3CT Microbrand watches

The new kickstarter campaign of 3CT is finally online and you can find it here!

This concept idea was created by 3CT Watches founder Tomasz in July 2022 inspired by the three moons of Jupiter: Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto.

3CT Watches has set out to craft a series of timepieces that pay tribute to moons of the Solar System.

The color of each translucent dial of the 3CT Watch was chosen to match the individual characteristics of each of these moons. These three watches are just the beginning of 3CT journey through the moons of the Solar System.

These watches are powered by a Swiss Sellita automatic movement SW200-1 with also a velcro fastened strap design.

The case has a 43 mm diameter with a 49.5 mm lug to lug and a lot of brushed and polished finishes.

3CT Callisto

The outermost of Jupiter’s large moons, Callisto does not experience enough gravitational pushing and pulling to heat its interior like the other moons.

However, there is evidence of a sub-surface liquid-water ocean likely due to high pressure from its thick ice shall above and impurities in the ocean that keep the water liquefied at cool temperetures, These three moons inspired SCT Watches to create the first series: Europe, Ganymede and Callisto.

3CT Ganymede

The largest moon in the Solar System and the only moon with a magnetic field, Ganymede likely produced it through its churning liquid-iron core.

It is also geologically active due to gravitational tugs, which gives it a subsurface ocean. More study of this moon is needed to determine whether its ocean is likely to be habitable for life.

3CT Europa

On Earth, life exists in the deepest, darkest parts of our oceans near hydrothermal vents that release heat from our planet’s core.

Could something similer be happening in Europa’s ocean? A thick crust of water ice with a liquid, blue salty ocean underneath, heated by gravitational pulls from Jupiter and Ganymede may create conditions conducive to the rise of life.

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