Fran Bross Watches – the summer choice

Today I want to talk about watches, colors and life, keeping a distance from timepieces and aspects I usually talk about on my blog.

I think is important to give visibility not only to classic brands and classic microbrands but also to young people that are trying to enter step by step into the real world of horology maybe starting from a passion or starting from an idea.

This is the reason why sometimes I want to write about maybe at first glance simple quartz watches but that has behind a very good idea.

I am talking today about Fran Bross watches, a brand created by Jorge Franco, a super young man, only 20 years old from Madrid, Spain!

Jorge was passionate about watches and menswear and he decided in his placement year (third year of University) to start his own watch brand instead of taking the placement in a company. 

I talked with Jorge and I understand that my story was really similar to him after he said this on his choise

“I felt it was the moment and if you really want something you need to go for it, always having in mind and being conscious that both bad things and bumps may appear. stay patient, trust your journey, do what you really have passion for and most importantly believe in yourself.”

As I am a 28 years guy and I decided on 2022 to quit my job to dedicate 100% of my time on watches I was very impressed when I saw that a 20 yrs old guy immediatly after finishing the University was trying to create a new brand!

Now let’s talk about the watches

Fran Bross watches are super colored timepieces (from the inner bezel to the straps) basically very simple quartz movement based and are based on 38mm diameter Japanese Seiko movement watch composed of a black and matte grey stainless steel case.

Remember that we are talking about very basic and simple 64€ watches, so they are made just to have fun and to enjoy in a super easy way.

With the word MEMENTO MORI (Remember that you will die) in latin engraved on the watch face, Fran Bross wants that every time you look at the time you remember the meaning and take advantage of the time.

Don’t  be left with the desire for something, that there is only one life.

The watch comes with 2 types of straps (the 2 included), a nato and adjustable elastic strap to choose from 8 colors.

Each watch is characterized by a different coloured bezel and second hand.

The elastic strap can be taken off very easily without unbuckling the strap can be wear in top of clothes without any problem. 

The packaging is simple but really cool for a 64€ watch. As I said you will find the 2 straps and the watch with guaranty card.

Why Fran Bross?

We are talking about a very low budget watch, super funny and perfect for any color match and perfect (in my opinion) for summer or some very funny moments.

In addiction to this, I think is a basic but super interesting little man made by a brave young man!

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