Artya AquaSaphir

Artya AquaSaphir it’s a new kind of sapphire crystal watch.

When the temperature rises… it’s time to slip into the summer spirit with ArtyA’s AquaSaphir collection of sapphire crystal aquatic watches.
Back in 2013, ArtyA was one of the very first brands to develop sapphire crystal watches. Over the past 10 years the brand has acquired unique expertise and know-how, notably in the development of sapphire crystal cases, and in the mastery of tinted sapphire crystal.
Rated to 6 ATM, the AquaSaphir is the first sapphire crystal aquatic watch on the market capable of withstanding the pressure down to a depth of 60 meters (over 195 feet). How it does this? It’s the first watch to have been ingeniously designed without any steel elements in the sapphire crystal case. No visible screws, no metal casing, nothing to block the watch’s transparency. A technically complex and daring choice that allows for an unprecedented and unparalleled aesthetic. And thanks to the remarkable hardness of sapphire – 9 on the Mohs scale, the hardest mineral right after diamond and moissanite – it also translates into a case that is naturally scratch-resistant.

To accentuate the AquaSaphir’s summery visual vibe, the bezel has been crafted in cyan-tinted NanoSaphirTM, giving the crystal’s transparency a vibrant, turquoise hue that in turn emphasizes the watch’s affinity with the surf and beyond. At its center, entirely handcrafted by Swiss master enamellers, the enamel dial mesmerizes with a magnificent blue gradient, from intense at the top to pure white at the bottom, like diving down to a sandy seafloor. The visually powerful color underscores the watch’s aquatic character and works beautifully with the sapphire crystal’s transparency.

A second version of the AquaSaphir features a dial made from a Gibeon meteorite discovered in Namibia. The characteristic patterns – known as Widmanstätten patterns – created by the crystalline structure of metal alloys cooling very, very slowly over millions of years in space – bring out an organic aspect in this natural, timeless dial, lending a singular and distinctive character to this AquaSaphir.

Inside, the beating heart of a mechanical self-winding movement with 3 hands and date: an ArtyOn exclusive made in Switzerland. It shines with a range of particularly meticulous finishes such as the presence of rose gold, NAC to darken the gray steel, and the traditional Côtes de Genève, all of which superbly showcase the movement’s architecture, its spatial volumes, the way it plays light, with reflections and shadows magnifying the beautiful mechanism – whose precision is certified by COSC, the prestigious Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute.

Ultimately, these two iterations of AquaSaphir express the interplay of cutting-edge technology and visual artistry, a combination so dear to – an emblematic of – Yvan Arpa, founder of the independent, Geneva-based brand ArtyA, a symbol of boundary-pushing creativity.
Every ArtyA timepiece is a creation inspired by a bold combination of pioneering horology and artistic expression, and crafted by passionate artisans. Rare materials and innovative techniques come together to infuse life into unique timepieces, where imagination meets precision. An eccentric and captivating universe where the exceptional becomes the norm and each watch tells a story, as unique as its wearer.

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