The NOMOS Ahoi watch swims with a scientist from the Alps to the North Sea

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NOMOS Ahoi Atlantico and scientist and extreme swimmer Joseph Heß. Together, they just swam from the Alps to the North Sea, along the entire course of the Rhine, and did it in record time.

Ahoi Atlantic date display by NOMOS Glashütte. After wearing it in the water for 1,235 kilometres, the swimmer says: “For me, the key factors were comfort and weight. Even after more than twelve hours in the Rhine, the watch was still pleasant to wear. And when you emerge from the Rhine, exhausted, the Glashütte watch doesn’t go unnoticed”.

Joseph Heß and Nomos Ahoi – the project

The project that Heß is swimming for is Swim4Science, the aim of which is to make various projects and research from German colleges and universities accessible to the public.

For example, those on water quality. According to researchers, the river is a mirror of the people who live on its banks.

The water reveals whether pesticides are used in the fields and what drugs are taken by the inhabitants.

Issues of physical exertion and how to cope with stressful situations were also analysed during the trip.

Heß did not see much of the river bank: ‘It is a lonely sport because you cannot hear or see anything.

Ship traffic, cold, heat, enormous calorie consumption, faulty support boats and currents were some of the challenges the man, originally from Chemnitz, had to face. However, Heß and his NOMOS watch were not the first to swim along the Rhine.

In 1969, Klaus Pechstein conquered the river by swimming in 30 days.

Simple and elegant, and it even swims in the Rhine: Ahoi neomatik Atlantic from NOMOS Glashütte.

Neomatik stands for the new generation of NOMOS watch movements. And, of course, the watch is also ideal for meetings and appointments.

Strong caseback: the elegantly flat neomatik calibre from the NOMOS Glashütte manufacture is powerful and highly accurate. One can observe its fascinating movement through the sapphire glass back.

The watch’s characteristic protected crown is also clearly visible.

Microbrands Book – Il libro dei Microbrand

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Finalmente è disponibile su Amazon il Microbrands Book , il primo libro di orologi dedicato ai Microbrand!

Il Microbrands Book è interamente in inglese e con tanti produttori provenienti da tutto il mondo!

Il libro è stato realizzato durante i miei 6 mesi a Dakar dopo aver deciso di fare un passo importante nella mia vita, credendo in questo progetto e lasciando il mio lavoro nell’editoria per dedicarmi al 100% al mondo degli orologi.

È frutto di un lavoro abnorme.

Centinaia di foto e migliaia di informazioni, potete solo capire cosa voglia dire provare a riordinare il tutto e metterlo insieme in quello che è il primo libro dedicato ai piccoli produttori di orologi (chiamati microbrand) provenienti da tutto il mondo.

Microbrands Book – com’è strutturato

Il libro al suo interno contiene quasi 50 produttori di orologi e ogni microbrand ha 4 pagine.

In queste 4 pagine (totalmente in inglese, essendo distribuito in tutto il mondo) viene presentato il brand con le info principali sui prezzi, anno di fondazione, tipologia di orologi ecc. e vengono anche inseriti i modelli del momento/principali con tutte le caratteristiche.

Infine viene inserito il mio commento “Why Buy?” con una mia opinione.

Il Microbrands Book verrà pubblicato ogni anno con una nuova edizione e nuovi modelli/marchi.

Ho deciso di realizzare questo libro perché penso che sia arrivato il momento di dare più importanza a questo ambito dell’orologeria, da sempre rimasto nell’ombra.

Questa è la prima edizione e prevedo di pubblicare ogni anno una nuova edizione con nuovi orologi, sempre aggiornati e tantissime novità!

Potete trovare qui di seguito il link al libro su Amazon!

Il libro è anche reperibile sul sito Mondadori e Feltrinelli e presto su Amazon mondo.

Il microbrands book è stato anche recensito e consigliato dal famoso youtuber di orologi Marco Bracca come potete vedere nel video qui di seguito!

Se penso che tutto sia partito da questo sito e dalla mia pagina instagram mrwatch93 mi sembra pazzesco dove sia riuscito ad arrivare realizzando questo libro!

Insomma se siete appassionati di orologi e di microbrand penso che questo libro faccia al caso vostro!

Locke & King

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Locke & King is a new microbrand founded in 2020 and based in Hamilton, the industrial capital of Canada.

Based on a very elegant but at the same time very versatile style, all their watches are perfect for an every day routine.

The timepieces are named by Canadian streets and cities and the are 2 models in the collection right now.

The James and The Ossington.

Locke & King – The James

James Street in Hamilton, Ontario is defined by Lake Ontario in the north and the Niagara escarpment in the south. It has the heritage of being an entry point for newcomers to Canada.

Matte Black

Design is inspired by the heritage of railroad watches, with a hint of field watch, for their connection to the history of the street.


There are three colour options: copper, silver, matte black.



  • Three Styles: Silver/Cream, Copper/Midnight Blue, Matte Black
  • Size: 42mm
  • Thickness: 12.4mm
  • Crystal: Sapphire Crystal Domed
  • Movement: Miyota Automatic
  • Case: Two-halves, affixed with screws, 316L Stainless Steel
  • Water Resistant: 5ATM
  • Crown: Screw Down
  • Swiss luminous detail on hands
  • Molded case back with unique serial number on each watch
  • Red-tipped second hand referencing the needle on a compass, indicating Northern Time

Locke & King – The Ossington

Ossington has historically been an undersung but effortlessly cool Toronto street.

Originally established as a military route by colonial settlers, Ossington has grown from those early days, through industrial times and challenging periods in the late 20th century, to now one of exciting experimentation and taste-making.

Ossington has emerged as a vibrant centre of culture, cuisine, entrepreneurs, and nightlife.

One of the most physically fascinating aspects of Ossington, particularly along its “main-drag,” is that unlike the rest of Toronto, it has remained largely, architecturally untouched for the past 70 years.

Drawing from these mid-century building styles, and combining with the effortlessly cool character of the modern street, Locke & King went in a minimal dress watch direction with heavy Bauhaus design influences.

Classic Silver & White

There are three colour options: Copper & “Oxidized” Blue, Classic Silver & White, Smoked Steel with “Silver Lining”.

Copper & “Oxidized” Blue


  • Three Styles:
  • Silver/White
  • Copper/Oxidized Blue
  • Smoked Steel/ Grey with “Silver Lining”
  • Size: 40mm
  • Thickness: 11.4mm
  • Crystal: Sapphire Crystal Domed
  • Movement: Miyota 9015 Automatic Mechanical
  • Case: Two-halves, affixed with screws, 316L Stainless Steel
  • Water Resistant: 10ATM
  • Crown: Screw Down
  • Dial: Concave with Guilloche Decoration
  • Molded case back with unique serial number on each watch
  • Red-tipped second hand referencing the needle on a compass, indicating Northern Time

Why Buy?

These watches are vey cool and you can use it every day for different situations.

Personally I really like the James model. You can clearly see the minimalism in these watches and for the prices I think that Locke & King have done a good work.

Finally a very unique design and very far away from the classic microbrand watches you see every day!

If you like these watches check out their site here!

Interstellar Watches

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Today I am very proud to present you a new watch that is just funded on Kickstarter and supported by NASA, this timepiece is very special because of the connection with space!

I am talking about Interstellar Watches!

INTERSTELLAR introduces the RED3,721 Collection, approved by NASA.

RED3,721 is an extraordinary timepiece assembled and supported by Col&MacArthur.

This microbrand commemorates NASA’s Mars 2020 mission with the RED3,721.

INTERSTELLAR focuses on the conquest of space, commemorates important spatial events, and preserves knowledge of the physics of the Universe.

This project sheds light on the discoveries of space, the Universe, and the experience it procures.

It makes you part of the history and its exploration by highlighting humanity’s heritage and the preservation of its knowledge.

All in all, INTERSTELLAR gives you the feeling of traveling through space with a celestial object on your wrist while discovering human great achievements.

Interstellar watches – mars powder on the wrist

INTERSTELLAR is in collaboration with The Meteoritical Society, the International Society for Meteorites and Planetary Science.

Thanks to them, you will be able to trace the history, the origin, and the technical specifications of the meteorite you wear on your wrist.

This Martian meteorite was discovered in 2021 in northwest Africa and supplied by the company MSG meteorites.

Most meteorites are named after the place where they were found, in this case his name is “NWA14269”.

A certificate of authenticating the provenance will be delivered with your timepiece. 

Remember that depending on your choice of the watch you can decide to have mars dust or Nasa logo at 3 o clock.


Here below all the specifications of the watch

Binary code on the dial

This watch is also caracterized by a binarycode on the dial and an hidden message!

Why buy?

We are not talking about the classic microbrand, this is a very unique and special watch.

In my opinion I would choose the dust version but it is up to you.

For what you will have on the wrist this timepiece is absolutely super cool and the price really good.

Probably the dimension of the case is big but correct for what is inside!

Here you can find the link to their campaign!

Pak Swiss Watches With 3D Configurator

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Today I want to present you a watch start-up called Pak Watches based in Courgenay in the Jura region of Switzerland.

This brand has developed a special 3D configurator that allows you to make and customize swiss made mechanical watches from the brand’s website.

This watch brand goes even further in customization by offering customizable engravings on the folding buckles.

Here you can find their site

Pak Watches – The 3D Configurator

The configurator is pretty easy to use and you can have a clear vision of the watch during all the process.

Here is the link to the configurator

You can choose different options, for example, the movement, case, dial, hands, strap, and buckle.

There is also the possibility to engrave the buckle with different font options.

The price of their watches varies between 1’200 EUR and 2’400 EUR.

This is the first time I’m talking about a 3D Configurator and after checking their website I have to say that I’m impressed!

The quality of these watches is very high as we are taling about a Swiss Watch Brand.

There is also the possibility to save a pdf of your configuration or to send it by email,

This is an example of specifications that you can find in Pak watches but of course you can see on the left of the configurator the live evolution of the spefcifications depending of your choices!

– Diameter 42mm

– Thickness 11mm

– Polished steel case

– Navy blue imitation crocodile strap with folding clasp

– Movement 6497 rose gold color

– Power reserve 46H

– 18’000 vibrations per hour

– Water-resistant to 3 ATM

Pak Watches – Why Buy?

  • Swiss Made Watches
  • Good ratio quality/price
  • Cool and easy 3D Configurator
  • Free Shipping
  • Very unique timepieces, never saw something like that


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As I always talk and inform watch lovers about new timepieces every day is also really important to keep the community informed about very interesting watch dealers and this is why today I want to present you, a very cool online shop in Sweden founded by Anders!!

Anders started collecting watches in the early 2000s and in his 20+ years of collecting he has seen the market evolve, the early 2000s was the golden era for watch enthusiasts who dared to shop online.

Also the introduction of “Microbrands” has also changed the market.

For this reason today you can find unique and high qualitative brands that often give you more bang for the buck compared to traditional brands.

Anders will offer a small selection of interesting vintage and pre-owned watches and mircrobrands. Today he’s an authorized dealer for Bertucci field watches and Unimatic watches. More brands will be added in the future.

Sekvens is Anders’s way of contributing to the watch community, he will share photos, findings and experiences on social platforms and in the blog (coming soon…).

Anders’s ambition is to source and offer a variety of both new, pre-owned and vintage watches that he finds interesting and have good value and high quality. – Why choose it?

The site is really simple to use and there is a free shipping for orders over 200 eur and 14 days return, all the important info are available on the site so you can contact Anders when you want.

I see a lot of transparency and trust on the site, so what you see is what you get. Every watch Anders puts up for sale is meticulously sourced, cleaned, photographed, presented with care by himself.

Details and informations

All the informations of Sekvens are available and super transparency on his site but you can find it also here!

Check out the site here!





Malmö, Sweden. By appointment only.

Fledderman von Rieste Microbrand Watches

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It’s time to discover new watches on Kickstarter and today I want to present you the microbrand Fledderman von Rieste and their first timepiece!

This campaign will feature The Muncher, a Swiss Made small seconds dial watch and is now available on Kickstarter from today (May 1) for 60 days.

The May start of their campaign positions for delivery of production watches to backers by December of 2022.

The Muncher is a watch inspired by the Bavarian capital with an independent streak as strong as its economic might.

The residents of Munich have long enjoyed a harmonious existence with their surroundings, and take every opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty in and around their city.

The Münchner – discovering the watch

This watch has a 44mm polished medical grade stainless steel case.

Both case sides feature parallel lines representing the twin spires of the Frauenkirche, a defining feature of the old city’s skyline, and a foundation of the city for centuries.

The dial is where The Münchner stands apart from other watches.

The small seconds’ complication at the six o’clock position harkens to Munich’s independent streak.

The framed small seconds sub dial serves as a tribute to the famous city squares where Münchners come together. Like Munich and its residents, this watch does things its own way and on its terms.

This watch is super comfortable and three dial options are available:

Victory BlueCharcoal or Antique Map

The centerpiece small seconds dial is protected by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal featuring water resistance to 300 feet.

The heart of the Münchner is a Sellita SW260 series automatic self-winding movement, the SW260, born in the heart of Switzerland, features 31 jewels and an impressive 38-hour power reserve making sure you are always the master of your time.

Also the clasp of the watch is very elegant and Fledderman choose a very nice deployant option.

Fledderman von Rieste – Why Buy?

This watch has many features and I have to say that for the price and the movement that this microbrand is offering I totally suggest this timepiece, especially if you like Munich and you like this style of watch.

Despite we re talking about a dress watch, The Muncher is very versatile for different occasions!

Check out their Kickstarter campaign here !

Check out their site here!


Movement: Sellita SW260 Series

Bracelet: Cognac Italian Leather (22mm) (Cognac, Black, or Mahogany)

Case: 316 Stainless Steel

Case diameter: 44 mm

Case Thickness: 11 mm

Lug to Lug: 52 mm

Dial color: Victory Blue, Charcoal, or Antique Map

Crystal: Scratch‑resistant sapphire crystal

Water resistance: 10bar (100 metres / 300feet)

The Project:

Pledge Levels:

Stage One – Early Birds: $550, limit to 50

Stage Two – Almost Early: $650, limit to 100

Stage Three – Not so Early: $750, limit to 150

Stage Four – Everyone Else: $900, no limit

MSRP $999


December 2020 – June 2021 – Product Development

September 2021 – Prototyping

October – December 2021 Testing

December 2021 – Refinements

January 2022 – Design Freeze

May 2022 – Kickstarter Launch

June 2022 – Campaign Closes

July 2022 – Production Begins

November 2022 – Qulaity Control

December 2022 – Packing and Shipping

Clockwork Watch App

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Do you know that there is an App called Clockwork that helps you to measure the accuracy of your watches?

Clockwork – Watch App is new mobile app that is made by and for all the watch enthusiasts out there!

Let’s see how it works!

In short it has three main features:

  • it can measure the accuracy of your watches
  • it can safely store information about all your watches
  • you can see super accurate time from an atomic clock!

Measure watch accuracy

Since mechanical watches do not use a battery, they rely on mechanical parts to tell time.

This implies that mechanical watches does not keep time 100% accurately, and that this accuracy is dependent on how much/little the watch has moved, the temperature which the watch has been and of course the movement inside and how well it is calibrated.

Clockwork – Watch App comes with an easy and convenient way to measure the accuracy of your watches.

It lets you take a picture of your timepiece and then ask you to write down the time shown on the image.

It then syncs the image capture time with an atomic clock before we compare it with the time shown on the watch to get an offset.

After waiting a minimum of 12 hours you can do the same again to get a new offset.

Once you have at least two offsets, the app can calculate the differences in these offsets to tell you how many seconds too fast or too slow your watch runs each day!

Taking several measurements over time will thus provide a real-life scenario for how accurate your watch is!

Why should I care to measure the accuracy of my watch?

Finding the accuracy of your watch is interesting on it’s own, but it also has several use cases. 

First of all, it can give you a good indicator for when it is time for a service. If you measure the accuracy regularly, it can ensure you that the watch is in good shape.

A sudden change in accuracy means that something is wrong with the movement and that it is time for a check.Secondly, having proof that the watch is running accurately can increase resell value.

This is especially the case for vintage watches, as accuracy can wary a great deal and service history is often hard to get. If you watch is hard to sell, then having a good accuracy to showcase will definitively help to close the deal with a skeptical buyer.

Other apps can also measure watch accuracy, what makes Clockwork – Watch App different form the rest?

Most other watch measurement apps either listens to the sound from the movement inside your watch or require you press a button when your watch shows a specific time. 

Listening to the sound from the movement of your watch can give you very accurate seconds per day measurements, and additional metrics like beat error and amplitude.

However this either requires the use of a simple microphone, which can give unreliable results, or the use of special third party equipment that is expensive.

Seconds per day is also the only metric you need to worry about for day to day usage.Additionally these apps only give you an accuracy at a single moment in time, while Clockwork – Watch App calculates accuracy as an average over time to give you a real-life scenario for how accurate your watch is.

clockwork watch app

Apps that make you press a button when your watch shows a specific time compares the time of the button tap with a central clock to get an offset.

You then have to do this again some hours later to get a new offset.

The two offsets can be compared and to say how many seconds + or – the watch runs each day. Clockwork – Watch app actually use the same technique, but by registering the time of an image capture and the time shown on the watch to create the offset, instead to timing a button press.

Timing a button press is hard to do precisely within milliseconds and hard to do evenly between measurements.

It it however much easier to set milliseconds off an image, more precisely to use image capture time than button press time. Using images is not only more accurate than relying on you thumb, but also, who doesn’t love taking images of their watches anyway?

Store watch information

In Clockwork – Watch App you can create your digital watch collection! It lets you store relevant and important information about your watches, safely and securely.

Storing information about your watch is important, especially in case of theft or accidents.

In such circumstances it will always help to have information such as reference number and serial number stored in a secure place. 

You can also keep notes on each of your watches to remember things like when and where the watch was bought, dates for services, memorable things that happened with the watch. After all, everybody likes a watch with a good story!

clockwork watch app

Atomic Clock

Clockwork – Watch App is connected to a pool of atomic watch servers through a technology called NTP, which assures extremely accurate time.

Internally, the app uses this watch as the main source of true time, and uses it to calculate the accuracy of your watches correctly and reliably.

You’d be surprise how much the internal clock of your phone differs from this atomic time, so it is really important for accuracy to have one source of truth.

clockwork watch app

The app comes with its own dedicated page to show this atomic clock in both a digital and analog format.

You can use this clock to set the time of your watches as precise as possible!

Additionally, Clockwork – Watch App comes with powerful settings:

  • Setting Dark or Light mode
  • Separate day/date representations
  • Different ways of sorting of your watches, so that you can customize the app to your liking.

Where I can download the app?

Website link:
Direct link to the app:

Overall, the app makes it super easy to measure watch accuracy, and I really recommend it!

The Ugly Watch Co

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It is time to discover new watches on Kickstarter and today I just discovered The Ugly Watch Co!

The UGLY Watch Co, has given a facelift to one of the most iconic designs in watchmaking history, the “Sport Watch”.

Not redefined but re-imagined, with four Mother of Pearl Dials to choose from: Classic Black, Pink, Purple and Blue.

The UGLY Watch Co. is paying homage to the golden age of Sport Watch history by re-imagining the well-known classic style and adding a new take on the affordable luxury Sport Watch.

It has a little larger 41mm case than the 36-38mm cases from the 70s and 80s, to satisfy modern tastes that gravitate toward styles with a larger case design while preserving the shapely silhouette inherited from the vintage sport watch style, staying loyal to the original essence.

As a Microbrand watch company, The UGLY Watch Co. promotes the spirit of defying the current status quo and distinguishing their unique Sport Watch look from others on the market today.

These guys share their passion for preserving the history of classic dress, yet casual sport watch while paying homage to classic styles from the past.

At 41mm and 48mm lug to lug with a total thickness of 11.1mm, this case is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. The highly polished fitted Stainless Steel bezel, the brushed finish on the center case body extends to the contoured lugs, ensuring an exceptional fit and finish for the bracelets solid end links.

Finally, the case is finished with high polishing on top and bottom.

First and for most, Mother of Pearl! We love it and wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Mother-of-pearl is the iridescent inside lining of a mollusk shell.  Its an organic substance that gives mother-of-pearl its iridescent effect and distinct beauty.

This multicolored iridescence is caused by the way light reflects on the layers of nacre on the shell.

While continuing to pay attention to detail, we have applied three dimensional highly polished rectangular hour markers at all 12 positions, with a strip of BGW9 SuperLuminova applied to the 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock markers as well as a small strip of lume at the end of each hour marker. There is also a simple bordered date window at the 3 o’clock position.

Three dimensional polished logo at 12 and the word AUTOMATIC at the 6 position.  Keeping a minimalist approach allows the iridescence of the Mother of Pearl to take center stage

Super-J Louis bracelet is more than an upgraded version of vintage J  Louis watch bracelet.

All links are composed of solid 316L stainless steel.  

Screw-in adjustable construction instead of pressure pins to keep it solid and stable.  With its 22mm width tapered down to 18mm at the clasp.

This Super-J Louis Jubilee watch bracelet is designing  for diver or sport watches. 


The UGLY Watch Co. 100m Sport is sealed with a stainless steel exhibition screw down case back that shows off the ST2130 High Beat Automatic movement with perlage polish on all bridges and Geneva stripes on rotor.

Why Buy?

Despite the name of the company these watches are ubsolutely not ugly and I really like the remind to the vintage old time but with a modern view.

The materials are really good and I think this brand has made an intelligent use of both lume and mother of pearl, creating a very interesting watch to add in your collection!

Where to buy?

Available from today april 22 on Kickstarter for only 289$!

The link is here below!

Here you can find also their site!

Quick Specifications:
    Function : Date, hour, minute, second
    Winding : Automatic
    Frequency : 28,800bph
    Diameter : 26.0mm
    Thickness : 4.6mm


  • Case – 41mm, 316L Stainless Steel 
  • Lug To Lug – 48mm
  • Thickness – 11.1mm
  • Bezel – Stainless Steel
  • Crown – Gasket Screw-In and signed
  • Crystal – Sapphire Crystal
  • Water Resistance – 100 meters (333 feet)
  • Movement – ST2130 High-Beat Automatic Movement (28,000 bph) with perlage Hacking Second, Quick Set Date, Power Reserve approx 48 hours
  • DIAL – Mother of Pearl, 3D Markers with Swiss Super-LumiNova BGW9
  • Bracelet & Clasp – 316L Stainless Steel, Solid screw constructed Links with Folding Clasp and three fine adjustment
  • Warranty – 12 Months

Plato Watch Service

As I really like talk about very good watchmakers and very special timepieces, I also like explain to people where they can find very good places to repair and take care of their watches.

One of this place is Plato Watch.

Plato Watch provides complete service and maintenance for your watches, especially on vintage timepieces.

Vintage Tudor ready to be reassembled

Why their service, and service interval? This question is asked by many people.

All watches need regular service, despite their brand tiers and prices, and there is no interval standard.

Most brands suggest servicing once in 3-5 years, as watches depend on the perfect coordination among their metal parts, the wheels give impetus to the hands, thus some parts may inevitably wear and oil may gradually dry out. 

Here you can see a RARE King Seiko 45-7010 KS & GS with no date are comparatively uncommon.

Daini Seikosha made the movement 45 of 36,000 bph in 1968, it replaced the existing “44”; the “King Seiko” on the dial was rewritten as “KS”, “HI-BEAT” was added as next line. 

Normally 36,000 bph movements use small wheels, however “45” keeps larger wheels that need greater rotation force to run, as a result even when it’s fully wound, “45” needs a shake as a trigger to move. 

The addictive hi-beat ticking sound captivates quite a bunch of fans.

Essentially new and old watches need regular service, to maintaining their optimal condition, so that they could be passed down through the generations.

If you need any kind of service you can contact directly Plato Watch via email or via DM on instagram profile Plato Watch

Nex Watches: La Mer

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Hello watch lovers, today I want to present you a new microbrand that has just launched a new Kickstarter campaign for their First model, La Mer.

Nex Watches is a Norwegian microbrand based in Oslo and their first model consists in very nice little diver, something that fits everything, and everyone, anytime, and everywhere.

With slick Norwegian design, inspired by the rugged mountains, and the beautiful fjords, Nex watches has used the finest materials and their favorite watch components, to a price everyone can afford.

Their first model is caracterized by a very nice Pop-Up Black Dial.

The dial they chose is inspired by the mountainpeaks, and the way it shimmers in the light will remind you of Norway’s coastline.

The sapphire glass is scratchproof, and the watchcase is made of 316L stainless steel.

I think that the most interesting featureof the watch is absolutely the Super Luminova on the bezel.

La Mer – Why Buy?

The most important point of this watch is for sure the price range, with 250€ you can have an automatic diver with 316L stainless steel, super luminova (hands, indices and bezel), wooden box with rubber strap included.

Of course this is the kickstarte starting price so that is Why the price is really good but if you are looking for a norwegian design without spending so much money, La Mer could be the right choice.

Here you can find the Kickstarter campaign!

La Mer – Technical Specifications

– Size: 40mm

– Thickness: 13mm

– Lug Width: 22mm

– Sapphire glass

– Stainless Steel 316L.

– Water Resistance 10 ATM (100m)

– Super-Luminova

– Screw down crown

– Tapered bracelet

– Seiko NH35A

The Box & Warranty

– Box.

– Warranty card – 1 Year.

– Rubber Strap is included in the box.

Vintage Seiko

I just discovered on Instagram a very nice profile created by a talented guy from Vietnam specilised on Vintage Seiko!

His name is Quang Quyen and he has so many different vintage Seiko, shipping them all over the world.

He studied watch repair thanks to some good craftsmen in Vietnam so that he could repair his own watches.

After this learning period, Quang understood that was possible to create a business.

Due to his passion and understanding of how to distinguish the original and re-beautify, Quang is always on the lookout for the best and most original models to serve his clients.

All watches he sells are serviced by him, so he understand them very well.

The purpose of Quang is to connect with all vintage seiko lovers, and all his items are handpicked to his knowledge, they are always in original, and great condition as much as possible, plus all of them are serviced prior to being listed for sale.

He has been selling watches for 5 years, and before, he only sold in Vietnam, but now he wants to sell all over the world.

That is why I decided to give voice to his passion, becase nowadays is not easy to find very good vintage Seiko, also in good condition so I think is really hepful discover new guys that sell these beauties!

If you are looking for vintage Seiko and maybe it is difficult for you to find some models, for sure Quang will help you find what you are looking for!

If you want to keep in contact with Quang you can find him on Instagram at this profile Seikovintage_vn

Vintage Seiko Automatic

3W Dreiwerk watches Microbrand

Today I want to present you a new German microbrand called 3W Dreiwerk and based in Dresden.

The priority of this microbrand is the demand for maximum aesthetics in the smallest space and the personal expression of an individual lifestyle.

3W – Dreiwerk means = change 3 parts and change your whole personality.

The modular system of the watch case allows a combination of different materials and colours. “titanium, stainless steel, gold, silver or even wood can be varied and combined without having to buy a completely new watch”.

The modular change system has a registered European Patent also.

So Dreiwerk offer you a symbiosis between technical tradition and the possibility of your personal customization.

The special thing about dreiwerk watches is the idea of ​​using only naturally treated wood.

No chemicals are used in the processing of the watches, as is known from brands such as holzkern.

The wood is preserved with the help of natural oils in a complex vacuum process and then finished by hand.

In this way, the charm and the uniqueness of the wood are retained.

Each piece is unique. No resins or chemical hardeners.

This is the watchmaker personal contribution to protecting the climate, but also to protecting the buyer.

No skin irritation or chemical influences.

DreiwerkTecnical Specifications

  • Natural walnut root wood
  • Handmade and natural modular robust watch case (3 ATM)
  • Sapphire crystal with black bezel
  • Black scratch-resistant PVD stainless steel base
  • Time display with center second and small date
  • Handcrafted pointers with Luminova Blue Line optics in white
  • Swiss made Sellita SW 300-1 automatic watch movement

– SW300-1 is a high-end movement, characterized above all by its remarkable slimness

– Automatic winding with ball bearings, center second and date with quickset are part of the equipment

– Typical power reserve is 56 hours

  • High-quality quick-change bracelet made of stainless steel

Watch cases and bracelets can be freely combined

Watch cases can be changed in shape and colour

  • Case diameter 42 mm

Dreiwerk – Why Buy?

The first thing I have to say about this microbrand is that absolutely the price is very high (around 3 thousand euro) but you have also to understand what you are buying.

This is not the first time I present you a microbrand with very high price and the reason is because I see something special into these watches that need the correct attention.

This watch has a complex technology and is caracterized by very important innovation, every watch is completely hand made and you can choose from different materials.

Gold, Wood, Titanium, all materials that you can choose to make your personal and unique Dreirwek.

Escudo Watches Microbrand

It is time to discover new watches as always and I just found on the internet a very interesting microbrand called Escudo based on entry level luxury 39 mm diver (200m Water resistent) and sporty timepieces.

This brand is really interesting because of the different approach the watchmakers want to give to their models.

These watches are  inspired by the Portuguese & British explorers and that is why the brand name and logo is “Escudo“, because of the name for the shield within the Portuguese coat of arms and also the Portuguese currency, pre Euro.

This microbrand was founded by Simon Correia and Richard Johnson, long-term watch collectors and enthusiasts.

Escudo Watches – discovering the watch

As I told you before we are talking about the first entry level price range of luxury and considering that is a young brand it is also really important giving the correct attention to the price and in particular why I am presenting you these watches.

First of all Escudo watches are conceived, designed and developed in the UK and Portugal, using Swiss movements, and collaborating with quality watch manufacturers from both UK and Switzerland.

Final assembly is in the UK.

The watch is really good looking and behind every single component there is a true research.

The caseback, bezel, indexes, dial, strap, everything is conceived in a really cool and modern way with also a reminder to the past.

When you will see this diver you will understand the true inspiration by Portugal.


The caseback consists of a two-piece closed case-back design to ensure the shield logo is constantly in the vertical plane and marked to show the limited edition number


The lume is also really well made and you can find it both on the indexes, hands and bezel. Lume consists of a Grade A 7750 Super-LumiNova® vintage cream.


Bronze uni-directional turning with a dual-bearing action for longevity and precision and featuring 3D lumed numbers and markers and a bi-coloured time elapsed triangle showing the Portuguese flag colours.

Matt aluminium bezel insert complementing the dial colour.


Escudo leather straps are entirely handmade from premium Italian Vacchetta leather.

The vegetable tanned leather is finished in wooden vats with animal fats and waxes, producing a full-grain leather with a buttery smooth finish.


Swiss Made Escudo Calibre 1488 base Sellita SW200-1 no date.Subtly decoratedPower reserve 38hrs26 Jewels Frequency 28,800 A/h, 4hz

Why buy?

This watch has a lot of features that makes the price not so high and despite all I have to say really good ratio quality/price.

The packaging looks awesome (a very nice case with tool watch), the site and user experience is really clear and good in particular for all the shipping informations.

This diver has a premium swiss made movement and there is a lot of research behind Escudo watches.

For all these reasons you will see Escudo watches into the Microbrands Book 2023!

You can find their site here!