2023, MB&F brings back a beautiful new edition of its LMX timepiece, featuring a stunning purple dial plate encased in a complementary white gold case. The LMX Paris Edition will be exclusively available at the Parisian MB&F LAB on Rue Saint-Honoré and limited to 15 pieces. “If I were to give a name to the LMX Paris Edition, I would undoubtedly call it the ‘LMX Deep Purple’ in reference to the famous 1968 rock group – this piece is definitely rock ’n’ roll!”, says Laurent Picciotto, founder of Chronopassion and owner of the MB&F LAB in Paris.

Meet the “X”

In the MB&F universe, X has a special significance, based on the Roman numeral for 10. It signals a 10th anniversary, like the HM 3 FrogX (2020) marking a decade of the totemic HM 3, or HMX (2015), which head lined the 10th year of MB&F. But X is more than an ancient alternative to the Arabic numeral 10. In algebra, X is the unsolved variable; in cartography, X is the desired destination. X represents the indescribable, the unex plainable and the uncategorisable; it symbolises everything we do not know – yet.

Presenting LMX, celebrating 10 years of Legacy Machines

Back in October 2011, MB&F had just launched Legacy Machine N° 1, the first creation of a new collection, alongside the existing Horological Machines; one creative lab, two interpretations of time-telling. LMX returns to the earliest encounter with the Legacy Machine collection, utilising the same expression comprising a central flying balance wheel and two dials, although everything else is different.

Two independent time zones on tilted dials

Those familiar with MB&F’s very first Legacy Machine will instinctively know how LMX operates. Two dials of stretched white lacquer, each with its own display of hours and minutes. The dial on the right is set by the crown at the 2 o’clock position, which bears an engraving of the MB&F battle-axe and also winds the movement. The crown at 10 o’clock, engraved with a globe to acknowledge the potential use of a second timezone, sets the time of the left dial. Unlike the first Legacy Machines however, both dials are tilted at an angle – a more complex feature present on the most recent Legacy Machines, requiring the transfer of energy from horizontal to vertical planes thanks to conical gears.

Symmetrical movement construction

Like a perfectly balanced X, the engine of LMX is deeply symmetrical – not only dial-side but also
as observed through the sapphire case back, revealing the three barrels placed evenly around
the centre, accentuated by the sunray pattern of the Côtes de Genève finishing. A treat for those who
can read the language of watch movements, who can discern expert intent and refined purpose behind the placement of each component. The X in LMX is more than just a symbol for symmetry, or another way to indicate the numeral 10. LMX is the crossroads where the first and second decades of the Legacy Machine Collection meet.

Four limited editions form the LMX collection:

– 18 pieces in 18K red gold with black NAC treatment on plates and bridges;

  • 33 pieces in grade 5 titanium with green CVD treatment on plates and bridges;
  • 33 “Steel & Brass” pieces in 316L stainless steel with a frosted face. And in 2023, a new limited variation of 15 pieces; the LMX Paris Edition, in white gold with a beautiful sunray purple dial.

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