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BYRNE Watch goes to the Americas!

After Europe, Asia with Japan, and now Canada and the United States, BYRNE Watch continues to grow at a very steady pace.

Rarely has an independent luxury watch brand seen such a rapid international development. Only five
months after its launch at Geneva Watch Days last September, BYRNE Watch has already established
itself in the UK, Germany, Japan, France, and now Canada and the USA.

The watch with a changing dial thanks to its GyroDial movement, which transforms the cardinal indexes every day at midnight or noon, is now available at the most prestigious retailers who are ambassadors of independent and creative watchmaking on the three main continents.

In France with Laurent Picciotto’s Chronopassion, in Scotland with James Porter & Sons, in Germany
with Seilnacht, in Japan with Noble Styling, and now in Toronto, Canada, with EBillion and in Florida
in the US with the Provident Jewelry network, six major retailers have chosen BYRNE for its singular
and different concept, its creativity, its innovation and its excellence.

In Toronto, Canada, EBillion, located on the famous Yorkville Avenue, is a large retailer with a prestigious clientele.

A watch connoisseur, the founder and his team truly fell in love with BYRNE Watch and declared: “EBillion is one of Canada’s most illustrious high-end watch and jewelry boutiques, located on the most prestigious street, Yorkville. EBillion is the ultimate place for watch enthusiasts who seek quality and excellence when it comes to timepieces.

Ebillion true connoisseur, always at the forefront in the search of unique timepieces, has chosen BYRNE Watch for its unique concept and its innovative complication GyroDial.”

In the USA, in Florida, Provident Jewelry is a network of seven prestigious boutiques located at the
most exclusive addresses in the State. BYRNE Watch is already available at the Jupiter boutique as well as the West Palm Beach boutique, which offer a great customer experience, tailored to the customer’s needs, both in terms of service and high level advice.

In welcoming BYRNE Watch, the management team said, “Provident Jewelry has been family-owned
and operated since opening our original location in West Palm Beach, Florida in 1993.”


BYRNE was born from the mind of a passionate person who created a watch with multiple faces: the Byrne GyroDial.

A watch that can change its dial every day?

Every night at midnight or noon, the four indexes at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock undergo a transformation,
giving the dial a new face. Roman or Arabic numerals – or any other character, symbol or design on
custom order – can appear on the dial.

Three years of research and development in Fleurier, Switzerland, were necessary to give birth to this patented animation complication.

The Byrne GyroDial offers its wearer the feeling of a different watch every day, as well as the
possibility of changing its face at any time in-between. Byrne’s motto: “Change your mind in a flash”.

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