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    I just discovered on Instagram a nice and interesting German brand called “WatchPillar” specialized into wooden watch accessories. As you know I always want to discover something special to talk about here on my blog and when first saw this product I said “What? Let me check it!” I understoodd immediatley that it was a […] More

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    Luxury Watch Rolls

    As you know I’m always looking for new very good quality products to show you here on my blog and today I just discovered a really interesting brand from UK called Luxury Watch Rolls! This brand was founded at the start of 2022 by Jamie (30 years old) and he is now preparing to start […] More

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    Cosma Design

    Today i want to discover a new brand with you and it’s called Cosma Design They are caracterized by sewing leather and there is no such company on the market, which uses this method! They are making really cool and true hand made unique products with a focus on the watch accessories, like watch roll […] More

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    Zanneti Watches Accessories

    Today i want to talk about Zanneti Watches Accessories! In the hearts of Zanneti they are watch collectors. As their collection grew Zanneti started to hunt for watch storage solutions. It soon became obvious that watch storage was too expensive, was not thoughtfully designed and more importantly, watch rolls did not feel as good as […] More