TOOL WATCH CO. Microbrand

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Today i want to present a new microbrand that i just discovered!

This new microbrand is TOOL WATCH CO. and has just developed a new interesting timepiece, the Arctic!

The Arctic is a robust, technical timepiece designed for accuracy and legibility, drawing
inspiration from the adventurous spirit of the early polar pioneers.

This new watch will be launched through Kickstarter on 2 November 2021.

The Arctic is a refined 38mm titanium, field-style watch for men and women and will be
available in 3 versions; the Signature Series blue meteorite dial, the Limited Edition black
meteorite dial, and the One of Ten white/grey meteorite dial.

The Arctic One of Ten is limited to ten units worldwide, and owners of this exclusive timepiece will have the option to work with Tool Watch Co’s design team to personalize their case back engraving.

Tool watch co. INSPIRATION

Tool Watch Co. takes inspiration seriously in its design process. Every aspect of their watches,
from colour choice to their components is thoughtfully considered.

The choice of the natural meteorite dial represents Greenlands Hiawatha Glacier – the first meteorite impact crater ever discovered under Earth’s ice sheets.

Cutting and finishing a meteorite dial requires time and skill.
Each Arctic dial is made from a solid slice of the Muonionalusta meteorite (found north of the
Arctic circle), and treated to bring out its natural crystalline pattern.

Swiss Super-Luminova GradeA BGW9 lume is used on the signature hour and minute hands, Arctic hunting-tool seconds hand, and dial indices for exceptional low light legibility.

They have developed a specific dial text methodology that will carry through to further models.
About the model designation sits at the top of the dial, and the subtext below acts as a summarised spec sheet of the core attributes of the watch in line with their tool watch aesthetic and the DNA of tool watches in general.


Tool Watch Co. has chosen Sellita’s SW200 to power the Arctic, a premium Swiss movement
known for its precision, accuracy, and reliability. Tool Watch Co’s choice tin using Sellita’s Swiss
movements is influenced by using watch movements that resonate with the region of inspiration,
in this case, northern Europe.

Luxury brands that use Sellita movements include IWC, Tag, Hublot, and Breitling.


The case back features an original engraving of a polar bear on Tool Watch Co’s signature pattern,
symbolic of the harsh environment and enduring spirit of the Arctic.


Each Arctic will include a Saffiano strap, drawing on the heritage of using leather straps in cold
conditions, and a signature in-house designed titanium h-link bracelet. Watches and h-link
bracelets use HV1200 scratch-resistant coating. A half-link will be included with each bracelet so
customers can size it perfectly.


They have engineered their packaging using environmentally-friendly foam. It is non-toxic,
lightweight, impact-resistant and, 100% recyclable. Its core purpose is to offset the CO2
generated by shipping heavier items of the same size and reducing non-recyclable waste.


Arctic signature series

Arctic Limited Edition

Arctic One of Ten


Tool Watch Co. believes in a world where taking small incremental steps to sustainability will make
a difference, especially in a marketplace saturated with greenwashing.

Sustainability forms the basis of their watches, and they are committed to setting an ethical example in the watch industry
by producing premium and sustainable items.

They are committed to finding sustainable solutions to wasteful production by incorporating overstock leather in their straps and recyclable materials to emphasize durability and an extended lifespan.

Tool Watch Co. actively works with their manufacturing partners across their supply chain to improve consumption while reducing emissions and waste.

Standing by reliability and precision, they oversee their entire manufacturing process from design
to craftsmanship and use innovative materials and ethical manufacturing practices to merge their
passion for design with sustainability.

They strive to infuse each stage of their design and production process with a positive influence.

Hu Watch Straps

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Today i want to present you Hu Watch Straps!

Exquisite life starts with a delicate watch strap.

An exquisite watch strap can set off the luxury and elegance of the watch and show the style and taste of the owner.

Their website only has watch strap producted in the boutique,global service and good quality customer service.

Their watch strap, selected high-quality crocodile skin, with high-grade watch, enhance the aesthetic level of the owner.

Crocodile skin is known as “leather gold” in the leather industry. The high-quality crocodile skin has fine grain, fine texture and soft feel.

It will not stimulate the owner’s skin when wearing.

Unlike cowhide, the strap made of crocodile skin is bright and softer. A high-end watch should be matched with our “gold” crocodile strap to keep high-end and show the luxury charm of the watch.

All the watch strap are handmade by international well-known experts. From skin selection to cutting, from design to sewing, there are dozens of processes, which are all handmade. After careful production.

Check out their site here!

Isotope Watches Microbrand

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Today I want to show you the microbrand Isotope watches, a watch that really surprised me and probably one of the best diver at such a competitive price.

After discovering this watch on Instagram I decided to review it through my Mrwatch93 page.

The diver in question is the Goutte d’Eau model, whose shape was conceived taking inspiration from the 1937 Talbot Lago t150 car. Seeing the case of the watch you immediately understand why.

Isotope watches has conceived this watch with a high quality diver in mind but with an absolutely contained shape (40 mm in diameter).

Isotope Watches – you decide the movement

This watch has several features that make it special. Starting first with the choice of automatic movement, we can in fact decide to have a Seiko NH38 movement (41 hours power reserve and accuracy -20/+40 seconds per day) or a SwissMade Sellita SW2000 movement (38 hours power reserve and accuracy -12/+12 seconds per day).

316L steel, sapphire crystal and water resistance up to 200 meters complete the qualities of this watch, along with the obviously screw-down crown and internal rotating bezel.

Among the features that struck me most we have the colors of this watch starting from the second hand, until the strap born and the crown that moves the inner bezel, all these elements always present the same color harmony.

In fact, Isotope Watches are available in green, red, blue, yellow and orange!

Isotope Watches – How to buy it

If you want a nice diver and want to spend cheap, this watch is definitely for you.

You can buy this watch with 10% disocunt using my mrwatch10 promocode at check out clicking HERE !

Gane Watches Microbrand

Here we are with a new microbrand to discover that is called Gane Watches!

GANE is about old school cool automatic timepieces. 

Raymond (the founder) formed a partnership with a trusted company from Switzerland, a member of the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH, to manage the execution of the watch project.

Their watch cases are manufactured using medical/marine grade 316L stainless steel with solid, boxed sapphire crystal lens.

Secondly, they brought in a reliable, easily serviceable automatic movement while keeping it cost effective.

They chose the Citizen Miyota automatic heartbeat from Japan.

This movement is easily serviceable at low cost in your own location without the need to send it overseas.

Every single watch is tested for function and autonomy in Switzerland.​

With these bases covered, he started the design process and ended with the Type C – C being the starting note of the musical scale – as his first launch.

Design philosophy is based on timeless aesthetics with vintage cues, unique and intentional design, while making artistic and functional sense.

Brushing brings out the essence and the perfect look of steel, while keeping it robust against scratches, wear and tear. It is the most beautiful method of texturing the steel surface. 

Check out their site HERE and bring it to your collection!

Towson Watch Co.

Time to talk about a new microbrand that is cold Towson Watch Co!

TWC was established in 1998 by George Thomas and Hartwig Balke, two German engineers that moved to America with the dream of starting a watch company.

While initially built on the custom production of timepieces for select clientele, TWC has established four signature collections (Silver, Limited, Chesapeake, Mission) over the past two decades that remain freshly updated.

Every model ref. is limited to the handcraft production of 50-500 pieces.

Martin-M-130 pilot chronograph

The Martin-M-130 pilot chronograph is named after the famous flying boat Martin
M-130, also called the China Clipper, built at the Glenn L. Martin Corporation in

It was a plane that shrunk the world, skipping across the Pacific like a rock across a pong in an astonishingly fast sixty hours.

The timepiece’s boldly colored dial was designed to replicate cockpit instruments of the 1930’s. A plush engraving of the famous China Clipper adorns the case back.

This timepiece is powered by a high-grade ETA/Valjoux Cal.7750 movement that has been decorated and adjusted by TWC watchmakers. Production is limited to 100 pieces.

The Cockpit Moon Chronograph

The Cockpit Moon Chronograph is a moonphase timepiece featuring one of Towson
Watch Company’s most decorated bezel designs.

The blued steel Breguet-style hands rest upon an intricate white color dial that features a stunning hand-guilloche pattern decorated with silver indicators for the time, day, month, date, hour, minute, second, 24-hour span and the moon phase.

All encapsulated in a 38mm stainless steel case with sapphire crystals on the front and open caseback.

This timepiece is powered by the same workhorse movement found in the rest of the “Mission Collection’s” moonphase chronographs, a high-grade ETA Cal. 7751 automatic movement that has been decorated and adjusted by TWC watchmakers.

The Cockpit Moon is water resistant to 50 meters and exclusively available for purchase on this website. Inquire for further custom options.

This variant of the Cockpit Moon is limited in production to 100 pieces.


This unique half-skeleton timepiece was specially designed in conjunction and constant
communication with the components manufacturer in Germany before our inhouse
modifications, embellishments and assembly.

The solid sterling silver dial, consisting of two circles for minute/hour and second, complements the Guilloche decorated, black-coated main plate.

The specially treated gears and skeletonized and engraved bridges create a tasteful contrast
to the black background. A Guilloche pattern on the crown, ratchet wheel, and blued screws add
a striking finish to make this watch a work of art.

The stainless steel case has a diameter of 42mm and width of 12mm, encapsulating the beautiful guilloche dial that was hand-turned by our rose engine inhouse. The watch is powered by a high-grade ETA 17 jewel half skeleton Cal.

6498 manual wound movement, regulated to five positions. Additional features made inhouse
include a crew balance and swan neck fine regulation.

Sapphire crystal on the front and back allows for clear readability and durability. Functions include: second, minute, and hour.

The piece is water resistant to 50m and the strap width is 22mm.

Each collection retains its own unique characteristic, but they all share the feel, attention and build of TWC quality, communicating our traditional and personalized approach to the horologist’s craft.

Towson Watch Company specializes in the craft-production of mechanical timepieces.

They design, prototype, assemble, and perform most elements of the watchmaking process at their workshops in Towson, MD.

Components are sourced strictly by their partners in Switzerland and Germany.

All Towson watches are powered by high-grade Swiss movements that have been decorated and modified by their watchmakers.

They work closely with every one of our collaborators to produce a guaranteed quality, design, and exclusivity that exceeds the standard of American fine watchmaking.

All Towson watch models are exclusively sold on their website or at their store in Baltimore City located at101 W Dickman St. Baltimore, MD 21230. 

This allows them to offer you an accessible price point unmatched by any other high-grade mechanical watchmaker.

Each Limited and Mission Collection model ref. produced by Towson Watch Company is limited in production to 100-500 total pieces.

Each model ref. in our Silver and Chesapeake Collections are limited to 50-100 pieces while custom and gold watches range in production quantity from one to five total pieces.

Once a model is sold out, it will never be produced again.

Hoftime watches

Today i want to present you Hoftime Paris, a French company.

Hoftime was created in 2021 with nearly 6 months of study and research. 

This is a Young French company located near Paris, they have been passionate about watchmaking for many year.

They are not interested in buying and reselling, so they thought of another way to combine passion and business.

Hoftime made a very simple observation:

Many enthusiasts do not necessarily have the money to buy the watch of their dreams so They make objective of these promotional lotteries to give everyone the opportunity to wear the watch they want on their wrist.

How does it work? They organise lotteries that are paid for but for a low price.

So the players then have a great chance of winning a watch worth several thousand euros.

For this first opportunity the protagonist is a CARTIER SANTOS XL.

With the code FIRST10% you save 10% on your ticket purchase.

Here you can check their website:

Good luck and enjoy the opportunity if you want!

Namica Watches Microbrand

Namica watches is a new microbrand i just found on instagram and i want to share with you all the details about these interesting timepieces!

Namica is a small independent Japanese watch company just south of Tokyo in the Izu Peninsula, famous for their white sand beaches and glorious hot springs.

They strive to create impeccably built, modern timepieces with serious specifications under the hood.

​The aim is to combine inspiration from classic vintage watches, with passion for Japanese modern design influences to create contemporary, high quality timepieces geared toward those looking for something truly special.

They select materials and design components that have been proven time and again in the industry to be extremely robust and ready to be relied upon wherever you choose to go – all of this at a much lower cost of a similar spec watch from most other major legacy brands.

Namica watches – Shirahama model

As clean as it gets. The Shirahama is a modern take on the classic automatic dive watch.

Named after [白浜] the local white sand beach here in Izu, Japan.

While the dial is inspired by classic divers from the past for a versatile look and maximum legibility, the case was designed from the ground up for a modern aesthetic, featuring a bi-colour premium grade sapphire bezel loaded with Swiss Made Super-LumiNova® BGW9.

The contrasting matte, sandblasted finish gives a smooth utilitarian tool watch look and feel.

Here you can see the amazing lume of the Shirahama watch by Namica Watches.

You can also see how the bezel has a super lume!


Powered by the SII NH38A from leading-edge Japanese watchmaker SEIKO, it is an automatic movement from Japan known for its accuracy & reliability.

The 24-jewel movement flaunts 21,600 vph (6 vibrations per sec), hacking, manual winding and a power reserve of 41+ hours. Includes Seiko’s in-built Diashock system to maintain accuracy against jolts.

This no-date version of the legendary SII NH35A is not only perfect for The Shirahama’s minimal dial design, but is also extremely easy to maintain and service.

Considered to be one of the best-in-class robust tool watch movements ever made.

Namica watches – Neo Tokyo

The Shirahama has been fine tuned for the NEO TOKYO Special Edition in more ways than one.

The case, bracelet and clasp has been upgraded with a DLC coating (Diamond-Like Carbon) for an extremely durable, scratch-resistant finish, whilst the ultraviolet metallic vertical brushed fumé dial brings out the cyberpunk aesthetic.

Neon accents and Swiss Made Super-LumiNova® BGW9 printed futuristic outline indices provide the finishing touches. 

Namica watches specifications

Movement: SEIKO SII NH38A (no date)

Case Material: Sandblasted DLC matte 316L stainless steel

Dial: Ultraviolet metallic vertical brushed fumé

Case Width: 40mm

Water Resistance: 200m | 660ft

Bezel: 120-click unidirectional lumed sapphire bezel  

Crystal: Double dome sapphire & inner AR coating  

Lume: Swiss Made Super-LumiNova® BGW9

Bracelet Material: Sandblasted DLC matte 316L stainless steel

Bracelet Links: Fully articulating with solid end links  


RRP US $ 449


  • Saffiano vegan leather watch case
  • International two year warranty

US $ 299

Limited to just x50 pieces

US $ 325

Limited to just x50 pieces


US $ 349

Prices – Neo Tokyo

RRP US $ 499

Includes Saffiano vegan leather watch case and International two year warranty

Limited to just x50 pieces


Limited to just x50 pieces


If you want to check out their site click here!

Mainspring Craft Coffee co

It’s time…to wake up with a good coffee!

Today i want to talk about somethng really special.

As i am always looking for new watches i just found Anthony, an incredible collector on instagram.

But wait he is not only a watch lover, he is also the owner of Mainspring Craft Coffee e co, a really interesting coffee company from Southern California!

If you check the their site here you can experience some of the smoothest and richest coffees from around the world, roasted in Southern California and shipped straight to your door at peak flavor for your enjoyment!

Mainspring Craft Coffee Co was born out of the love of all watches and fine coffee.

It started with the watches. One after another Speedmaster, Explorer, Tudor. We all can not get enough.

So many brands, colors, outfits to pair with. Another thing that a lot of us share is the addiction for coffee.

Another thing they cannot get enough of but can easily sample and try unlike the other addiction we share.

Where their beans come from

Their beans come from all around the globe to be roasted in Temecula, California. Temecula California is known for their wide variety of award-winning wineries.

They found they were hiding a gem in the coffee roasting business. Bringing this fine coffee to you was their pleasure.

Explore their variety of coffee

  1. Speedy brew dark roast

They Brought together some of the best coffees from across the planet just for you.

A blend of six of the best beans available for a smooth taste that you will come back for time and time again.

Speedy’s tend to have so many variations with no end of what Speedmasters us watch people want so why not have a blend to commemorate the many Speedmasters that they love.


Type: Blend

Notes: House Espresso

Origin: International Blend

Process: Meticulously blended coffee beans from around the world

Roast: Dark

Size: 12 oz.

Whole bean or Grounds

Grind Level: Drip

2. The Royal Drip

With a silky body, full of rich Sweet Apple, Raisin, and Honey notes, our tasty single origin is the perfect coffee for enjoying morning, noon, and night! This balanced coffee was roasted to produce a coffee which is perfect for brew methods from pour over to espresso. With crisp and smooth notes it is certainly a coffee you will be brewing and enjoying every day of the week!

The Royal Drip

Type: Single Origin

Notes: Sweet Apple, Raisin, and Honey

Origin: Costa Rica

Elevation: 1300-1445 Masl

Process: Eco-Pulped and Dried in the Sun

Roast: Medium

Size: 12 oz or 2lb

Whole bean or Grounds

Grind Level: Drip

Certifications: SHB/EP

3. The PAM Grind

The PAM Grind

With a flavorful body, full of rich molasses, brown sugar, and dark chocolate notes, their exquisite single origin is the perfect coffee for enjoying at anytime of the day!

This silky coffee was roasted to produce a coffee which is perfect for brew methods from pour over to espresso.

With flavorful and smooth notes it is certainly a coffee you will not be disappointed with and will be back for more.

Type: Single Origin

Notes: Dark Chocolate, Molasses, Brown Sugar

Origin: Bali, Indonesia

Elevation: 1200-1600 Masl

Process: Hand Picked, wet-hulled and dried on raised beds

Roast: Med-Dark

Size: 12 oz or 2lb

Whole bean or Grounds

Grind Level: Drip

Certifications: Organic

AndoAndoAndo Watches Microbrand

Today i want to discover with a new microbrand AndoAndoAndo Watches!


The A-1 Automatic Watch is the first timepiece by Japanese-Finnish design company AndoAndoAndo, founded by Yu Ando.

Yu Ando is a Japanese designer and watch enthusiast settled in Finland.

In his first watch design, he has sought to bring together both Finnish functionality and Japanese values of detailed and sophisticated design.


A-1 Automatic Watch has only the basic functions of a watch – it shows you time, date and day. But all the aspects are well-defined: the dial is easy to read and the hourly indexes glow in the dark.

The movement is automatic Seiko NH36 so you never need to change batteries.

But what really makes this watch unique is the well-though ergonomics – thanks to it’s shape and the recessed crown, no matter how you bend your wrist, the crown will never hurt your hand.



– Original: Other than the movement and its discs, every part of the watch is uniquely designed.

– Simple: No unnecessary decoration.

– Small: 37 mm x 42 mm x 11 mm. Perfect for people who have a wrist size of 15 cm to 18.5 cm. Watch body weight 59.6 g (2.1 oz), straps 8.8 g (0.31 oz).

– Ergonomic Design: The crown will never poke the back of your hand.

– Unisex: But maybe not for people with the big wrists.

– Unique 2-Piece Case Design: Partially inspired by Étienne-Louis Boullée’s architecture Cénotaphe à Newton (1784).

– Time & Day-Date (EN/JP): All the necessary information on your wrist. Hands and hourly indexes lumed with SuperLuminova C1.


– Seiko Instruments (SII) NH36A: One of the most trusted robust Japanese automatic movements available.

– Sapphire Crystal: Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal is used for the top crystal to prevent scratches. Case-back crystal is a mineral crystal.

– 5 BAR Water Resistant: Enough to get through daily wetness, sweat, and tears. Just don’t scuba-dive with it.

– Limited Editions: Each color variant is limited to 100, each engraved with the serial number, so you can be proud of having a rare watch.


If you would like to find out more, please check A-1 Automatic’s Indiegogo campaign page.

Here is the instagram page of Ando Watches

Here is the site of Ando!


*Please note all photos on this page are prototypes.

The production models will have SuperLuminova C1 lumes (white under light), while the dials of the prototypes have C3 (slightly yellow under light). The “Black” BBBB model in the pictures is an older prototype and hands and the dial detail are different.

Cosma Design

Today i want to discover a new brand with you and it’s called Cosma Design

They are caracterized by sewing leather and there is no such company on the market, which uses this method!

They are making really cool and true hand made unique products with a focus on the watch accessories, like watch roll or watch puch (The stiffening pads enable flexibility and the side walls guarantee a well formed triangular shape when is rolled up – the only such product on the market).

You can see below the image and link of all the collection

The ambition of Cosma Design is to introduce unique everyday objects on the global level.

Cosma Design Collection is both for people who cherish practical approach and style and they have created a luxurious line of products.

Enabling to organise and care about personal items such as watches, jewellery, smartphones.

They give the possibility to make your space more luxurious and comfortable. 

Skill of designing is a gift, which allows people to see things exactly as they should look like before the actual creation .

The combination of functional approach and attractive looks is the perfection Cosma Design is trying to obtain.

They get inspiration from the best traditions of worlwide industrial design and add their own ideas. 

Cosma follows their motto: “Beauty lies in simplicity”, as they strongly believe it is timeless.

Their entire collection is designed and manufactured in Europe and they use only local products of the best quality.

The watch pouch

So one of the most interesting product from this brand is absolutely their watch puch.

Which is caracterized by an incredible design, really different and original and also the possibility to order product with identification, embossed inscription inside pouch. 

The watch puch is totally Handmade product, made with high quality genuine Italian leather and
Italian suede.

Also the leather is overlapped so you dont’ see the edges of the material.

You have Two-phase strap tightening adjustment with Italian high quality snap

Another interesting feature is that after unfolding its inner side, which is made of suede, the Pouch can become a pad and can be used for cleaning the watches or changing the straps.

The additional leather pads help in inserting watches with leather strap!

Each product is packaged as a gift in beautiful anti-dust bag with logo and handmade gift box!

Ideal for storing pens, watch tools and additional straps with your watch.

I have never see something interesting like that before and also different colors are available.

While creating they appreciate the value of tradition and nature, at the same time thinking about the future.

All the materials used by Cosma are certified, eco-friendly and made according to Pro-eco and zero waste philosopht.

That can be recycled and habe no degradable effect on the environment.

cosma company

Cosma has many years of experience in production of leather accessories such as stands for jewelry, watch stands and accessories for interiors not only for retail sale but also for b2b sector by making personalized products for other shops and companys!

Remember that you have Free worldwide standard shipping, 5 years warranty, 14 day money back and you have also a 10% disocunt from now until the end of the month with code MRWATCH93!

Please if you want to buy their products or if you want more informations check out their site here!

Panuach Microbrand Watches

Today i want to present you a new microbrand, Panuach watches!

Everything starts with ambition, with an idea, with a vision, with the passion that leads you to fight for those childhood dreams, the same that pushes you to make them real.

They are those dreams that are still alive when you are old, and that will always be alive, producing you that joy that only a child can understand.

Their dream began with the common passion for watches that two cousins had.

They were both absolutely amazed by the orology and the exceptional timepieces that were built, however, the overpriced value made it impossible to acquire any of them. 

Such was the obsession to acquire those unaffordable watches, that at a family dinner in August 2020, the inspiration reached both of them out and decided that they were going to make exceptional watches such as the same that they admired, but with a slight difference, they were going to be affordable to everyone.

Watches that would express the passion that both cousins had for horology. 

At that moment, the PANUACH family was born, and with it, the aim of gathering and unifying all people around the world through the same thing, a timepiece.

The world is created for dreamers, and the members of the PANUACH family are so as well. 

The watch brand of worldwide dreamers.  

This brand was born with a clear idea, built exceptional and exclusive timepieces for the ones that are not able to afford those exorbitant prices characterised by the traditional luxury watch brads.


The PANUACH TRAVELLER Collection is the first one the brand is launching. 

It consists of a route around the world that has stop at the most important cities of the 5 main continents on earth.

Each timepiece will represent a city, and it will be inspired by its people, its architecture, and its culture.

The cities will be maintained in secret until the launching of each model, which means that you will not be able to know the whole PANUACH trip until the last destination is announced.

The aim of this collection is to connect the world through the most important metropolitan cities, making people all around the globe more knowledgeable about the different cultures and ethnicities.

Moreover, this collection will bring you the opportunity to discover the most awesome and exclusive places these metropolises are hiding.  


The PANUACH BCN is a limited-edition timepiece that has been created in homage to Barcelona, one of the most important and charismatic cities in the world.

A piece that is more than a simple watch, it is the soul of the city on your wrist, it is the perfect representation of what the city breathes. 

The Mediterranean blue, together with the dark grey and the perfectly engraved details, represents simultaneously the historical and modern city it is. 

These characteristics make the piece to have a sporty look, but at the same time, it maintains those classic details that are so essential. 

This is the first stop of our trip. Would you like to join Panauch family and discover the most spectacular cities around the world?

The PANUACH BCN has been made with the best materials.

Technical sheet

Size: 42 mm

Material: Stainless steel 316L coloured with Black Gun Metal.

Strap: Genuine leather 

Movement: Japanese quartz movement 

Lens: Sapphire crystal

Water resistance: 5 ATM

Thickness: 7mm

Weight: 55gr

Limited edition: 500 units. Each piece is numbered from 1 to 500, which means that each of them is unique.

If you want to get this super cool timepiece check out their site here!

Batiscafo watch microbrand

Today i want to show you a new microbrand funded on Kickstarter!

A new Vintage Military Bronze Watch, the Batiscafo diver!

This timepiece is created by Andrei Troff, automotive and product designer and artist and has got different features

“My watch design is inspired by batiscafo, Italian for Bathyscaphe first free-diving deep-sea submersible machines from 1948.

They were massive structures with small illuminators able to godeeper than 10km underwater. I designed this watch for people, who adore vintage watches’ aesthetics as much as I do.

The idea is to focus attention on a CuSN8 classic cushion shape bronze case large and solid with no bezel.

Unique features are the comparatively small dial and digits etched directly on the 45mm case.

From this layout we can see a lot of bronze surface.

This material has amazing patination possibilities, which will create a unique look for each timepiece with use.

It has a durable and time-approved Japanese Seiko NH35A automatic movement with date indicator.

The 20BAR waterproof case allows for the watch to be used for scuba diving. I hope you enjoy this piece of art!

Yours, Andrei”

Sandwich dial construction is a traditional solution for military watches. It is difficult to damage the hour markings with an accidental hit or drop. Bronze is also a traditional military material because it does not glint in sunlight, and CuSN8 bronze is highly resistant to salt-water corrosion.

The Seiko NH35A Japanese-made automatic movement is trusted and durable.

  • 20BAR  waterproof
  • Bronze CuSN8  45mm case 
  • Sapphire glass
  • Seiko NH35N mechanical automatic 3-hand movement with date
  • Stainless steel hypoallergenic caseback
  • Handmade aged vintage strap (26mm)
  • Limited 300 units edition
  • Easy strap change

If you want to enjoy a new different diver watch, this timepiece is defenetly for you. Check out their site HERE and have fun with this crazy diver and his incredibles details!