Welcome to my website mrwatch93.com!

Ever since I was a kid I’ve always had so many memories related to watches, I remember trying to wear them as a kid and how fascinated I was by how a timepiece worked.

From what is born Mrwatch93?

It all started from a mix between a passion for publishing, digital marketing and a passion for watches. After completing a master’s degree in digital marketing and working for 5 years in a publishing house company in Milan, I decided to put into practice everything I learned by trying to realize a website and Instagram profile of my own all dedicated to watches.

With a lot of effort and with my skills I create a tailor made and well focused Storytelling for the world of horology, auctions, watchmakers, big and Microbrands from all over the world with paper and digital.

Why? Because in a world where everything is digital and where companies and consumers are devastated by media and aggressive advertising, I think that a good mixture of digital and paper touch could be the correct solution to have something tangible and with a good value for both consumers and companies.

In 2022 I published my first book, the Microbrands Book, a book published annually worldwide on amazon and dedicated to microbrands and independent watchmakers and in April 2023 I published the second edition.

If you also love the fascinating world of watches keep reading me on mrwatch93.com and follow me on MWATCH93 Instagram profile!