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    RSM Watch strap

    Finally is time to talk about some new straps and rsm watch strap is really interesting! They started off with the Herringbone Twill Strap. It was inspired from the historical M1941 HBT uniform issued to soldiers during WWII. It is the first of its kind in the market. They experiment and test products at great […] More

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    Hu Watch Straps

    Today i want to present you Hu Watch Straps! Exquisite life starts with a delicate watch strap. An exquisite watch strap can set off the luxury and elegance of the watch and show the style and taste of the owner. Their website only has watch strap producted in the boutique,global service and good quality customer […] More

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    Hawkrigger Watch Straps

    Today i want to present you the Hawkrigger Watch Straps! The O-Rig Jump Strap is a simple cinch down one pass watch strap. Hawkrigger Watch Straps – a cool design Designed in the rigger tradition with repurposed ZULU o-rings in synergy with our bespoke buckle hardware to create a unique set up. These super comfortable […] More

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    Fluco 1952 Watch Straps

    Today i want to show you Fluco 1952 Watch Straps! Good is not good enough. Under this motto, the small family company Fluco has been making leather watch straps since 1952. Ulrich Fleischmann is now the third generation to run the factory in the heart of the Bavarian Forest. Ulrich Fleischmann comes from a family […] More

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    1971 Watch Straps

    Today i want to present you 1971 Watch Straps! We are talking about a Dutch based watch enthusiast and strapmaker that goes by the name of Bernd, also known as Edug on many social platforms. Even though he is based in the Netherlands 85% from his straps are going to the US, Canada, UK and […] More

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    Fortunato watch straps

    Today i want to talk you about Fortunato watch straps! The FORTUNATO brand was originally created in 2010 and is registered brand in Hong Kong, Italy, China, Macau and Japan. The business nature of this brand is retail and wholesale of high-quality leather watch bands and watches. FORTUNATO’s leather watch bands are designed & produce […] More

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    Mr. TipTop Leather watch straps

    Today i want to show you Mr. TipTop Leather watch straps! Their main company was established in 1954. They have now decided to let you all get the possibility to buy a master piece strap or other leather goods. Their Master Craftsman does not make Their products with help of modern machinery. The straps from […] More

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    Barton watch bands

    Today i want to present you Barton watch bands! BARTON Watch Bands was born out of one man’s recurring frustration over poorly designed watch straps. An avid traveler, fun enthusiast and relatively obsessive watch guy, he couldn’t find watch bands that achieved his desired balance between fashion, function and fit. So mechanical engineer that he […] More