Hu Watch Straps

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Today i want to present you Hu Watch Straps!

Exquisite life starts with a delicate watch strap.

An exquisite watch strap can set off the luxury and elegance of the watch and show the style and taste of the owner.

Their website only has watch strap producted in the boutique,global service and good quality customer service.

Their watch strap, selected high-quality crocodile skin, with high-grade watch, enhance the aesthetic level of the owner.

Crocodile skin is known as “leather gold” in the leather industry. The high-quality crocodile skin has fine grain, fine texture and soft feel.

It will not stimulate the owner’s skin when wearing.

Unlike cowhide, the strap made of crocodile skin is bright and softer. A high-end watch should be matched with our “gold” crocodile strap to keep high-end and show the luxury charm of the watch.

All the watch strap are handmade by international well-known experts. From skin selection to cutting, from design to sewing, there are dozens of processes, which are all handmade. After careful production.

Check out their site here!

Isotope Watches Microbrand

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Today I want to show you the microbrand Isotope watches, a watch that really surprised me and probably one of the best diver at such a competitive price.

After discovering this watch on Instagram I decided to review it through my Mrwatch93 page.

The diver in question is the Goutte d’Eau model, whose shape was conceived taking inspiration from the 1937 Talbot Lago t150 car. Seeing the case of the watch you immediately understand why.

Isotope watches has conceived this watch with a high quality diver in mind but with an absolutely contained shape (40 mm in diameter).

Isotope Watches – you decide the movement

This watch has several features that make it special. Starting first with the choice of automatic movement, we can in fact decide to have a Seiko NH38 movement (41 hours power reserve and accuracy -20/+40 seconds per day) or a SwissMade Sellita SW2000 movement (38 hours power reserve and accuracy -12/+12 seconds per day).

316L steel, sapphire crystal and water resistance up to 200 meters complete the qualities of this watch, along with the obviously screw-down crown and internal rotating bezel.

Among the features that struck me most we have the colors of this watch starting from the second hand, until the strap born and the crown that moves the inner bezel, all these elements always present the same color harmony.

In fact, Isotope Watches are available in green, red, blue, yellow and orange!

Isotope Watches – How to buy it

If you want a nice diver and want to spend cheap, this watch is definitely for you.

You can buy this watch with 10% disocunt using my mrwatch10 promocode at check out clicking HERE !

Batiscafo watch microbrand

Today i want to show you a new microbrand funded on Kickstarter!

A new Vintage Military Bronze Watch, the Batiscafo diver!

This timepiece is created by Andrei Troff, automotive and product designer and artist and has got different features

“My watch design is inspired by batiscafo, Italian for Bathyscaphe first free-diving deep-sea submersible machines from 1948.

They were massive structures with small illuminators able to godeeper than 10km underwater. I designed this watch for people, who adore vintage watches’ aesthetics as much as I do.

The idea is to focus attention on a CuSN8 classic cushion shape bronze case large and solid with no bezel.

Unique features are the comparatively small dial and digits etched directly on the 45mm case.

From this layout we can see a lot of bronze surface.

This material has amazing patination possibilities, which will create a unique look for each timepiece with use.

It has a durable and time-approved Japanese Seiko NH35A automatic movement with date indicator.

The 20BAR waterproof case allows for the watch to be used for scuba diving. I hope you enjoy this piece of art!

Yours, Andrei”

Sandwich dial construction is a traditional solution for military watches. It is difficult to damage the hour markings with an accidental hit or drop. Bronze is also a traditional military material because it does not glint in sunlight, and CuSN8 bronze is highly resistant to salt-water corrosion.

The Seiko NH35A Japanese-made automatic movement is trusted and durable.

  • 20BAR  waterproof
  • Bronze CuSN8  45mm case 
  • Sapphire glass
  • Seiko NH35N mechanical automatic 3-hand movement with date
  • Stainless steel hypoallergenic caseback
  • Handmade aged vintage strap (26mm)
  • Limited 300 units edition
  • Easy strap change

If you want to enjoy a new different diver watch, this timepiece is defenetly for you. Check out their site HERE and have fun with this crazy diver and his incredibles details!

Technik 4x Watch

Today i want to present you the Technik 4x watch!

For more than 5 decades the founder Hans Peter Grädel has been living his passion as a developer of watches and complete sets of parts for well-known brands in Switzerland, Europe, Japan and the USA.

He helped establish famous watch brands such as SECTOR No Limits and FORMEX 4SPEED.
Now he has time to concentrate on his own brand, TECHNIK 4X, with which he is realizing his final dream.

Hans was always inspired by the designs and new technologies initiated by the car industry.

Consequently, he could only design a hybrid watch today.

I want to share with you the enthusiasm of the founder Hans Peter for new technologies that are based on environmental protection.

Technik 4x Watch – details


The diameter of our watches ASD-44 is 44.50 mm and the thickness is 11.45 mm

Weight is 86 gr for a watch including a Nylon-strap or 138 gr for a watch including a stainless steel Meche-bracelet. 

– All watches are 5 ATM (50 meters) WATERPROOF

All their watches are equipped with 2 Top-quality movements from Japan!

One AUTOMATIC movement NH05B with DATE  from SEIKO/SII (a Top-brand for watches), accuracy adjusted to – 5 +20 seconds per day, duration time is more than 40 hours.

Together with one SOLAR movement VS17 from EPSON (the leader for electronic goods), accuracy is + – 20 seconds per month, duration time is more than 6 months. 

Newly developed case construction! The horns to hold the bracelets and straps are integrated into the case-back which is fixed with 4 screws to the case body.

The nicely decorated movement-holder with Geneva Strips, as well as the rotor of the automatic movement are visible through the  Sapphire crystal in this case-back! All parts of the case are in stainless steel 316L.

The case-body is closed on Top with a Sapphire crystal which is on booth sides Anti-Reflective 10 layers coated to improve the maximum clear visibility on the dial-face! Additionally, the outside of this crystal is Hard-coated to keep it scratch-proof!

– DIAL :
The dials are cut out with a Skeleton opening on which we can see-trough the watch.
They are existing in different colors and the hourly applied indexes are equipped with Swiss Super-LumiNova SLN/C1 to shine at night.

They are existing in different colors and are equipped with the strongest Swiss Super-LumiNova SLN/BG W9 to shine at night.

– BRACELET/STRAPS: (20.00 mm large)
All bracelets and straps can be easily changed and assembled by hand! They are all equipped with a tool-free quick-release spring bar system with a handle and can be moved easily by your finger!

Their watches and additional straps are packed in a black and white, environmentally friendly paper box.

Because we’re experienced, reliable, and focused on results, we’ve had the privilege of working with a host of fantastic clients.

If you want to check out their watches please visit their site here!

Zero West Watches – the New H1 Hurricane

Today i want to present you the new watch from Zero West Watches! The new H1 Hurricane made with real Merlin engine casing from a WW2 plane!

Despite it’s less than complimentary name, Foulness Island, precariously balanced along the Essex Coastline, is beautiful in a bleak, blasted kind of way.

Due to that remoteness however it’s home to 212 people, many times that in birds – the original ‘Fowl’ in Foulness – and, until recently, H1-P3708.

zero west watches h1 hurricane

H1-P3708, for those without an encyclopaedic knowledge of aircraft serial numbers, is the designation of a MKI Hawker Hurricane, one of the most iconic World War 2 aircraft ever built, second only perhaps to the Spitfire.

A close second, at that.

Piloted by RAF Volunteer Reserve Sgt Alexander Girdwood, this particular Hurricane was involved in the ‘Hardest Day’ of the Battle of Britain, the day in which the Luftwaffe sent 750 sorties into UK airspace.

h1 hurricane zero west

H1 Hurricane by Zero West Watches – a new vision of watchmaking

During the fighting, according to Girdwood’s own accounts, he was downed after taking out a Heinkel 111, bailing as his plane crashlanded onto Foulness Island – right next to the enemy he had just shot down.

For the next 50 years the MKI Hurricane was left to the soft marshland of Foulness until it was excavated by the Anglian Aircraft Research Group, cleaned up and put on display at the Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum, testament to a defining battle in a defining war.

Now H1-P3708 is getting a new lease of life under the auspices of Emsworth-based watch brand Zero West.

Following in the footsteps of the sold out S4 Spitfire watch before it, the new H1 Hurricane P3708 is both a rugged, technical pilots watch and a piece of British aviation history.

Combining a big, 44mm case with the British brand’s signature, separately forged lugs, with the oversized crown and innate legibility particular to a pilots’ watch, the H1 Hurricane P3708’s aviation pedigree is self-explanatory.

h1 hurricane zero west

What’s perhaps less obvious – unless you fly the occasional Hurricane of course – is the dial layout, a horological reinterpretation of the MKI Hurricane’s slip turn indicator.

The slip scale along the top and turn scale along the bottom have been replaced by minutes, but the dial retains the striking green L and R that characterise the original cockpit instrument.

Printed just above the bottom scale are both a date code and a set of coordinates – the date Girdwood crashed on Foulness Island and the exact latitude and longitude of where H1-P3708 was found.

H1 Hurrincane – the caseback

True to Zero Wests’ mantra of ‘Recovered, Recast, Reinvented’, the caseback is set with a disc of metal taken from the historical aircraft itself.

Recovered on Foulness, the Merlin engine casing was recast by Foundry Motorcycles in Chichester before being cut into discs and reinvented at Zero West’s own Emsworth Studio.

As a pilots’ watch, the H1 Hurricane P3708 is a rugged, mechanical chunk of watchmaking, a watch that will charm anyone that knows their way around a wrench and a piston engine. For many collectors, that alone will be enough. 

Yet it’s also a fitting tribute to not just the legendary Hurricane in general, but the bravery of one specific pilot and the plane he flew. Even though it was relegated to the mud of a remote Essex island, H1-P3708 and Sgt.

Girdwood are both commemorated by this very special timepiece.

Price of H1 Hurricane is £2,995

• 100 Builds in the matt silver

• 100 Builds in black case

Check out their site if you want to buy one!

Pathengers Watches Microbrand

Today i want to present you Pathengers Watches Microbrand on Kickstarter!

These Timepieces inspired by the wonders of Earth!

PATHENGERS is the brainchild of three enthusiasts who are passionate about watches, design and travel.

The PATHENGERS brand is the fusion of these three distinct yet interlinked areas of luxury.

They invite you to re-discover our collective home, Planet Earth, through their timepieces which pay homage to the rhythm and beauty of our planet.


Choose a design which reflects the life and soul of the city or one which showcases the wilder side of our planet.

Their watches are imagined and designed in Paris, but take their inspiration from Mother Earth.

For these guys, design is key.

A PATHENGERS watch is unique and is the result of years of vision, research and craft.

A travel-inspired timepiece, each PATHENGERS model has its own individual design

When you choose a PATHENGERS, you wear the location of the model on your wrist.

The Sphere Case is unique and bespoke created for PATHENGERS.


The PATHENGERS watch features a beautifully rounded 42mm glass.

The doubledomed crystal glass gives the timepiece its depth and solidity.

Pathenger watches microbrand – Val d’Orcia

Val d’Orcia, with its volcanic landscapes punctuated by cypress trees, is one of the most rustic regions in Tuscany.

The hills here are world famous and the picturesque villages are alive with history and culture. This is a region rich in vegetation and home to some of the highest quality local product, including wine, truffles and cheese.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it’s one of the most scenic areas in Europe.


The three-hour mark is a PATHENGERS signature design, presented with two
copper triangles.

These represent the local colors from which the model takes its inspiration.

Minute marks are replaced by simple and elegant ten-minute indexes.

The dial is separated into two copper layers with contrasting textures.

The PATHENGERS watch features a beautifully rounded 42mm glass.

The doubledomed crystal glass gives the timepiece its depth and solidity.

Pathenger watches microbrand – Triomphe

Triomphe is the model inspired by Paris

Sometimes referred to as the City of Lights or City of Love, the French capital is also the cradle of
culture, fashion, design and cuisine.

It has its own unique brand of je ne sais quoi, and is a melting pot of both history and modernity.


They integrated the Japanese Miyota movements into our watches.

These are among the most accurate and reliable on the market.


They included simple two-hand movements, allowing more room for design, together with a mechanism which offers both simplicity and complexity.

The Packaging

By purchasing a PATHENGERS, you will get two items, a beautiful-crafted
timepiece and a bespoke decorative object.

Triomphe model:

  • 5ATM ( 50M / 164 FT )

Orcia model

  • 5ATM ( 50M / 164 FT )

Pathengers watches microbrand is one of the most interesting news in the kickstarter and microbrand watch world family.

The design is cool, the packaging, the idea, all these features in a really good harmony!

If you want to purchase these incredible timepieces check out their kickstarter campaign HERE!

And check out also their site here!

Mas Watches Microbrand

Today i want to introduce a new model on Kickstarter by Mas Watches Microbrand!

Matthew and Son (MAS) Watches was started in 2019 by Matthew Francis, a watch enthusiast and father who shares his love of watches with his young son, Tate.

With a passion for the aesthetics and engineering of wrist-watches, MAS seek to design and produce unique, attainable pieces in a style that appeals to novices and watch enthusiasts alike.

MAS successfully funded the ‘Irukandji’ diver and ‘Tiny Time Tool’ accessory on Kickstarter in 2019, and the ‘JCB’ dress watch in 2020.

They are now developing several new concepts, and currently have an active campaign on Kickstarter for their ‘Arcticus’ field watch, HERE.

Following the success of the ‘Irukandji’ diver, the ‘JCB’ dress piece, and the unique ‘Tiny Time Tool’ accessory, Matthew & Son (MAS) Watches are pleased to return to Kickstarter and introduce their third timepiece release, the ‘Arcticus’ field watch.

Inspired by the natural beauty, incredible wildlife, and pioneering spirit of adventure that make Australia such a  fantastic and captivating part of the world!

mas watches microbrand

Mas watches microbrand Arcticus model – details

This watch is Powered by the high beat, Japanese Miyota 9039 automatic movement, and is built to withstand whatever adventures you throw at it!

With a full 316L stainless steel case and bracelet construction.

Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective underside, and 150M of water resistance, the Arcticus kit packs an incredible punch!

MAS stand behind all of their watches with a 2 year warranty, and the Arcticus is no different. 

Made from solid 316L stainless steel, and brushed to perfection, the 40mm Arcticus case was purpose-designed to not only meet the design brief for our Australian tool watch, but also to achieve the highest levels of wearability and comfort. 

mas watches

At just 11mm total height, the dimensions of the Arcticus are compact, particularly when you consider the depth offered by the beautiful, highly legible sandwich dial

The lugs are also pitched at a slope, diving down to meet the wrist, and keeping the lug-to-lug measurement to a very wearable 47mm, which is suitable for most wrists. 

The lug width is 20mm, allowing an almost endless range of strap options for this absolute strap monster!

Caseback creativity has become a real hallmark for the MAS brand.

With their Irukandji diver and JCB dress pieces both receiving incredibly detailed, bespoke designs on their reverse, and that same commitment to detail has carried through to the Arcticus.

Coal Black and Burnt Orange dials are partnered with a ‘Death Adder’ caseback:

mas watches

Glacier Blue and Blizzard White dials are partnered with an ‘Ice Fragments’ caseback:

Lume is applied generously to the lower level, interacting well with an already very legible dial, to ensure that low-light time-telling is a breeze. 

Mas watches microbrand Arcticus model – the bracelet

Mas watches microbrand is proud to introduce an improved bracelet design to the MAS line-up, with each Arcticus supplied on a solid stainless steelscrew-link bracelet, with solid end links.

For some final words this is watch has got really interesting features making the timepieces one of the most interesting in the microbrand watch world!

Be sure to join the MAS mailing list to stay updated on all the latest, and gain access to special subscriber offers!

If you want to check out their kickstarter campaign click HERE !

Zanneti Watches Accessories

Today i want to talk about Zanneti Watches Accessories!

In the hearts of Zanneti they are watch collectors.

As their collection grew Zanneti started to hunt for watch storage solutions.

It soon became obvious that watch storage was too expensive, was not thoughtfully designed and more importantly, watch rolls did not feel as good as the watches they stored.

Why couldn’t watch storage feel more like high-end watches?

Zanneti spent years trying to figure out the answer. 

These guys started to learn about material quality and searching for craftsmen.

They went everywhere from sweat shops in Dhaka, leather schools in Italy, family workshops in France, Thailand and Singapore to world trade shows.

They learned something new from every single experience and decided to compile our journey into Zanneti.

These people are makers of high quality watch storage solutions and watch accessories.

Zanneti Watch Accessories – a different concept

The concept of Zanneti has been derived from polish.

Depicted in the logo are two swords representing the cutting edge and a shine depicting polish.

The aim is to produce watch accessories with master level handcraftsmanship, and a level of sophistication that resonates with high end watchmaking.

Everything They produce, from the quality of suede and leather to the experience of using the buttons echoes with the best practices of horology.

Zanneti believes that they have finally been able to create something that matches the look and feel of a Swiss watch.

They have just launched two new lines featuring their 4 watch and 3 watch holder.

The 4 watch holder is made with Saffiano Leather and Italian Suede.

Their 3 watch holder is our flagship product and is made from Calf Leather from France and Italian Suede.

As every Zanneti product is made in limited numbers to preserve exclusivity, they have limited inventory for sale at and the shipping is worldwide.

Please check out their site HERE if you want to buy one of their products!

Hawkrigger Watch Straps

Today i want to present you the Hawkrigger Watch Straps!

The O-Rig Jump Strap is a simple cinch down one pass watch strap.

Hawkrigger Watch Straps – a cool design

Designed in the rigger tradition with repurposed ZULU o-rings in synergy with our bespoke buckle hardware to create a unique set up.

These super comfortable straps and can be easily fitted with one hand. 

The proprietary components are made from 316 Marine stainless steel with custom made webbing stitched with the highest care and attention to detail.

These watch straps are a perfect fit for everyday wear being both super durable and infinitely adjustable, try one on your wrist or over your wetsuit.

Everyone who uses a Hawkrigger gear, knows that they are getting the kind of quality worthy of genuine outdoorsmen or on duty professionals alike.

~ Stuart Graham
Hawkrigger, CEO

If you want to check out these really cool watch straps please visit their site and click HERE!

Nubeo Watches

Today i want to show you the big Nubeo Explorer 1!

This watch has got some really big dimensions for very big wrists!

Nubeo portrays and takes inspiration from both the space and sea to create timepieces in tribute, in function and in design.

Each Nubeo timepiece is defined by performance, functionality yet with a design language that blends the organic and natural with the industrial in a manner that makes for a truly unique exhibition of time.

Explorer 1 was the first satellite launched by NASA into space.

It was the beginning chapter of what would be, and still is, an unfolding story of discovery, experimentation and exploration that continues to test, challenge and inspire the men, women and machines of the space program.

Inspired by the earliest space build and equipped for the rigours of the oceans, the Explorer has 200m of water resistance and a uni-directional turning bezel.

This muscularly-shaped, imposing tool watch uses the cut of angular-shaped watch design to create a very special timepiece.

Nubeo watches – explorer1 details

Movement: Self-winding Japanese movement with Date

Case: 316L Stainless Steel Round case with See through Exhibition Caseback

Diameter Of Case: 50mm

Thickness Of Case: 15mm

Lens: Mineral lens with anti-reflective coating

Band: Solid Stainless Steel Bracelet with Fold Over Buckle with Safety Lock and Push Button

Water Resistance: 20 ATM

Meisterstein MINOA Watches Microbrand

Today i want to present you the Meisterstein MINOA.

Founded in 2019, Meisterstein is a micro-brand watch company that specializes in authentic, minimalist timepieces.

Inspired by the core values of Bauhaus, the new MINOA features a timeless and minimalist design.

Meisterstein MINOA – a cool watch!

The case of the MINOA is made of polished 316L stainless steel. With a diameter of 38 mm and a case height of just 9 mm, the MINOA is very comfortable to wear.

The watch glass is made of domed and anti-reflective sapphire crystal. Its domed shape underscores the harmonious design of this timepiece.

Meisterstein devoted particular attention to the dial.

True to their guiding principle “Less is more”, Meisterstein made a conscious decision in favor of understated numerals and indices.

A fine minute graduation is positioned on the outer edge.

A handy date window at the 6 o’clock position and the Meisterstein logo round off the refined dial.

The LumiNova, which has been applied to the hour markers and hands, ensures that you’re never at a loss for the time, even in the dark.

The inner workings of the MINOA are driven by a Caliber 714 quartz movement from the renowned Swiss manufacturer Ronda.

The MINOA is available in three color options: black, silver-white and green sunburst.


Case                            Stainless Steel 316L

Measures                   ø 38 mm, Lug width 20 mm, Thickness 9 mm

Movement                 Quartz – RONDA 714 (Swiss)

Crystal                         Domed Sapphire Crystal – anti-reflective

Water Resistance      5 ATM – Suitable for showering

Check them out on their site here!