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I am always looking for something new in the world of horology, not only new watches, new collectors or new watchmakers but also new ideas and platforms with the purpose of making this passion easier for new potential watch lovers and existing collectors.

Security is for sure one of the most important problems in the watch world and today there are many ways or ideas to improve the security and make purchasing much safe.

JoinTrack is a new platform realized by Nicolas Lince (CEO), Bilal Shahid (CTO), Roman Mansur (COO) which helps watch lovers to track a watch and the purpose is very simple, make watch security accessible to all and redefine how we protect and enjoy our beloved watches.

For this reason JoinTrack is not just a “platform” but also a movement and community made of collectors with the aim of creating a united front against theft and misinformation.

This platform is based on 6 easy points:

  • Watch Verification: JoinTrack allows you to uncover the complete history of your watch. No more uncertainty. Easily confirm its history and ownership, eliminating the risk of dealing with unscrupulous sellers.
  • Community-Driven Protection: By joining JoinTrack, the new member becomes part of a global community passionate about securing the luxury watch market. Together,is possible to proactively thwart watch theft and create a safer environment for all.
  • Accessibility: founders firmly believe that watch security should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or financial means. That’s why all these services are entirely
  • SeamlessWatch Ownership Transition: JoinTrack also simplifies the process of ransferring “digital ownership” of your watch when you decide to sell it. This ensures a smooth and secure flow of watch ownership within the watch community.
  • Confidence in YourInvestment: When you register your watches on JoinTrack, you gain a new level of confidence in your investments. You can rest easy, knowing that your collection is protected and verifiable.
  • Reporting StolenWatches: JoinTrack empowers you to be part of the solution. Report stolen watches and contribute to the prevention of stolen timepieces ending up in the hands of innocent buyers.

JoinTrack – The Technology

The platform works as a central data base framework, meaning that it is not decentralized but centralized (non blockchain) the reason behind this is that blockchain technology would make the process of registering the watches to complicated (for people that are not used to this tech) another Reason behind this is that this platform works as a connector between users, when a watch is stolen and then found, JoinTrack directly provides the information via email to the original owner (detailed information) in order to not compromise and put at Risk to both the owner of the Watch and the user that found the Watch). When a watch is found the platform automatically notifies the owner with location (city and country) as well as time so that he and JoinTrack team can start tracking the Watch. 

The people just register the brand and the serial numbers (but for tier 2 verification level extra pictures and references are required) the idea is to make the registration process as straightforward, simple and secure as posible to not compromise engagement and security.


Check out their website here and let me know your thougths! Maybe we will hear more about them?

Of course this platform is really new but is interesting how this technology is developing and I am very courious on how it will be developed in the future. Is it true there are many website where we can check if a watch is stolen or not but would be great to have something more powerful and with a strong community behind it.

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