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Giorgio Salvatore Watches Microbrand

Today I just discovered a new Italian Microbrand called Giorgio Salvatore!

Giorgio Salvatore is a new brand whose project was born 3 years ago in Milan and was developed in a team of professionals in an Italian specialized center recognized internationally.

GS is a project born in Milan in 2019 inspired by the history of Giorgio Salvatore.

Mechanic and designer, Giorgio was born in 1935 in Milan, where as a child he learned the art of mechanics, thanks to his parents former pilots without fear of danger.

He worked in the family workshop and then took a path as a designer in the Alfa Romeo car manufacturer.

Eager to create his own company, he opened a mechanical workshop in the 60’s and later a dealership, devoting himself in his spare time to the maintenance of vintage cars.

His daughter and niece grew up breathing his passion, and later decided to bring to life a design inspired by car shapes.

The first design draft was drawn in January 2019, and then developed and tested until April 2022, thanks to the collaboration of a highly specialized team.

The first collection of Giorgio Salvatore watches is called FirstClassic,

The goal of the fundraising is to start the start-up, devoting particular attention to the research and development of new and more advanced specimens.

Watch features: it’s unisex, wearable at any age and on any occasion.  

The materials have been chosen with care and are of excellent quality.Technical characteristics:

Giorgio Salvatore – Why buy?

1. It’s a made in Italy product that aims to give work to a young segment

2.  Has a patented design, it’s unique.

3. It’s available on the crowfounding platform (Indiegogo) with a 16% discount plus a 20% discount on a purchase of a future new model.

4. It’s covered by a 2 years warranty

5. Free worldwide shipping

You can find link to the campaign here

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