Ludovic Ballouard Upside down

Following many very successful years as a watchmaker Ludovic Ballouard followed his greatest dream, which had always been to create his own watches, as he had a head filled with ideas for eccentric complications. This journey started in May 2009, with collectors impatiently waiting and suppliers eager to work, Ludovic created his first timepiece, the Upside Down, which was born in December 2009.

With the Upside Down Ludovic Ballouard had the idea of creating a highly complicated and eccentric timepiece with a twist in its presentation of time.

The way time is presented in the Upside Down should remind you how important it is to live in the moment. The past time and the future time are, literally, presented upside down to tell you that there should be no regrets about the past which you cannot change and no qualms for the future which you don’t know anything about.

UPSIDEDOWN gives you time in a unusual way through a highly complicated movement. All numerals are presented upside down except fot the present hour which is displayed right side up along with a dot. There is an hand for the minutes and a subsidiary dial for the constant seconds.

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