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As we all know, watch enthusiasts always want the best for their timepieces and cleaning the watch is certainly an important part. This is because wearing a watch (especially a valuable one) but not keeping it clean properly or even risking ruining it can compromise the main reason why we wear it, which is to admire and let other enthusiasts admire the beauty of our timepiece.

This problem was solved by the guys at AIS Collective through their swiss-made cleaning tools. It was thanks to one of the founders who, trying to clean his watch with a toothbrush, came up with the idea of the ChronoPen. A tool dedicated solely and exclusively to cleaning the watch in a more than professional way.

No matter what type of watch you want to clean or wear. AIS Collective’s tools are suitable for any type of timepiece.

AIS Collective – ChronoPen and ChronoLeatherPen

The Swiss made ChronoPen and ChronoLeatherPen are designed to be simple in use but thorough in watch cleaning. The ChronoPen is a handheld pen-like device, which is filled with a specially created formula to clean watches of any metal or material gently, yet thoroughly. The brush-tip of the pen is made of fine bristles, just perfect for cleaning timepieces.

The ChronoLeatherPen is filled with a natural leather conditioning formula which includes jojoba oil and natural bee’s wax to provide lasting care for a wide range of leather strap. The tip of the ChronoLeatherPen is a silicone tip, perfectly designed to massage the formula onto both sides of the strap. Both products are Swiss Made in Zürich, Switzerland.

Another interesting part of these products is their size. In fact, they can be carried without any difficulty and can even be stored in our time box.

AIS Collective – Why Buy?

Certainly not everyone pays attention to the cleaning of the watch, but certainly many people wonder about its proper use and how it can be cleaned without damaging it. AIS Collective does just that and the price is absolutely in line with the market. The individual ChronoPens are available for 55 CHF and the ChronoCloth for 19 CHF. Since watches don’t have to be cleaned exactly every day, the products will certainly last long enough not to be a major expense.

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