About me

Welcome to my site mrwatch93.com! Many people know me as MRWATCH93 thanks to my Instagram profile! Ever since I was a kid I’ve always had so many memories related to watches, I remember trying to wear them as a kid and how fascinated I was by how a timepiece worked.

I have never considered the watch as a simple object but as a small work of engineering. In fact, each watch has its own caliber (movement or mechanism) with a specific functioning. Each brand, each maison has its own history and each of them has contributed to improve and reinvent the watch in its forms and mechanisms according to a specific purpose.

Mrwatch93.com wants to share with users all the curiosities and news about the world of watches, opinions, prices, reviews, microbrands and many news!

From what is born Mrwatch93?

It all started from a mix between a passion for SEO and a passion for watches. In fact, after completing a master’s degree in digital marketing (through which I discovered SEO) I decided to put into practice everything I learned by trying to open a site of my own.

I am not a technician or an expert, but I am a curious guy and I like to experiment! As for timepieces, since 2 years ago I entered in the heart of this passion starting the first purchases and through the site mrwatch93.com I will share tips, purchases and news about the world of watches. If you like watches you are in the right place!

At the same time as the site, the Instagram page MRWATCH93 was also born in December 2019, thanks to which I started my first collaborations with brands such as D1Milano and Eoniqdesign.

This page allows me to share my collection on a daily basis but above all to compare myself with other fans and experts in the field, from which it is always nice to learn something new!


If you also love the fascinating world of watches keep reading me on mrwatch93.com and follow me on MWATCH93 profile!