Clockwork Watch App

Do you know that there is an App called Clockwork that helps you to measure the accuracy of your watches?

Clockwork – Watch App is new mobile app that is made by and for all the watch enthusiasts out there!

Let’s see how it works!

In short it has three main features:

  • it can measure the accuracy of your watches
  • it can safely store information about all your watches
  • you can see super accurate time from an atomic clock!

Measure watch accuracy

Since mechanical watches do not use a battery, they rely on mechanical parts to tell time.

This implies that mechanical watches does not keep time 100% accurately, and that this accuracy is dependent on how much/little the watch has moved, the temperature which the watch has been and of course the movement inside and how well it is calibrated.

Clockwork – Watch App comes with an easy and convenient way to measure the accuracy of your watches.

It lets you take a picture of your timepiece and then ask you to write down the time shown on the image.

It then syncs the image capture time with an atomic clock before we compare it with the time shown on the watch to get an offset.

After waiting a minimum of 12 hours you can do the same again to get a new offset.

Once you have at least two offsets, the app can calculate the differences in these offsets to tell you how many seconds too fast or too slow your watch runs each day!

Taking several measurements over time will thus provide a real-life scenario for how accurate your watch is!

Why should I care to measure the accuracy of my watch?

Finding the accuracy of your watch is interesting on it’s own, but it also has several use cases. 

First of all, it can give you a good indicator for when it is time for a service. If you measure the accuracy regularly, it can ensure you that the watch is in good shape.

A sudden change in accuracy means that something is wrong with the movement and that it is time for a check.Secondly, having proof that the watch is running accurately can increase resell value.

This is especially the case for vintage watches, as accuracy can wary a great deal and service history is often hard to get. If you watch is hard to sell, then having a good accuracy to showcase will definitively help to close the deal with a skeptical buyer.

Other apps can also measure watch accuracy, what makes Clockwork – Watch App different form the rest?

Most other watch measurement apps either listens to the sound from the movement inside your watch or require you press a button when your watch shows a specific time. 

Listening to the sound from the movement of your watch can give you very accurate seconds per day measurements, and additional metrics like beat error and amplitude.

However this either requires the use of a simple microphone, which can give unreliable results, or the use of special third party equipment that is expensive.

Seconds per day is also the only metric you need to worry about for day to day usage.Additionally these apps only give you an accuracy at a single moment in time, while Clockwork – Watch App calculates accuracy as an average over time to give you a real-life scenario for how accurate your watch is.

clockwork watch app

Apps that make you press a button when your watch shows a specific time compares the time of the button tap with a central clock to get an offset.

You then have to do this again some hours later to get a new offset.

The two offsets can be compared and to say how many seconds + or – the watch runs each day. Clockwork – Watch app actually use the same technique, but by registering the time of an image capture and the time shown on the watch to create the offset, instead to timing a button press.

Timing a button press is hard to do precisely within milliseconds and hard to do evenly between measurements.

It it however much easier to set milliseconds off an image, more precisely to use image capture time than button press time. Using images is not only more accurate than relying on you thumb, but also, who doesn’t love taking images of their watches anyway?

Store watch information

In Clockwork – Watch App you can create your digital watch collection! It lets you store relevant and important information about your watches, safely and securely.

Storing information about your watch is important, especially in case of theft or accidents.

In such circumstances it will always help to have information such as reference number and serial number stored in a secure place. 

You can also keep notes on each of your watches to remember things like when and where the watch was bought, dates for services, memorable things that happened with the watch. After all, everybody likes a watch with a good story!

clockwork watch app

Atomic Clock

Clockwork – Watch App is connected to a pool of atomic watch servers through a technology called NTP, which assures extremely accurate time.

Internally, the app uses this watch as the main source of true time, and uses it to calculate the accuracy of your watches correctly and reliably.

You’d be surprise how much the internal clock of your phone differs from this atomic time, so it is really important for accuracy to have one source of truth.

clockwork watch app

The app comes with its own dedicated page to show this atomic clock in both a digital and analog format.

You can use this clock to set the time of your watches as precise as possible!

Additionally, Clockwork – Watch App comes with powerful settings:

  • Setting Dark or Light mode
  • Separate day/date representations
  • Different ways of sorting of your watches, so that you can customize the app to your liking.

Where I can download the app?

Website link:
Direct link to the app:

Overall, the app makes it super easy to measure watch accuracy, and I really recommend it!

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