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A. Langhe & Söhne – New Perpetual Timepiece

With the 1815 RATTRAPANTE PERPETUAL CALENDAR, A. Lange & Söhne presents three of the most sophisticated watchmaking complications in a classic design. The equally rare and ambitious combination of a split-seconds chronograph and a perpetual calendar is now presented in a new guise, with an 18-carat white gold case and a rose gold dial. The new 1815 RATTRAPANTE Perpetual Calender is limited to 100 pieces.

When it was presented in 2013, the 1815 RATTRAPANTE PERPETUOUS CALENDAR marked marked a milestone in the recent history of A. Lange & Söhne. With a movement specially developed in-house, it was then already the eighth chronograph calibre developed in-house, it brought together three of the most elaborate complications – very rare in this configuration – in the classic and elegant design elegant design of the 1815 watch family. The result: maximum efficiency over short and long distances. Thanks to the eponymous complications, the 1815 RATTRAPANTE PERPETUAL CALENDAR sets new benchmarks for both short timekeeping and the indication of intervals on the calendar.

Comparative timing down to the fraction of a second

One of the greatest horological challenges of 1815 RATTRAPANTE PERPETUOUS CALENDAR is the rattrapante function. In addition to the conventional chronograph function, this sophisticated complication allows intermediate times to be measured intermediate times, to compare times and to determine the minimum and maximum values within one minute. Since the frequency of the balance of the L101.1 Manufacture calibre is six vibrations per second, timekeeping can be recorded to the nearest sixth of a second. With the help of an additional graduation on the external minute scale, it is possible to read off accurately.

The precisely controlled processes of the movement can also be clearly appreciated, as the mechanism is shown in all its splendour through the sapphire glass back. The switching for timing and intermediate times takes place according to the classical construction via two column wheels. In line with the philosophy of A. Lange & Söhne, technical complexity is accompanied by a high degree of craftsmanship perfection: the upper part of all movable elements is decorated with linear polishing, while the peripheral bevels are polished. Only an expert finisher is able to polish the corners perfectly precise and flat. perfectly precise and flat.

A calendar for eternity

While the split-second chronograph is capable of measuring various intermediate times down to the fraction of a second, the technical mastery of the perpetual calendar lies in its ‘long-term memory term memory’. The complex and proverbial forecasting mechanism ensures the exact indication of the date, day of the week and month, every day for decades, even taking leap years into account. of leap years. Only on 1 March 2100 must the calendar indication be corrected by one day according to the rules of the Gregorian calendar, which does not include leap years.

The precise display of the phases of the moon is also planned for the long term. It reproduces the period of the synodic revolution of the earth’s satellite so precisely that it requires a correction of only one day in 122.6 years.

Manufacture Calibre L101.1

The hand-wound L101.1 movement, made in accordance with traditional construction characteristics, consists of 631 individual components. The perpetual calendar mechanism alone requires 211 components, while the chronograph mechanism with split-seconds function requires a further 206. The screw balance, driven by the balance spring developed and manufactured in the manufactory, guarantees high rate stability.

The quality features typical of Lange, such as screwed gold bezels, burnished screws, the demanding swan-neck micrometric adjustment, and the hand-engraved balance wheel, are all part of the timepiece’s design. hand-engraved balance wheel, are visible through the sapphire glass back. The finish of the movement assembled twice reflects the high standards of A. Lange & Söhne in every detail. Söhne.

New LANGE 1 Time Zone

Shanghai, Dubai, Glashütte: with the LANGE 1 TIME ZONE you literally wear the world on your wrist. It shows the time at home and in another time zone at a glance. The ring-shaped day/night indications and the daylight savings time display for the second time zone extend the high level of functionality. This year, A. Lange & Söhne presents a new version in 950 platinum with a rhodium-plated dial. The monochrome colour combination lends the technical refinement a timeless elegance and underlines the Saxon manufactory’s ambition to go beyond the limits and go its own way.

In the new edition of the LANGE 1 HOUR FUSE presented three years ago, the innovative strength and creativity of Lange watchmakers are once again reflected in all their splendour. Once again, the aim was to combine sophisticated mechanics with timeless design and excellent legibility. Since the ring of cities with its 24 off-centre dial positions in the LANGE 1 watch family is not
compromised. At the same time, home time and the time in a second time zone, as well as the big date and power reserve display, are always visible at a glance, compromised.

At the same time, home time and the time in a second time zone, as well as the big date and power reserve display, are always visible at a glance. At the same time, the hour hand of the small auxiliary dial advances one hour and indicates the time of the city time zone visible under the gold arrow appliqué. A technical refinement is the display of daylight saving time. A chrome code inside the arrow indicates whether there is a change in this time zone. In such a case, the inner window is coloured red; if, on the other hand, daylight saving time applies all year round, the background remains clear.

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