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Gane Watches Microbrand

Here we are with a new microbrand to discover that is called Gane Watches!

GANE is about old school cool automatic timepieces. 

Raymond (the founder) formed a partnership with a trusted company from Switzerland, a member of the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH, to manage the execution of the watch project.

Their watch cases are manufactured using medical/marine grade 316L stainless steel with solid, boxed sapphire crystal lens.

Secondly, they brought in a reliable, easily serviceable automatic movement while keeping it cost effective.

They chose the Citizen Miyota automatic heartbeat from Japan.

This movement is easily serviceable at low cost in your own location without the need to send it overseas.

Every single watch is tested for function and autonomy in Switzerland.​

With these bases covered, he started the design process and ended with the Type C – C being the starting note of the musical scale – as his first launch.

Design philosophy is based on timeless aesthetics with vintage cues, unique and intentional design, while making artistic and functional sense.

Brushing brings out the essence and the perfect look of steel, while keeping it robust against scratches, wear and tear. It is the most beautiful method of texturing the steel surface. 

Check out their site HERE and bring it to your collection!

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